July 12, 2012

The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga (2012 Gold Edition)

The following is an adventure I've been writing, tweaking, and fine-tuning since the Spring of '05. An entertaining diversion for a night's worth of fun, that not only provides pregenerated characters, but requires them. It is near and dear to my heart, as I've played it many, many times; all to great success. The replay value is very high on this, and so many of my delves had involved repeat customers.

That said, it's still a little rough. By that, I mean that it is certainly not professional level quality in its layouts of some of the (what I consider) extranneous fluff of a typical adventure.

This adventure is a simple delve that puts a new twist to the standard.

 The players will play monstrous characters, each with a central goal, but conflicting agendas. The characters all want to work together to get past the dangers of the dungeon and recover a lost artifact. However, each character wants to claim the artifact as theirs. As monstrous characters, expect and encourage PC-on-PC conflict throughout the adventure, and a bloodbath at the very end. The adventure site is littered with dangerous terrain intended to provide tactical advantages to creative thinkers.

Before you run it, make sure to read through the entirety of the adventure, really understand how things are going to play out, and look at all of the downloadable documents. The maps that I have provided are a good aid, but they're exact composition isn't terribly important to the adventure, actually. The danger and struggle lies amongst the players; you are simply providing an arena for them to work their problems out.

If you found this useful, or even better if you run it, I'd love to hear about it. If I get a few play reports, maybe I'll start a leaderboard here, tracking the various victories of the dungoneers.

Below is the link to the download folder for all the files. Far from top-quality professionalism, I think you'll find that this gets the job done.

Please email me with any questions, or feel free to leave comments here.


The adventure takes place in the catacombs of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Stone. Long ago, a clan of Dwarves worked a small iron mining and blacksmithing operation in the caves. As Dwarven miners are prone to do, they delved too deep, and unleashed a dark force into the world. A breach into the Shadowfell was unearthed, spreading foul magic throughout the mines and killing the inhabitants. The Dwarves abandoned the mine, and built a monastery to perpetually watch over the site and ensure that no evil came out of the mines and to the surface.  A heavy iron latch was built atop the entrance to the caves, and a monastery was created around it.

Years later, an adventurer named Decia came to the mines, bearing the ancient Lost Crown. She delved down into the dark tunnels, looking for a way to reach the Underdark and to bypass the territory of the subterranean Illithids. During her quest, she was encountered an eldritch machine built by the illithids and was killed by it, warped by the energies of another reality, and leaving her famed treasure behind.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, man! It was a pleasure to play in via PbP. I look forward to running this at my table for a full party one night!

    Ghaaldar for Emperor!