March 20, 2011

Revenge of the Iron Lich Podcast! March 20th 2011

I've just wrapped up the edits on our successful recording of my weekly campaign's run at Revenge of the Iron Lich!

The battle was long and hard, but everyone had a great time. I think it really showed my guys some fantastic things with 4E D&D that they didn't think were possible. A big round of applause to my players, and of course the adventure's designers, Sersa and Jerry 'Dread Gazebo'.

This took place on Sunday March 20th 2011 in Baltimore, MD.


Spoilers Ahead!

The fate of two of the characters in our long-running Paragon Tier campaign, Yusht and Mal, was decided by their actions in this adventure. The group achieved a score of 290.

Intro music artist: Nile
Song: Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche
Album: Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka

Although a few minor storyline details have been changed to fit the details of our campaign, the rules as written have been followed to the letter. For example, Hadriel (Jon Paul's character) is the long estranged husband of the now female Iron Lich.

Dungeon Master - Casey Steven Ross

Hadriel (Tiefling Mage [Pyromancer]; Enigmatic Mage PP) - Jon Paul McLaughlin
Sir Nelwyn (Revenant [Gnome] Cavalier) - Karl Toruk Zahn
Yusht (Halforc Ranger/Fighter) - Alexander Johns
Ootahl (Goliath Warden [Stormheart; Radiant Serpent PP]) - Erin Sylvester
Mal Deschaine (Changeling Rogue) - Ryan O'Rourke
Brother Quinn (Human Cleric) - Sean O'Connor

We recorded with two junk-ass microphones hooked up to my laptop, but even still, the sound quality is really bad. So, watch out for that.

Listen Here! ---> PART 1

Listen Here! ---> PART 2

Done with those cards....and they're gone.

Left to Right: Ryan, Erin, Alex

Room B: It's the pits!

The muffins ... so delicious ...

Everyone always tries to wake the giants up, just to see what happens. Far Right: Zahn drinking coffee out of my mug.

Erin, dutifully erasing away her Hit Points.

Sarcaphogi all around!

Left to Right: Jon Paul, Sean, Ryan. You can't see it here, but these guys are all above 6 ft. tall. It's like the land of the giants with them.

The Iron Golem strikes!

Madame Polly Polita makes an appearance. And Ryan figures out the silver chest riddle.

Hadriel summons a dinosaur.

Frantically looking through notes!

Far Right: Karl
But how to cross the phantom stairs?

Dinosaur drops into the lake of boiling mithril.

The dreaded Room M!

The Congregation casts their spells!

Things are getting heated up

The Liches' teleportation is vexing the attackers! The pink rings represented Brother Quinn's Blade Barrier.
Left to Right: Congregation of Lich Necromancers, Hadrial, Yusht, Mal, Iron Lich Necrolith, The Late Sir Nelwyn, Brother Quinn

The Congregation is looking bad, but it's too late. Time is running short and there's an entire N+3 encounter waiting after this one.

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  1. Hey, Hadriel's player here. I kinda pulled a fast one on the DM at the last second. In the character builder I made a Mage version of Hadriel, but at the last second I came in with a hexblade. I was actually weighing the options at the last minute and decided that a Hexblade would be faster to play. I'm kind of notorious for eating time figuring out what I'm going to do with the wizard I play in our long running campaign.