June 13, 2012

LCTN: Let's Do This


Many elements of it are unique and innovative, with several key twists that will catch the players by surprise. The adventure is deadly and devious, with victory going only to those clever enough to take it. Though it may not be a traditional Fourthcore deathtrap dungeon, I assure you, dear reader, that it holds many of the ideals of Fourthcore close to its heart.

I will keep these posts easily collapsible, so that readers may easily skip past them if they wish. Although, really, you'd be missing out.

As a motley pack of adventurers, you make your way through the long, winding halls and up some stairs, trying to forget the horrors of your recent Far Realm run-in. As the corridor turns, however, you see a discotastic flashing light coming from the wide opening on the left. Creeping up to examine this closer, you see that it comes from a nearby cylindrical room.

The room itself is made of polished granite blocks and the ceiling soars high overhead to a dizzying height. In the center of the room atop a raised portion of the floor is a great brass gate with two floating brass rings madly spinning about its center. The metal is embossed with an etching that makes the surface seem like the scales of an ancient dragon.

As the rings spins about at high velocity, they create a brilliant blue wormhole that pulses with light and sends rippling waves of distortion through the air in the room. The entirety of the room reverberates and vibrates in tandem with the chaotic patterns of the spinning arms.

The decomposing body of an unidentifiable woman lies twisted, distorted, and mutilated at the base of the eldritch machine. A shining silver crown rests on the bottom of the floor just at the edge of her outstretched hand. The spinning metal arms of the deadly machine miss touching it by mere fractions of an inch.

Before jumping right in to get a closer look, you glance up to see the tips of a razor sharp adamantium portcullis of impalement protruding down from the archway just a few inches into the room. The portcullis is clearly visible from inside the room. The steel grate is held in place up high by a chains wrapped around a series of gears. The chain leads down to the floor and is loosely hooked onto a solid handle on the floor (square S41).

You feel the psychic pull from The Crown, and know immediately that it is an artifact of great power. Your heart skips a beat as your eyes gaze at the long-sought object of your quest.


  1. Initiative order is about to get very critical, so I've gone ahead and rolled it out. Ties go to the highest initiative modifier.

    (16) + 6 = 22

    (19) + 3 = 22

    (18) + 3 = 21

    (10) + 2 = 12

    (11) + 1 = 12

    BLACK LOTUS takes the lead and has 24 hours to post his character's actions or else be delayed until after GRIMLOCK. If you want to delay, go ahead and say so and let us skip the "waiting 24 hours" part.

    As of right now everyone is considered to be allies of one another who do not provoke or take opportunity attacks from one another. Please email me directly if you would like to change your character's outlook on that.


    1. OOC: Post updated with stats for The Crown.

  2. OOC: And a gentle reminder, don't feel compelled to wait until your turn to chat with your fellow dungeoneers, either publicly here or privately via the Language Emails.

  3. Black Lotus looks at the dancing lights with a great deal of apprehension. He has never encountered ANY of the devices or obstacles before him, and after watching his traveling companions disemboweled, he is extra cautious. He decides to slowly pick his way down the hall, careful of anything that could trigger the portcullis or signal any other beasts in this nest of monstrosities.

    [Move] to O37, slowly, while...
    [Tech] Moving Silently (Stealth +11) and...
    [Tech] Checking for traps. Specifically, testing floor tiles before putting full weight on them, and checking for trip wires or anything of that sort. I assume this would be Thievery (+11)

    1. OOC: I made this movement assuming that I could move as far as I wanted, since we're out of combat, and I didn't choose my starting position. If this isn't the case, I move to M37.

    2. OOC: It's all good!

      BLACK LOTUS peers around, sniffing the air, the hairs on the back of his neck raised up as his pulse pounds with a rush of adrenaline. His eyes shift back and forth, looking for signs of hidden danger, but finds none.

      All dangers found are obvious; the Far Realm Device pulses dangerous energies at the end of each creatures turn within the circular room, the spinning arms will smack a bitch if they are nearby and aren't careful, the portcullis will wreck your shit, but is held up by the chain with no signs of accidental slipping.

      Hidden Stealth Check.
      Hidden Perception Check.

  4. OOC: You said via email that we could post what we did during the short rest? If so, I'd like to take advantage of the time Ghaaldar has with the book he snagged from the previous room and have him read it.

    1. OOC: Yes, quite!

      GHAALDAR spends some time huddled in the corner with his newly acquired vile tome. He feverishly reads the pages, frantically turning them with sweat-coated fingers, fingernails nervously chewed to the bleeding nub, breathe coming in fearful panting. When he finishes, the book is laid down quietly. What he has read opens his mind to the true nature of the universe and existence, a topic of which would be hubris for a mere mortal such as the Dungeon Master to accurately describe.

      Until the end of the game Ghaaldar is immune to the dazed, stunned, and dominated conditions. In addition, he gains Vulnerable 10 psychic.

  5. During the short rest, Drum-Haak will say prayers for his fallen comrades, and vow vengeance upon the vile creature that stole their souls.

  6. GRIMLOCK's turn is up. He has a day to post or be delayed (no big deal at this point).

    OOC: I'm about to be out of town for the next 24 hours, so no updates from me for awhile.

  7. Drum-Haak turns to Ghaaldar and says, "Brave and powerful Ghaaldar, how about we unchain Grimlock? We will likely need his strength and I believe we have nothing to fear from him."

  8. OOC: GRim & Drum are having a quiet conversation in Giant, so I am waiting for that to play out before I post actions.

    I feel that something nasty is definitely coming out of that portal so... any thoughts on that portcullis? So long as we only need to contend with the weight of the adamantium, we should be able to brace it. I think it may be designed to cleave flesh, so I wouldn't count on Grim to hold it up.

    As for reaching the crown, Grim has non-magical javelins that can be used to reach under the portal and push the crown out on the opposite side.

  9. OOC: I mentioned in my last turn of the encounter that I was going to try and find Ghaaldar's key. Does he still have it?

  10. GRIMLOCK grunts in puzzlement .. and caution. He like not what smells ahead, and waits for others to take the first steps in.

    GRIMLOCK is delayed and DRUM-HAAK is up!

  11. Drum-Haak throws caution aside, sensing that deliverance for his people is at hand. He rushes into the room, confident in Black Lotus's assessment of the dangers inside.


    Double move to S42.

    1. With a light in his eyes, DRUM-HAAK licks his lips in anticipation at the sight of The Crown. Striding forward, he walks past the rows of sharpened points of the portcullis and strolls into the circular room, all the while keeping an eye on his sought-after prize. He then chants a few mystical words and rubs a handful of loose iron fillings onto his forearms, completing a short incantation of some sort.

      All then watch in wonder, and horror, as a distortion wave brings a quantum essence of the Far Realm into the mind of DRUM-HAAK. The robed mystic reels from the impact, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, froth spilling out of his mouth. He drops his gaze, twitching and spasming from the impact. DRUM-HAAK's mind reels as 1,000 screams of torment echo within.

      GRIMLOCK may now act.

      (18)+10 vs. Will ; Hit!
      for (2)+(3)+(2)+5 = 12 psychic damage and ...(5)... ongoing 5 psychic damage (save ends)

    2. Drum-Haak will use the power of his heritage and attempt to shrug off the ill effects.


      Immediate Reaction: Hobgoblin Resilience.

      OOC: If that fails, would I be able to save at the of turn?

    3. OOC: Sorry for the dual post, but Drum-Haak also has a +2 to saves against charm, illusion and sleep effects if that counts. (Amulet of mental resolve).

    4. [TECH]
      Save vs. Ongoing (5); Fail!
      Immediate Reactions cannot be used on one's own turn, and the attack triggered at the end of Drum-Haak's turn. No Hobgoblin Resilience for you :(

  12. Still bound, Grimlock grabs a non-magical javelin and aims for the crown, seeking to push it beyond the portal.

    +5 (inc bound penalty) vs AC. Use Clever shot for slide 2 on hit (in additional to the DM's narration) unless there's a penalty for cover, in which case use Aimed Shot instead.

    Grimlock does not need to enter the room to make this attack.

    1. Chains clanging, the great GRIMLOCK takes aim and levels a javelin at The Crown. A sharp eyed throw nails the spiked iron band square, deftly pushing it away from the Eldritch Machine and flipping it up so that the round ring spins around a few times before coming to a stop at DRUM-HAAK's feet.

      (9) +10 -5 {shackles} vs. AC 10 +2 {cover from spinning arms}; Hit!

      The Crown is pushed 1 and then slides 2. The updated map has an estimated slide to Square R44, and GRIMLOCK can jump in (via Comment or Email) to indicate where he truly wishes The Crown to roll off to.


      The glory of brave GHAALDAR is upon us!

  13. Despite weekends all counting as one day, GHAALDAR has succeeded only in wasting our time as he stares blankly at the wall.

    It is now time for KULIMVOROTH to bring the pain!!!

    1. And KULIMVORITH delays, bowing to GHAALDAR, "No, no, after YOU."

      GHAALDAR has twenty four hours to post.

  14. Ghaaldar, still shaken by his readings in the dread tome and also by the death of his friend, Duurkala, stands in shock as the events occur around him. Silently he notes Drum Haak's plea to free the shackled Ogre's hands and yet he just stands, silent, resilient, haunted by the visions of the immediate past. Ghaaldar begins to chant to himself in hushed tones a song of the brave Dhaakani before him that was one of Duurkala's favorites. The song told stories of the brave warriors in the tribes history and how the future of the Dhaakani lay in the hands of the brave.

    Stepping forward, and seeing the crown, his one goal to better his people, Ghaaldar knows what he must do. He sees as Drum Haak rushes for the crown only to be struck down by its might. He watches as the Ogre throws a javalin in attempts to knock the crown to the ground and off of its pedestal. Much had transpired in Ghaaldar's catatonic state, and yet now he knew he must act. Not for himself, but for the Dhaakani and in the memory of the fallen.

    With grim determination the brave Ghaaldar steps forward with the Crown of Tesh-Naga his only goal.

    Move/Standard: Ghaaldar double moves to R43
    Minor: Ghaaldar attempts to pick up the fallen crown.

    If picking up the crown takes more than a Minor action, then Ghaaldar will spend an Action Point to do so. If it only takes a Minor, then Ghaaldar will once again spend an AP to don the Crown of Tesh-Naga. (If an AP expenditure is necessary at all.)

    1. A Minor Action not only grabs The Crown, it also immediately grants you all of its powers.

      You could spend your action point to Dominate someone, or to move out of the dangerous room that is about to deal psychic damage to you.

    2. Ghaaldar will then grab the Crown as a Minor action and then spend an AP to move Q38

  15. GHAALDAR flexes his muscles and leaps into the room, gaze narrowed on the glittering iron prize before him. Heedless of the world around him, he steals into the room with pulsing blue and white lights dancing off of his steel-clad armored chest. Strong hands wrap around the black iron crown and place it cooly upon a troubled brow.


    OOC: Kulimvorith's turn is now up! He has 24 hours to post (or be delayed), making a deadline of end-of-day Tuesday.

  16. Kulimvorith can't believe what he is seeing. Never in his darkest dreams did he believe Ghaaldar would live long enough to wear the crown. All of the hardships Ghaaldar put Kulimvorith through blur with the rage of the injustices caused by the Dhakaani in his past into fury incarnate. Moving forward he attempts to rid the world of the dhakaani blight once and for all. Summoning up his arcane reserves he attempts to burnanate the countryside.

    Tech: Move to O38.
    Standard: Elemental Bolt at Ghaaldar +9 vs. reflex 1d12 +1d6 +10
    Note: on hit escalate that shit for an additional 1d10 and target Drum Haak for a +9 1d12 +1d6 +1d10 +10 assault and then free action shift to M38

    1. KULIMVORITH once again sends jets of flames streaming from his hands .. right into the soft underbellies of his former masters!

      Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!

      The flames wash over GHAALDAR, heating up his armor and causing horrendous blisters to boil up form the thick Hobgoblin skin. DRUM-HAAK is not as resilient, as his years of study of ancient languages and deft ability at manipulation serve him little good now. He falls to the ground, clutching the magical amulet close to his chest. He spits out a few choice words as his body thuds against the floor (to be supplied by BFlat).

      (4)+9 vs. Reflex 12; Hit!
      (12)+9 vs. Reflex 16; Hit!
      for (9)+(9)+(3)+10 = 31 fire damage! Each!

      In the interests of speed of play, the Dungeon Master will assume that Ghaaldar wishes to save his bacon and use up his Mithral Scale Armor; however, Blob is welcome to Comment or email me saying otherwise.

      BLACK LOTUS now reacts to the sight in front of him, seeing the Dhakaani blasted by an inferno! He has 24 hours of real time to post actions.

      The Dungeon Master would like to take this time to heartily encourage both villainous monologues and witty one-liners.

    2. Drum-Haak will quietly mourn the loss of Duurkala, for though they may have disagreed throughout their long lives, at least his old tribesman understood the pull of necessity.

    3. OOC: YES! The Mithril Scale Armor would be awesome, thanks!

  17. The monk blinks a few times in disbelief. He turns towards his injured companion. He closes his eyes once more, and when he opens them again, they are jet black. His arms and legs moving in a blur, he becomes a clam dervish, and blades seem to come from the very air to strike at his foes. He speaks, but terrifyingly, his voice is not his own.

    "Long live the king."

    [Attack] Masterful Spiral against Ghaaldar, +7 vs Reflex. 3d8+6 force damage
    [Free] Enter the spiral stance.

    OOC: There is more to my turn, but it's reliant on whether or not the attack hits/Ghaaldar lives.

    1. [TECH]
      (6)+7 vs. Reflex 12; Hit!
      for (4)+(3)+(5)+6 = 18 force damage!

      Ghaaldar is at a single hit point.

      OOC: This Comment purposefully kept without fluff so as to allow the Player to add his own.

    2. The spinning blades calm, but Black Lotus continues spinning, eventually stopping on one foot, facing the brow-beaten Dhakaani. "Your people's arrogance never fails to amaze. Any time I think I over-estimate it, well..." as he speaks, his voice constantly changing in pitch and intonation, his features appear to melt away. He no longer has the height or musculature of one of the Hobgoblins, and his skin begins to smooth out, turning white, and then pale blue. His shaved head erupts in a torrent of white hair that cascades down to his waist.

      His speech continues, though it may as well be coming from someone else entirely. "I hope that your people are very proud to have had an entire 10 seconds with the Crown. I'm sure you'll be remembered fondly in songs about your rousing success." Punctuated by a sharp blow to the head, Lotus finishes the Dhakaani.

      [Minor] Changeling Disguise -> Back to basic form
      [Attack] Melee Basic. +10 to hit, 1d10+8
      [Move] If I need to move to stand over the crown, I will. If Spiral Stance (grants me reach until the stance ends) allows me to, I will make my move a minor and take the Crown myself.

    3. The hideous changeling reveals its true form, shock and awe spreading across the astonished faces of all who gaze upon the revolting display of body-horror.

      With that, BLACK LOTUS (if that is even its real name) revels in its natural body. It leaps into the air, legs spinning in a spiral that catch GHAALDAR's neck and twist with a stomach-churning crack.

      Crawling on the floor, blood dripping from his ears, the tale of the conniving Dhakaani sage DRUM-HAAK comes to an end as his body is made to mirror the twisted and broken shell of nearby Decia, lying dead and rotting underneath the spinning arms of the Far Realm Device.

      (20) Critical Hit!
      for (10)+8 damage
      Drum-Haak takes 5 psychic and then ends his turn within the chamber
      (7)+10 vs. Will 17 -5 {unconscious}; Hit!
      for (8)+(4)+(4)+5 = 21 psychic damage!

      Map updated and (per emails) Kulimvorith scuttles behind Grimlock.

  18. The Crown is toppled off of brave GHAALDAR's head and spins about on the floor like a stray copper coin. Swooping effortlessly, BLACK LOTUS self-coronates, declaring himself The Trickster King in front of all in trembling fear.

    OOC: A quick run down of alliances. If a character attacks or simply declares their hatred for another character, they become enemies and provoke Opportunity Attacks from one another. Else, they are allies.

    Kulimvorith is enemies with Ghaaldar. Everyone else is an ally.

    Shackled GRIMLOCK is now up, facing a far different scenario that he had puzzled over mere moments before!

    1. OOC: Oh, and of course Black Lotus is enemies with Ghaaldar.

  19. As the situation deteriorates, Grimlock can only take the offensive.

    The grim giant leans forward, loops his bonds around the changling's throat and lifts him into the air, strangling him to death!

    Suffocation rules are on pg 180 of the Rules Compendium, though how to apply this to strangulation is an exercise for the DM ;)

    I assume a melee touch attack: +8 (Str) vs Reflex

    1. Actually, If the grab succeeds then I may want to spend my last AP.

    2. OOC:

      That's the sound of me being blown away by the power of how awesome an action that was. This is how this will work:

      Grimlock will make a Strength vs. Reflex attack; no -5 shackled penalty because this is clearly what shackles were made to do. In fact, it's so perfect that I will rule it an effective garrote, meaning Black Lotus will take 1d4 + Str mod damage at the start of each of his turns. It's a superior weapon, so Grimlock receives no proficiency bonus.

      On a hit, Black Lotus is grabbed and suffocating in combat. At the start of each of his turns, he will make a DC 20 Endurance check (+5 per round thereafter) or lose a healing surge. If he has no healing surges, he will lose an additional 3 HP (as per Rules Compendium).

      For awesome-ness, I will rule that Black Lotus must escape against Grimlock's Fortitude, and not his choice of Fortitude or Reflex, although he will be able to use either Athletics or Acrobatics.

      {slow clap}

    3. GRIMLOCK's time as come! Raising his shackled fists, an enduring symbol of the disgrace and humiliation he has suffered at the hands of those who would oppress him, he wraps the thick steel links around the scrawny neck of BLACK LOTUS. A deep bellow erupts from GRIMLOCK's lungs: "FREEEEEEEEDDDDDOOMMMMMM!!!!!!"

      (16)+6 vs. Reflex 18; Hit!
      Black Lotus is grabbed (immobilized); escape DC 18
      Black Lotus triggers Reed in the Wind to gain 5 temporary hit points and combat advantage.

      GRIMLOCK may finish his turn at his leisure.

    4. OOC:
      Grimlock spends his move action to swing around to the other side of the changling, keeping it between himself and Kulimvorith.

      As a minor action, Grim activates the Aspect of the Lurking Spider. Among other benefits, while Grimlock has combat advantage over Black Lotus, the ogre deals +2 damage to him. Per Cunning Stalker, Grimlock has combat advantage over any target hat is not adjacent to another creature (Other than Grimlock).

      And since you are treating the shackles as a garrote, I get +1 to the attack rolls per weapon talent too :D

      No action point. The way you worded it, I assume that there's not extra choking goodness to be earned by it :(.

      *Please* don't be trained in a Ath/Acr.... (fingers crossed)

    5. OOC: Haha, sorry, I totally am. For all the good it will do me...

  20. [Free] Black Lotus struggles. Being whipped around between the ogre and the dragonborn, he barely knows where to focus. He struggles a little, and then tries to focus his vision.

    "Dragon...kkkgh, Dragonborn. I defended...gaaach...I helped you when the Dhakkaani...tkh...tried to..."

    The rest of his words are muffled by the gigantic fists clenched around his throat. As the Crown slips from his brow, his eyes lock on the proud drake, possibly for the last time.

  21. {Free} "You saved me against Ghaaldar in the church, but what does that mean now? You have deceived us from the start. Your actions have earned you a chance, a chance to start a new. Give me the crown and we can end this. You two are not Dhakaani and I have no desire to hurt you or Grimlock, but this crown is far too powerful for me to willing allow it to fall in the hands of someone I do not trust. Give me the crown and we can have peace".

    1. [Free]
      Lotus' eyes narrow. He tries to speak, but he can't. He nods, as much as the hamfists will allow, but he also indicates his hands, which are currently grasping the chain around his throat. He isn't really in a position to be handing anything to anyone. He attempts to nod once more to get his point across.

      His attention returns to the ogre in front of him. His brow furrows in anger, but he is snared.

  22. GHAALDAR lies on the floor, eyes fluttering as gasps for air and struggles on the floor. A fit of coughs sends blood vomiting out of his mouth.

    Save vs. Death (8)
    Grimlock does NOT move Black Lotus around, although the grabbing and the combat advantage and all still remain. Dragging a struggling enemy is a Standard Action.

    KULIMVORITH now takes his turn. Th Dungeon Master grants leave to take extra time, so long as the witty banter keeps up.

    1. OOC: DOES the combat advantage remain? I'm adjacent to both Grimlocke and Ghaaldar, who is NOT DEAD YET (despite my best efforts)

  23. OOC: Oh my god. I'm dying and I think this is awesome! Betrayal! Intrigue! What a twist!

  24. Kulimvorith gives Lotus a grave nod back and moves past grimlock to be adjacent to Lotus. With sure hands je plucks the crown from Lotus head and places it upon his. To grimlock he implored "release the Lotus he is not our enemy. Standard down friend"

    Tech: move to the square between Ghaaldar and Lotus. I minor take the crown.
    Ooc: I will find osh my turn when talking is resolved

    1. Struggling to get out words in between desperate gasps for breath, BLACK LOTUS rasps out, "...take me!

      KULIMVORITH has The Crown and is in Square O37.

  25. Kulimvorith feels the tendrils of power seep down from the crown, magic almost intoxicating. Fearful he instinctively goes into silent prayer, but he stops almost as suddenly as he began as he knew he would not receive a response. Since the day that He was thrown down as the High Priest of Tiamet by the Dhakaani he has been alone.

    Without divine guidance Kulimvorith must rely on his own morals and ethics to guide him. He remembers the chains and whips of the Dhakaani and remember how helpless and broken he felt and how elated his was to gain his freedom. Is it right for him to hypocritically enslave others, when he fought so hard against his own captivity?

    Gazing on the faces of his comrades he knows that eventually another tribe will rise to power, the Dhakaani or otherwise and the cycle will repeat itself. A strong, unified kingdom must be established so that people may remain free. To do so, however many must suffer first. What is the lives of few in the terms of future generations?

    Dragon tears streaming into the the canyons of his long scabbed scars he turns to Grimlock. "My friend you are brash and impulsive and quick to anger. That is what I so admire about you and I will never forget."

    Focusing his thoughts upon The unsuspecting Ogre he whispers, "Be at peace mighty warrior"

    Tech: Using enslave upon Grimlock +6 vs. will

    OOC: Sorry I wrote a lot

    1. OOC: There's never too much fluff text in play-by-post. If we get bored, we'll just not read it! Although, man, awesome job!

      Siezing his destiny, KULIMVORITH grabs the iron crown and attempts to put the unstoppable muscle power of GRIMLOCK under his sway. But no! GRIMLOCK will never again be a slave. Will never again be humiliated to serve others. He will be forever free!

      (1) or (3)+6 vs. Will 14; Miss!
      Black Lotus Endurance DC 20; (12)+1
      And takes (1)+5 damage and loses that last healing surge

      BLACK LOTUS is up!

  26. The Changeling monk, not entirely sure what's happening, hopes to take advantage of the sudden betrayal to make good his escape. While Grimlocke is focusing his mental energies to keep himself from becoming enthralled, Black Lotus focuses his physical energy.

    He brings up his legs and kicks himself away from the ogre with all of his force, hoping to extricate himself.

    [Standard] Attempt to break free (Acrobatics and Athletics are both +6, plus I'm hoping combat advantage will help me)
    [Minor] Activate Stoneskin Cloth Armor for another 5 temp HP
    [Move] Five Storms (Move) to shift 2 to P35

    1. BLACK LOTUS clutches frantically at the magical charms he has about him, struggling against the Ogre's grip, gasping for breath, a once-pale face turning deep crimson. His fists feebly beat on the Ogre's bulk, tears welling in eyes shut tight.

      Grimlock took 10 psychic damage for The Crown's miss.
      Std: (8)+6 vs. Fortitude 18; Fail!
      Move: (10)+6 vs. Fortitude 18; Fail!

      GRIMLOCK's turn is upon us!
      OOC: Sustain grab is a minor. Dragging a grabbed creature against its will is a Standard Action Strength vs. Fortitude check, on a success you may move up to half speed (doesn't provoke from grabbed creature) and slide the grabbed creature up to 3 squares to an adjacent square.

    2. OOC: Does a fail on moving break the grab or provoke an attack or just fail the move?

  27. A migraine explodes behind the ogre's eyes. In that flash of blinding pain the only thing he can perceive is Kulimvorith's presence in his mind. Grimlock tenses on the shackles and slams the monk into the dragonborn!

    OOC: No looking for damage here, just to know Kulimvorith down, perhaps dislodging the crown in the process?

    Minor: maintain the grapple.
    Standard: +9 vs Lotus' Fort to use him as an improvised weapon?

    If you won't accept that, then Grim will kick Kulimvorith instead. +8 vs AC

    1. Black Lotus locks eyes with the Ogre. He can see the rage boiling just behind his vision. When the Ogre turns to swing at the Dragonborn, the monk gets an idea...

      Using all of his training, Lotus runs along the ground as he is hurled. He uses all of his skill to kick the ground to assist the attack, and attempts to kick the prideful wyrm to the ground.


  28. OOC: when I moved originally to take the crown I wanted to move to square P37. however I was especially unclear when writing (as I was at work and rushed). I said, "Tech: move to the square between Ghaaldar and Lotus." I am fine if it is too late to change it, but the sport I am in now wouldn't be a logical place to stop as it is adjacent to two {adversaries?] and I am solely ranged. Up to you Casey

    1. I am willing to revise if we roll back, but Lotus' response to me may be too awesome to ret-con.

    2. I agree that it would make sense for Kulimvorith to do what he says he did (except for the fact that Grimlocke was not actually an adversary yet), but...

      On the other hand...

      That scene is Matrix Reloaded when Neo spins on his pole and kicks all the Smiths...

  29. I rescind my objection. DM magic trumps poor phrasing. Let the bicycle kicking commence

  30. OOC: Yes exactly, please try and be more specific about positioning and the like when you can. I'm totally cool with describing movement in terms of direction, too, such as "1 square north and then 2 squares east". So, we'll keep things as-is.

    BLACK LOTUS is swung about like a great, living, kicking flail, Ogre fists attempting to pummel foes using his body. A ninja-foot arcs over The Crown ... and sails through the air. A pervasive magic is keeping the bearer safe, for now.

    Black Lotus is being used as an "improvised weapon, large", and his willingness will negate the -5 shackled penalty.
    (7)+7 {+5 Str +1 1/2 level +1 weapon talent +0 prof.} vs. AC 17; Miss! Dice are hating on ALL of you!
    Ghaaldar's Save vs. Death (8); second fail!

    Back to KULIMVORITH!

  31. "Since I assume whatever attack he is making will miss, as he is shackled, grappling and making an improvised weapon attack with a person. On a miss I will trigger my addergrease armor to give him 5 ongoing damage and me to shift into P36."

    GRIMLOCK's straining arms swing high, trying to crush the puny man-dragon before him. The scaled warrior KULIMVORITH skitters away with a hiss and a baring of fangs! Enraged, the Ogre takes another swing, misses, and has his fists brush up against the thick hide of Vercintigorix, most ancient and deceptive elder green wyrm.

  32. Almost forgot; Recharge (5)
    The Crown hungers to enslave!

  33. Almost forgot; Recharge (5)
    The Crown hungers to enslave!

  34. Realizing the tide of battle has swung from his favor, Kulimvorith realizes that to live to see the kingdom he has envisioned he must first live. From years imprisoned Kulimvorith learned the only paramount rule, survive.

    Back peddling his back bumps against the wall and he knows he must trust in the one reliable thing in his life. Fire.

    Inhaling deeply he clamps his jaws shut as he was taught so many years ago by the elders of his village. By doing so his body becomes a hearth to stoke the flame. Unable to hold the flame in a moment longer he expunges the blaze upon his former comrades.

    Hoping to catch them by surprise he follows his breath with a devastating assault aimed directly at Grimlocks head

    {Tech} Move: shift to Q36, one square south.
    Minor: Dragons breath close blast +6 vs. reflex 1d6 +3
    Standard: Elemental Bolt +9 vs. reflex 1d12 +1d6 +10 against grimlock
    Free action: On hit Elemental escalation vs. Lotus +9 vs. reflex 1d12 +1d10 +1d6 +10

    1. I forgot to write that grimlock will also take an additional 1d10

    2. Descriptive Text: Hell yeah, what he said!

      Dragon Breath vs. Grimlock: (8) or (15)+6 vs. Reflex 16; Hit!
      for (3)+3 fire damage
      Dragon Breath vs. Black Lotus: (3) or (11)+6 vs. Reflex 18; Miss!
      Elemental Bolt vs. Grimlock: (3) or (6)+9 vs. Reflex 16; Miss!

      Such terrible, terrible rolls!

      BLACK LOTUS now takes his turn.

      Endurance Check DC 25; Auto Fail
      for (1)+5+3 damage

  35. Lotus has grown tired. Tired of being chained to this beast. Tired of cautiously picking his way through this crypt. Tired of maintaining disguise. Just...tired...

    It needs to end.

    The familiar breeze begins. The air is so dank and heavy that the breeze seems a blessing. very quickly, though, it turns savage. The wind becomes a violent tornado of cutting gusts and ripping bursts.

    The Changeling himself seems to move with the air. Still in the ogre's grasp, his arms seems to bend, and his neck elongates. His face comes right up to the Ogres, but he says nothing. He merely glares, and then strikes.

    [Minor] Changeling trick. It's a +8 bluff check against Grimlocke's passive insight. If I make it I get combat advantage EONT.
    [Standard] Wind through the Willows. +7 vs Reflex on both of them. 2d8+6 damage, slowed and cannot charge EONT. Technically I can shift to anywhere in the close blast 3, but unless I can use that to escape the grab, I'll stay where I am. However, if I can use it to shift around so that the Ogre is between the Dragonborn and myself, I'll do that.
    [Free] Centered Flurry of Blows on Grimlocke. 4 damage and I can slide him 1 swuare adjacent to me. I don't really know where I am/will be, so please just place him more between Kulimvorith and myself
    [Free] Activate my Ki Focus. I get another Melee Basic against Grimlocke if my Flurry of Blows hit him. +10 vs AC, 1d10+8 damage.
    [Move] Only if I somehow became freed.

  36. BLACK LOTUS twists and distorts his body, the mutations coming so fast that the dim-witted Ogre has no hope of keeping up. Whipping about like the eastern breeze through the willows of the fields, the silent monk strikes at three separate chakra energy points on GRIMLOCK at once. The chains around BLACK LOTUS's neck fall to the ground in a klang! and GRIMLOCK drops like a rock, eyes rolled into the back of his head, the tables turned as now he struggles for breath.

    With the last hope for a shred of honor to be bestowed upon The Crown, GHAALDAR gives up the fight and succumbs to the eternal slumber.

    Changeling Trick: (11)+8 vs. Insight 13; Success!
    Wind through Willows: (13)+7 +2 {CA} vs. Reflex 16; Hit!
    for (4)+(1)+6 +4 {flurry} damage and slide 1 square
    - only Grimlock as target, I don't see any way of getting two enemies in a close blast 3
    - Slide 1? Forced movement ends the grab
    Quick Strike Ki Focus: (11)+10 vs. AC 17; Hit!
    for another (10)+8 damage GHETTO CRIT!
    - Grimlock dropping to the ground like a sack of potatoes also would break the grab
    Move: via email to Square P36

    Grimlock Save vs. Death (2)+2; Fail!
    Ghaaldar Save vs. Death (3); THIRD FAILED DEATH SAVE

    KULIMVORITH is up!

  37. Being near the closed iron door (to the west), both KULIMVORITH and BLACK LOTUS can hear the sounds of ringing hammers, can feel stifling heat, and can smell sulfur and molten steel.

  38. Kulimvorith turns to Lotus and says, and "we have no reason to fight amongst ourselves. We join me and we can create a new world from the ashes of the old. To create a kingdom free of strife I will need clever lieutenants like you. Only know this if you lay a hand on me I will end you. Your choice my shifty friend."

    1. Black Lotus, his fists still raised in defense, falters slightly. He was certain he would only continue to control his own faculties for a few more seconds, but this interesting...

      We lowers his hand slightly. "I am here for more than myself, drake. My clan sent me to get that crown so that we could finally overcome the Dhakaani that have oppressed us. They would have certain...expectations." The Changeling's eyes open a little wider, but remain trained on the Dragonborne and his crown, expecting betrayal.

  39. Kulimvorith looks right at the changeling and knows that no matter what promises he could extract from him, he could not ever trust Lotus again. What is to stop him or his brethren from shifting into a dragonborn and dismantling his tribe from the inside out. The risk would be too great.

    Focusing his thoughts upon the changeling he sends a psionic spike into Lotus' brain stem.


    Tech: Enslave!

  40. The ancient latent power of The Crown, forged twelve centuries ago by the master craftsmen of Dhakaan and imbued by the spells of the Council of Wrrms, awakens again atop the scaled brow of KULIMVORITH. His ruby skin shimmers and his voice takes on a rolling, booming quality that brings with it a primal fear in all warm-blooded creatures; the fear of million-year-old reptilian predators hunting scurrying mammals beneath a primordial jungle canopy.


    (8) or (19)+6 vs. Will 16; Hit!

    BLACK LOTUS is now dominated and awaits KULIMVORITH's command. Choose wisely. His mind is struggling constantly against the power of The Crown, and as such, his resistance allows him only a single action to be taken per round.

  41. Kulimvorith struggles to control the mind of The Black Lotus, the force is strong within him. Peering to his right he spies the throne room. Compelling the changeling he yells, run.

    Black Lotus will run straight into the vortex!


    Run 8 squares East directly into the vortex!


    1. BLACK LOTUS indeed runs straight at the eldritch device! The spinning brass rings, whirling about at a maddening pace, hit and bat away the frail Doppelganger's body, sending it crashing back to the floor. The impact of the brass rings shatters teeth and cracks a mandible, a spray of blood spitting out from a pale-skinned mouth. Shaking odff his wounds, BLACK LOTUS then makes the fatal error of staring directly at the pulsing maw of the far realm portal! His mind is overwhelmed by the indescribable view of madness, and he is shaken and dazed, clutching its knees to its chest and rocking on the ground, babbling incoherently.

      KULIMVORITH sees the destruction he hath wrought, and it is good! Dragonsfire boils out of his hands to melt steel chains, slamming the portcullis shut and locking BLACK LOTUS in this horrid tomb forever. With time now on his side, the proud drake bandages GRIMLOCK, keeping him alive but unconscious. This is done out of cruelty, and not compassion. KULIMVORITH then exercises the full extent of his new powers, creating a dominated slave out of the once-proud Ogre.

      (9)+14 vs. AC 19; Hit!
      for (1)+(2)+(4)+8 damage
      (5) +2 {CA} +10 vs. Will 16; Hit!
      for (7)+(4)+(6)+5 psychic damage and ...(1)... dazed (save ends)
      Save vs. Dominate (20); Success! Good... good for you.

  42. THE LOST CROWN OF TESH-NAGA has come to an end!

    KULIMVORITH takes The Crown and his Ogre servant, and after a bit of a breather, proceeds to escape the clutches of this hellish cave.

    EVERYONE! Please check out the LCT-N Epilogue and request for feedback, here: