March 17, 2011

PAX East Revenge of the Iron Lich

This shirt has a hymn written on it in gothic-font German. Very appropriate. 

At PAX East, I ran a session of Revenge of the Iron Lich for a group of D&D players that weren't afraid of a little risk and danger, heroics if you will, in the face of true victory. I feel like everyone loved it, and welcomed the fresh change to a dungeon with some real chance of defeat, and that really challenged the player and not just the number crunch on their sheets.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

One of them, Stephen Chast of JPS, was able to get in touch with me and plan out his character, Kludge, before-hand. He really was a consummate dungeoneer, smart and savvy in every way. In addition to his welcomed presence at the table, he was able to snap a few action shots of the adventure, and provide a few comments on things. Enjoy!

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