August 31, 2011

4E Modern - Tokens

Part of the trouble of switching from a typical medieval fantasy, D&D-style roleplaying game into one set in the modern era is the lack of physical props supporting your games. It's notoriously difficult (although not impossible) to find good, cheap modern-era minis. To help this, I've put together a ton of images for quick tokens. These are a collection of pictures from the original d20 Modern, as well as from Hollywood action movies and TV such as A-Team and G.I. Jane. Also, Wolfenstein. Print these bad boys out and glue them to the back of a 1" washer: instant token!

And some scaled images to help represent your vehicles in all your coming Chase Scenes!

1 comment:

  1. Good selection. May I suggest also adding Elvira and some MIB? The Scooby gang (live action) would work too...