October 29, 2011

D&D Open Tournament - post game pictures

I was scrubbing through my hard drive and found a bunch of the pictures I took at this past year's GenCon D&D Open Tournament. Here they are, annotated for your reading pleasure.

Do you not know about the D&D Open? Read about it here. It inspired me to put together FTDM.

Team Critzkrieg makes the finals! Yes, those assholes totally spelled our team name wrong, despite having it emblazoned across all of our chests on our custom made team tshirts.

This island was a total 4E piece of shit. What do I mean by that? I mean that it was an excuse to "compete" by seeing who could roll dice better. I may be a little bitter about our loss. WotC had some really nice flexible vinyl battlemats, which were convenient to slap down, but must have cost a ton more money than a simple color paper plot AND, no shit!, the squares were printed about 90% too small.
Fucking AMATEUR!

My cell phone, power bar, pipe cleaner rings, and 5 hour energy (on right). Graham "Mohawks" von Strangle on left.  The DM on far right. Custom goddamn character sheets and custom goddamn paper tents with every PCs' defenses kind of scattered in between. We were so MF'ing prepared.

This DM was pretty decent. Let me tell you about the DM for the qualifying event. What a fucking load. He had this old school metal tshirt on, and a part of me wanted to chat him up about it.; But then my 'rational' side said "no way, this guy is a sucky DM". I listened to reason.

Zahn's character, the assassin, is about to get destroyed. In his defense, he was the last man standing. I salute your courage, Zahn!

Zahn is fucked.

GODDAMN IT ZAHN!!! I take back all those nice things I just said about you, because your last d20 of the day was a goddamn Humiliation.


Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the event, though. It was our first ever attempt and we placed 4th out of, what, 60 teams?

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  1. Congratulations on making it as far as you did. We, unfortunately, were killed in encounter 2 of the preliminary round. Read all about the adventure, including the levels we didn't get to in our write-up of The 2011 D&D Open Championship.