September 28, 2010


Hi, and welcome to Page 42!

These days, it seems like everyone and their mother has an internet outlet into D&D; blogs, campaign websites, etc. In many ways, it is a golden age. I wanted to share my own explorations of D&D, particularly the more creative stuff that I've come up with for my own home campaigns. So, this blog will function as a repository of different things that I've designed that are not what you would find at most other D&D blogs. I want to stretch the limits of what D&D 4E can do, and help other D&D players out there begin to stretch their imaginations as well.

What you'll find here are new terrain features, mechanics for items, allies, and vehicles, and diverse encounters for you to strip down for your own game and use at your liesure. The blog is named Page 42, because I want to expand on the great premise that DMG42 started. I want to have a treasure trove of creative ideas for dungeon master's to prepare for and players to be inspired by.

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