March 15, 2011

PAX East Adventure Links fixed

Gahh! I'm such a technological klutz. The file links are now fixed in the post from earlier today. My bad!


  1. Thanks for the fix!

    Speaking of technological glitches, any idea why your feed from Atom cuts off at Arkham Friday - Wizard's Tower & Library when using igoogle gadgets? The feed used to work great, but stopped after that post.

    Great articles btw... now if I could just get the latest ones via google gadgets that would be great!

  2. No idea, although I'll be sure to look into any troubles it's causing. Thanks for the heads up. Related to that, I'm going to be posting the ACTUAL post I had ready for the Arkham Horror - Wizard Library pretty soon. That first one posted too early (whoops!) and didn't have the other 19 entries it was supposed to.