October 29, 2011

Gamma World StarCraft at GenCon!

The very first thing I got to do at GenCon (after checking into my pimping hotel) was bust out my StarCraft Gamma World variant and play my Gammacore adventure, The Prisoner. It was a blast! Jon, Dave, and all the Canooks were consummate dungeoneers and a pleasure to play with. I look forward to the chance to hang out with them again! Listed below are a few pics I managed to snap when we were chucking the dice, with commentary.

D&D Open Tournament - post game pictures

I was scrubbing through my hard drive and found a bunch of the pictures I took at this past year's GenCon D&D Open Tournament. Here they are, annotated for your reading pleasure.

Do you not know about the D&D Open? Read about it here. It inspired me to put together FTDM.

October 19, 2011

FTDM Madness!

An explosion of new Fourthcore Team Deathmatch news this week:

+ Due to the overwhelming number of requests, another live action Baltimore Fourthcore Team Deathmatch is scheduled for Saturday January 14th 2012, 12:00pm noon. Send me an email if you'd like to reserve a spot!

+ Fourthcore Team Deathmatch is growing bigger and more popular than ever! Dungeoneers across the globe are dying to get in on the action. To adequately handle the magnitude of this new way to play D&D, and to help out our fourthcore crusaders who can't make a live game, I've started up .

The blog will be the sole source point of contact for FTDM news and events from now on. DMG 42 will continue to host the FTDM pages that are already here, but will eventually begin to simply redirect visitors to the new blog. DMG 42 will continue to offer my usual brand of creative rule-bending and rule-creating D&D. My hope is this split will also serve visitors' interests better as everyone can now easily find or sort out the FTDM stuff from the rest of what I'm up to in the D&D world.

October 16, 2011

4E Modern: Swastikopter Confrontation

For the finale of our group's first 4E Modern Assignment, the Agents confronted the Nazi occult superweapon, The Swastikopter. For the last few sessions, they had overheard talk about this dreaded vehicle from their enemies, and knew that it and its pilots were scheduled to rendesvous with the traitor and known Reich-collaborator, Michelle Obama. Determined to take this thing down, the Agents decided to use the element of surprise and make an attack.

The combat itself took place on the rooftop of the Peterson Hotel, soaring 10 stories above the busy downtown Taipei streets.

At the appointed time, The Swastikopter appeared and an Agent pulled the bound and gagged prisoner out to the rooftop. After a little back-and-forth bantering with the pilots, the shit hit the fan and initiative was rolled. One Agents teleported into the copter via ninja magic, while another leapt off the building to grab onto the knotted rope intended for Michelle, while the last three Agents stayed on the rooftop. The Swastikopter itself had two pilots, as well as an Occult Scribe and Tesla Death Machine onboard (stats below). The fighting was brutal. In the end, the Agents won the day solely by using some very creative and unorthodox tactics; for example, one Agent climbed onto the underside of the Swastikopter, unscrewed the warhead from a stinger missile, and then lobbed it through the smashed winshield into the cockpit.

During the fighting, Michelle snuck off to meet with a would-be-rescuer. A brilliantly executed chase scene then ensued as the Agents hunted her down and smashed her fleeing BMW 7 Series. A grand conclusion to an exciting first Assignment!

The following stat blocks are written in the 4E Modern format, which places the burden of rolling all d20's on the player.

October 1, 2011

Baltimore Fourthcore Team Deathmatch - Two Weeks Away!

The countdown is on to the first-ever local Fourthcore Team Deathmatch!

As you read this, dungeoneers from across the East Coast are readying their dice and preparing their most devastating combat maneuvers!

Join in the fun and register now, while you still can!

A new wrinkle of complexity and strategy has just recently been added. Following the set piece opening round of E1M4: Astral Ambush, the semi-final and finalist rounds of play will feature maps as determined by the DMG 42 readers, as indicated on the newly created poll to the right.

Take but a moment to decide the ultimate fate of your fellow man!

The second highest voted map will be played on the semi-final round, and the most voted map will be held in a place of honor as the hallowed location where ultimate victory shall be decided. Voting ends at midnight Thursday October 13th.

Submissions are now being taken for new Fourthcore Team Deathmatch maps!

Design the most brutal deathmatch map and paint the walls red with the blood of the innocent! Send your map, as well as any associated image files, terrain powers, custom magic items, etc. here.
Worthy submissions will be playtested and added to the roster of available FTDM maps.

A big thanks to Games & Stuff for hosting the coming onslaught.