August 12, 2011

StarCraft Gammacore: The Prisoner

A Gamma World fourthcore adventure for three to six 1st-level characters.

It is a period of darkness and chaos in the galaxy. The Terran Dominion has toppled, the few Protoss tribes still alive struggle to unite themselves, and untamed Zerg hordes roam leaderless throughout the galaxy.
This adventure takes place on the covert Terran Dominion military research station, BR-715. With the complete withdrawal of all Dominion military forces in the area, the station has been left on its own and vulnerable to attack. Recently, the station has been transmitting an automated distress signal and has not returned any directed subspace signals inquiring as to their needs.

Word has spread quickly of the situation on   BR-715, and a nearby battlecruiser, The Prowler, has been detected on approach to the star system.  The Prowler is a vessel of the Kel-Morian Combine, a bloodthirsty pirate militia that has plundered star systems in this sector for decades.

During this time of darkness and barbarism the race is now on for pirates, privateers, and unscrupulous scoundrels to plunder the defenseless space station. All manner of advanced and controversial weaponry are said to have been developed here during the heyday of the corrupt administration of Arcturus Mengsk. Most important of all is a Zerg-Protoss hybrid creature, locked away in the secured lower berths of the station. This hideous creature is a terror and threat to all. Through prophecies and fortunes, analysis and calculation, the hybrid creature will unleash a wave of destruction and terror if freed.

The adventurers are tasked with storming the space station BR-715 and destroying or capturing the Zerg-Protoss hybrid creature before the Kel-Morians arrive and claim it as their own biological-psionic weapon. Should The Prowler arrive before the hybrid prisoner is destroyed, the unscrupulous pirates will overwhelm what little defenses the station and the adventurers can muster, and then unleash the hybrid beats, spelling the doom of the entire galaxy.

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