June 4, 2012

LCTN: The Dwarven Dead


Many elements of it are unique and innovative, with several key twists that will catch the players by surprise. The adventure is deadly and devious, with victory going only to those clever enough to take it. Though it may not be a traditional Fourthcore deathtrap dungeon, I assure you, dear reader, that it holds many of the ideals of Fourthcore close to its heart.

I will keep these posts easily collapsible, so that readers may easily skip past them if they wish. Although, really, you'd be missing out.

Welcome back, dungeoneers! 

A hideous monster appears from the darkness, summoning the spirits of The Dwarven Dead to do its bidding and manipulating them like a marionette.


  1. For brevity, the full map of the hallway (which is visible to Mavarothix) is not show. It turns south and out of view approximately 100 ft. further east than the hideous monstrosity.

  2. OOC: In the previous post I had mentioned that Ghaaldar was going to move adjacent to Drum-Haak. This was prior to Mavarothix moving with the body into the view of the cursed Illithid.

    1. OOC: No prob, I'll just scoot ya up to P6 for the next map update.

  3. The Hideous Monstrosity shambles forward, the tattered and filthy hem of its robes scraping against the dust-covered ground. It walks up, face-to-"disgusting sucker thing" with the creature it had already established mental contact with; Mavarothix. Undulating back its quivering face-folds, the creature completely engulfs the tortured scaled head, swallowing Mavarothix's face. "Yes. I want to feel you inside of me."

    Inside the dark, moist confines, Mavarothix experiences pain on an indescribable level as the Hideous Monstrosity saws off the Dragon's scalp and then manipulates the pulsing, sweet brain within. A rapsy, cat-like tongue licks and laps at the dragon-brain; forcing Mavarothix to directly experience every sick and twisted perversion this horrid creature has indulged in. In an instant, the Mavarothix that was dies, never seen again. In its place is a cold and hollow shell; a living, walking, breathing shell of a body that has had its mind overloaded with the darkest sicknesses of hell. He has become part of the Circle of Manias, and now moves to the Circle of Blood.

    All the while, the Hideous Monstrosity raises a pronged claw at the remains of what once was a man. The bloated corpse of a Dwarf stirs and props itself up on the rotted flesh it once called arms.

    Mouth-Grab: (7)+9 +2 {dazed} vs. Reflex 17; Hit!
    for (4)+(4)+6 damage and grabbed until escape

    Action Point, Decapitate: (4)+9 +2 {dazed} vs. Fortitude 15; Hit!
    OOC: Man, seriously close calls!
    for (5)+(3)+(3)+17 damage

    Mavarothix is restored to 1 HP and dominated (no save).

    Black Lotus has been delayed down to the next initiative clump. Now, he acts with Grimlock and Ghaaldar. These three characters all have 3 days to post their actions, or be delayed until after the Zombie Dwarves and Mavarothix the Dominated. Since weekends count as one day, that makes the deadline at Sunday late afternoon.


  4. Grimlock feels a dread chill suffuse his spine and an ancient fear grips his black, stone heart. Under his breath, he mutters a chant. It is the closest thing to a prayer that he has ever uttered, even since becoming enslaved. The air before him thickens with mist.

    The ogre fumbles in his shackles as he hastily draws a javelin from the quiver on his back and hurls i at the nearest of his undead kith.

    Grimlock starts the combat in the Aspect of the Lurking Spider.
    • You gain a +2 power bonus to Stealth checks.
    • You gain a +2 power bonus to Athletics checks made to climb.
    • While you have combat advantage against an enemy, you gain a +2 power bonus to damage rolls against it.

    Minor - Stalker's Mist at L6

    Daily * Primal, Zone
    Minor Action * Area burst 1 within 10 squares
    Efect: Te burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the encounter. Squares in the zone are heavily obscured to your enemies.
    Move Action: You move the zone up to 5 squares.

    Standard - Clever Shot using the Unstoppable Javelin against the undead ogre at k5.

    Target: One creature
    Attack: +11 vs AC (what's the shackled penalty, -5?)
    Hit:1d6 +6 damage
    Critical: +1d8 damage
    Efect: The Unstoppable Javelin returns to your hand.

    If I hit, Clever Shot knocks the target prone.

    Alas, poor Mavarothix. Grimlock was indifferent to you and doesn't care that you died... Perhaps he will be luckier next round!

    1. A thick mist swirls in under Grimlock's command, surrounding the ogre zombie and hiding Grimlock's traveling companions from its dead eyes. A javelin rains down through that mist, pounding into an undead knee-cap and cracking the dry-rotted bone into splinters.

      (14)+11 -5 {shackled} -2 {ranged vs. prone} vs. AC 17; HIT!
      for (4)+6 damage and super prone

  5. OOC: Wow, my bad, I was completely unaware of the last two posts. But I'm back!

    Black Lotus awakens from his lethargy, intent on making up for his long inactivity.

    Moving with his usual subtle grace, he prepares for what could be a very bloody battle.

    [Move] as far as I can (I'm guessing P13, not really sure how movement around that wall works, whether it's a hard corner or not).
    [Standard] Produces a small bottle and shuriken, and applies the contents of that battle to the tips of the projectile (Bloodstinger Poison)
    [Minor] Activates Stoneskin Cloth Armor for 5 temp HP

  6. Ooc: we have reached a milestone at least once correct?

  7. OOC: This is only our second encounter. I think that the milestone comes after (if) we survive it.

    1. OOC: I count 3. Initial fight with dwarves, Otyugh, this. Not to mention any of the puzzles CAN count as milestones at the DM's discretion.

    2. OOC: This is only *Grimlock's* second encounter. You can see how I got confused there. ;D Sorry for the mis-information!

    3. Well, are you counting when Grimlock got knocked out by the hobgoblins?

  8. Regardless we still had 2 against npcs. The cabin fight and the sewer fight

  9. OOC: oh listen to that smack-talk!

    Defeating the otyugh granted a milestone to all.

  10. Ghaaldar sees the events unfold before him and with a gruff and commanding tone he announces to his tribe, "We must save Mavarothix! FORWARD!" Rushing forward with blade in hand Ghaaldar charges head-first towards one of the large rotting creatures currently on the cavern floor. "FOR THE DHAKAANI!"


    *MOVE: M8

    *STANDARD: Charge with MBA vs Ogre Zombie in K9 (+10 vs AC, +12 vs AC with CA from Prone - 1d10+7 damage)

    1. Ghaaldar never shirks from a fight and displays an unrivaled devotion to his servants. Torchlight reflects from his unsheathed broadsword and howls of fury echo across the chamber! Ghaaldar slides down the tumbling cliffside

      (18)+12 Athletics Check
      (3)+9+1+2 vs. AC 17; Miss!

  11. The Dwarven Dead rise from their eternal rest. Their rotted mouth agape, they stumble forward at their master's bidding. Among them, a brain-dead Mavarothix charges forward with all the speed he can muster, stumbling and struggling with the cliff-face.

    Drum-Haak and Duurkala have two days to post their turn or be delayed; making a deadline of Monday morning.

    Mavarothix runs and climbs; Athletics Check (2)+6
    Zombie Climb: (1)+2; Fail
    (18)+2; Success

  12. Putting aside feelings of mourning for poor Mavarothix, Drum-Haak steels himself for the test to come. Raising his staff, he studies the ogre zombie and attempts to find a weak point.

    Minor: Monster knowledge on ogre zombie
    Religion?: +8

    OOC: I'll finish my turn after resolving this roll.

    1. Drum-Haak, a master of the dark arts, has had some prior experience with reanimated corpses. These zombie hulks are massive brutes that rely on their sheer size to overcome and overpower their foes. Though slow to act, the spellcaster animating the zombie controls and protects its mental functions.

      Religion Check (19)+8
      Level 5 Brute
      Large natural animate (undead)
      AC 17; Fort 17, Ref 14, Will 16
      Max HP 70
      Immune disease, poison
      Resist 10 necrotic, can rise again 1/encounter
      Vulnerable 10 radiant, critical hit instantly kills
      Speed 4

      OOC: Great idea, and luck smiles upon thee!

  13. "Companions! The evil abomination is controlling all of these beast we must find a way to stop it!" Realizing, though, that he must clear a way first, Drum-Haak attempts to force the closest ogre off the ledge, onto the Dwarves below.


    Impelling Force vs Ogre Zombie
    +6 vs Fort
    Hit: d10+4 force damage, and slide it 5 squares to a square adjacent to an ally.
    Slide: bottom right corner to F6, assuming he falls (and hopefully crushes some zombie dwarves).

    OOC: I may action point depending on how this resolves.

    1. With a wave of his staff, Drum-Haak casts a spell upon the ground beneath an Ogre Zombie. The dirt bellows and flexes, popping up and sending the mass of decaying flesh sailing through the air to plummet on sharp stalags below.

      (19 again)+6 -2 {ranged v. prone} vs. Fortitude 17; Hit!
      for (10)+4 force damage {ghetto crit}
      Save vs. Falling (7); Fail!
      Falling Damage (5)

    2. OOC: Any damage to the Dwarves for the ogre falling on them?

    3. OOC: I figured you would want to slide the ogre as far as possible, meaning he never quite landed on them (see map).

    4. OOC: Ah. I was assuming he'd land on them and keep going. I'd rather crush them (as I described in my action).

  14. Regardless, Drum-Haak will attempt to climb down to L6 and have a closer look at the tome, trying to stay hidden from the arcane abomination.

    Stealth: +5
    Athletics: +6
    Arcana: +9

  15. Drum-Haak sneaks up right behind the rickety wooden table and can easily spy the tome atop of it from the shadows. Peering at the pages, he sees flowery black script written on bleach-white paper. At first glance, this seems like a strange and alien language, however as Drum-Haak stares at the words the ink itself becomes fluid again and crawls along the paper to reorient into the Dhakaani script. The words themselves are non-sensical gibberish.

    The tome contains an epithet to the callous lords that dwell in the spaces between stars. Vocalizing its bizarre sounds, aping its original intent, calls upon one of those being to grant a boon ... at a harsh price. {Standard Action}

    (3)+6 Athletics Check; Hit the DC on the nose
    (7)+6 Stealth Check
    (17)+9 Arcana Check

  16. "braainsss...."

    OOC: remind me to never listen to the voices in my head next time...

  17. Very well, Drum-Haak decides that keeping the undead Ogre closer to him is a good idea. The ogre lands atop the two Dwarven Dead, crushing them with its weight and turning their already malleable bodies into a disgusting black-red paste.

    The ogre does not take falling damage, the Dwarven Dead DO take the 5 falling damage, and are smooshed (defeated).

  18. OOC: Drum-Haak is finished his turn, if you need me to declare that.

  19. Duurkala looks at the creatures on the far side of the pit, and the bloodstained floor. "If we are caught in that pit, we'll be pounded from above like a halfling whore."

    The older Dhaakani slides down the pit, and starts the battle chant of the world-beyond-worlds, shifting and twisting that reality around this one, so that when the chant finishes, his allies have the advantage.

    Minor: Song of Savagery
    Move: Slide down the rocks to K5 (Athletics +6)
    Standard: Victim of the Feywild on the Ogre zombie in E5, +5 vs. Will.
    Hit - 1d8 + 5 force damage, and Ghaaldar teleports to D6 and Grimlock to E7.

    1. Grimlock is not in range to be teleported by Victim of the Feywild (he would need to be within 5 of the target).

      Do you wish to revise?

    2. Oops, thought it was within 5 squares of me. That'll teach me to read the powers on my character sheet! In that case, I'll slide down as before, but charge to J8 and attack the ogre zombie

      +10 vs. AC, 2d8 + 5 damage, & Ghaaldar gains a +4 bonus to damage rolls on his next turn.

  20. Duurkala nimbly slides down the crumbling cliff face and rushes forward, his blade held high. Before the hulking zombie has a chance to react, the Dhaakani veteran brings his blade down, slicing through its rotting hide.


    Athletics check (16) + 6: success

    Charge: (10) + 10 vs. 17: Hit
    For (5) + (6) + 5 = 16 damage

    OOC: zombie ogres' turn and map update coming this evening.

  21. The first ogre zombie stands up and looks blankly at Duurkala before swinging its arm at the old dhaakani. The decaying limb hits like a tree trunk, sending the aged skald flying through the air. The other ogre zombie then scrambles up the cliff face to join in the carnage.


    First Zombie
    Move: stand up
    Standard: Zombie Smash: (16) +9 vs. AC 19
    For (5) + (4) + (2) + 14 = 25 damage and pushed to K5 and knocked prone.

    Second zombie
    Move: stand up
    Standard: climb cliff.
    Athletics: (17) + 5: success (located at I4:J5)

    Map update is coming later this evening.

    Kulimvorith is up next!

  22. Kulimvorith, caught unprepared spends the first segment of the fight stoking his rage. Moving to survey the field, mad gleam lights his eyes as he spies a clump of dwarven corpses attempting to scrabble to the group. "Laughing he summons forth a massive blast of fire right into the middle of the group. Then turning to see the pitiful hobgoblins struggle he feels a tiny glimpse of mercy. He unleashes hell upon the ogre zombie.

    Tech: move to square M8
    Standard: Ignition: area burst one on square H9. +8 vs. fort 1d10 +10
    On a hit Free action: elemental escalation" 1d10 additional damage and I include the dwarf in g11 as part of the attack.

    Action Point: elemental bolt on the ogre in front of kulimvorith. +9 vs. reflex 1d12 +1d6 +10.
    Note: On a hit I will use the warlords gambity thing to attempt another elemental bolt against the ogre. On a miss I grant CA.

    OOC: sorry if this turn was complicated.

  23. Kulimvorith unleashes an inferno of elemental fury on the zombies, their undead flesh burning away in the searing heat.


    (19) + 8 vs. 13: hit
    (5) + 8 vs. 13: hit
    (3) + 8 vs. 13: miss

    elemental bolt:
    (8) + 9 vs. 14: hit
    (2) + (4) + 10 = 16 damage.

    second elemental bolt:
    (17) + 9 vs. 14: hit.
    (4) + (5) +10 = 19 damage.

  24. The hideous creature emerges and points its disgusting pronged claw up toward Ghaaldar. Alien whispers echo through the Dhaakani's beseiged mind, compelling him to violence. "Kill the old man!"

    Mind Control: (7) + 9 vs. 15 will: hit
    (3) + (5) + 6 = 14 psychic damage.
    Ghaaldar is slid to J6 and makes a melee basic attack against Duurkala.

    (3) + 9 vs. AC 17 (-2 prone): miss

    1. A new dwarven zombie rises from the ground.

  25. Map is updated and Black Lotus is up next!

  26. Ooc: there is a zone covering a burst 1 around h9 and any creature that starts its turn in the zone takes 3 fire damage. Which at this moment is only the dwarf next to Mavothorix.

    1. Okay. The zombie will take the damage when he next starts his turn (he didn't actually appear on his own turn).

  27. Black Lotus is frozen in fear and delays.

    Grimlock is up next!

    1. OOC: My bad, I'm all caught up now.

      I assume that because my turn was delayed I can just post now and go after Grimlock?

    2. Sure; post your turn once Grimlock has gone.

  28. Having summoned the mists to his aid, Grimlock moves them to keep his allies obscured from the undead horrors that stalk them.

    The ogre clumsily attempts to attack his zombie-opposite once more.

    Move - move the center of Stalker's Mist to k6.
    Standard - Clever Shot against the Ogre on the left again:

    Target: One creature
    Attack: +6 vs AC (inc -5 shackled penalty)
    Hit:1d6 +6 damage
    Critical: +1d8 damage
    Effect: The Unstoppable Javelin returns to your hand.

    This time, if I hit, I will attempt the slide the ogre deeper into the pit.

  29. The swirling mists heed the will of Grimlock and envelop his Dhaakani allies. Fettered by his shackles, the ogre then clumsily hurls his unstoppable javelin. The massive weapon sails over the head of the hulking zombie.


    Clever shot: (9) + 6 vs. AC 17 = miss.

    Black Lotus may now take his turn.

  30. Eager to rejoin the fray, the monk deftly moves up to take his place beside his companions and renew the assault.

    [Move] to M9
    [Standard] Ranged Basic w/ poison on the bloodied ogre. +10 vs AC, 1d4+6, and then a secondary attack, +6 vs Fort, if it hits, 5 ongoing poison damage

    1. OOC: I mentally ignored the part where they were immune to poison, so, scratch that. Instead...

      Eager to rejoin the fray, the monk deftly vaults himself towards his enemies. Unable to make it all the way to the puppeteer, he decides to work on one of the puppets on his way.

      [Move] Drunken Monkey (Move) to K8
      [Minor] Replace poisoned shuriken in pack
      [Standard] Crane's Wings against the bloodied Zombie Ogre, +7 vs Fort, 1d10+6 and push him so his bottom right corner is in J10

    2. You cannot use two different full discipline powers in one turn; please revise.

    3. OOC: Ah ok, Casey explained this to me briefly. I can use Drunken Monkey (move) AND attack, or Crane's Wings (move) and attack, but not mix and match? Sorry about that, never played a Monk before.

      In that case, replace the attack with Drunken Monkey, slide to the same place, and forgo the attack that ability grants (unless I can have him attack himself?)

    4. Black Lotus deftly slides down the cliff face and drop kicks the zombie. The Dhaakani monk looks up in horror as the hulking mass of undead flesh doesn't even flinch.


      Drunken Monkey: (4) + 7 vs. 17 fortitude: miss.

      OOC: correct; no mix and matching with full discipline powers. You could move with monkey and then use the monkey attack or a non-full discipline attack, but not a different full discipline attack. I'm not certain, but I believe you could force the zombie to attack himself.

      map update coming later tonight.

      Ghaaldar is up next!

  31. OOC: Posting out of turn because I will be away from my computer/internet until Sunday. See you gents then.

    With a grim look in his eyes as the mysterious abomination attempts to make the brave Dhaakani attack his oldest friend, Ghaaldar squints and readies his steel for his next attack. "FOR THE DHAAKANI!"

    *MINOR: Inspiring Word on Mavarothix - Spends healing surge and gains an additional 1d6HP

    *STANDARD: Charge vs Ogre Zombie (to square J8) - MBA vs Ogre Zombie (+10 vs AC, 1d10+7 damage)


      If you spend an ACTION POINT to attack and can see me you can take the following risk at your discretion:

      On a hit from your Action Point attack, you can either make a basic attack or take a move action

      On a miss from your Action Point attack, you grant Combat Advantage until the end of your next turn.

  32. Ghaaldar shouts an inspiring word at Mavorothix, but the wyrmling just stares back at the warrior with a blank expression, drool dripping from his lips.

    Ghaaldar then leaps into action charging at the zombie hulk across from him, but is knocked unconcious by the vicious slam of the hulk standing beside him.


    Mavarothix is healed 15.

    opportunity attack from ogre zombie

    (15) + 9 vs. AC 20: hit
    for (5) + (5) + 14 = 24 damage.

  33. One dwarven zombie dies within the inferno of Kulimvorith's magic. The other scrambles up the cliff.

    Mavarothix then nimbly climbs the cliff and attacks the dying Ghaaldar.


    dwarven zombie
    athletics: (17) + 2: success

    athletics: (11) + 6: success
    MBA against Ghaaldar
    (11) +4 vs. AC 15 (-5 unconscious):hit
    for (8) damage.

    Ghaaldar is knocked down to -12 and dying.

    Drum-Haak is up next!

  34. Drum-Haak feels an urgency not felt since his youth as he turns brings his power to bear on the Ogre Zombie in front of him.


    Move: Moment of Escape on Ghaaldar. Slide him to L5.

    Standard: Staggering Note vs the left Ogre Zombie.
    +6 vs Will
    Hit: 4 thunder damage, and push 2 squares so top right corner goes to G5, and an ally (Duurkala) can make an MBA against it at any point before, after or during the movement.

    If Drum-Haak hits:

    Action Point (taking advantage of Bravura Presence unless Ghaaldar has to be conscious):

    Charm of Misplaced Wrath on left Ogre Zombie.
    +5 vs Will
    Hit: Slide 3 so top right corner goes to D9.
    Effect: MBA against the Hideous Creature if it has reach, or against itself if not (or if the attack fails to hit).

  35. Free: Remind the party that the Hideous creature is animating the zombies, and that we should try and take it out.

  36. Drum-Haak brings his arcane might to bear with a wave of his staff. Ghaaldar is pulled to safety and the large zombie is sent reeling.


    Ghaaldar is slid to L5.

    Staggering Note:
    (10) + 6 vs. Will 16: hit
    for 4 thunder damage and pushed to H4:G5

    Duurkala MBA:
    (6) + 7 (-2 prone) vs. AC 17: miss

    Charm of Misplaced Wrath (no Bravura presence):
    (17) + 5 vs. Will 16: hit.

    Ogre zombie MBA vs. self (no reach):
    (6) + 9 vs. AC 17: miss.

    The zombie is located at D9:E10

    I will update the map this evening.

    Duurkala is up next!

    1. The zombie is also dazed, EoNT.

    2. A bit unclear where everyone is, so I'll be waiting until the map is updated. However, my plan is to heal Ghaaldar, possibly heal myself, Use my teleporting power to get Ghaaldar/Black Lotus up where they can attack the monster to the north, and action point to charge the other zombie.

    3. Duurkala stands, and brushes himself off. He starts to change his chant to mend his wounds, but seeing the injured Ghaaldar next to him, Duurkala redirects his song to the younger Dhaakani. Climbing up the rock face, he charges the odd creature to the north with a battle cry that shakes the cave.

      Move - stand
      Minor - Skald healing on Ghaaldar, healing surge +1d6
      Move - Move to G5, +6 athletcs
      (assuming I climb successfully)
      Action Point - Charge to C9 and attack the hideous creature (my charges don't provoke opportunity attacks) +10 vs. AC, 2d8+5 damage
      Bonus Melee Basic attack for spending an action point - +9 vs. AC, 1d8+5 damage

      OOC: I think I might die, so if someone could heal me or help me I'd appreciate it.

  37. Duurkala springs to his feet and valiantly charges toward the hideous monster.


    Ghaaldar is healed for (6) + 8 = 14

    athletics (14) + 6: success

    Charge: (4) + 10 vs. AC 20: miss

    Bonus attack: (13) + 9 vs. AC 20: hit

    for (3) + 5 = 8 damage.

  38. The hulking ogre zombies continue to wail on the soft flesh of the Dhaakani.


    Slam vs. Duurkala
    (12) + 9 vs. AC 19: hit
    for (8) + (1) + 14 = 23 damage and pushed to A10 and knocked prone.

    Zombie Smash vs. Black Lotus
    (18) + 9 vs. AC 19: hit
    for (3) + (3) + (2) + 14 = 22 damage and pushed to I5 and knocked prone.

  39. Map is updated.

    Kulimvorith is up next!

  40. I should be at 15 health, I got 5 temp HP on my first turn in the fight.

  41. OOC: aaaand I'm back! A big thanks to Rob for running the show in my absence. Man, you guys are screwed!

  42. Kulimvorith amusement over the dhakaani failures quickly subsides into concern. Drawing up his strength he wills the death of the ogre in front of him and chains that to the other ogre.

    Tech: elemental bolt +9 vs. Reflex 1d12 +1d6 +10.
    On hit elemental escalation 1d10 additional and I ht the other ogre.

    Move to square directly behind Lotus.

    1. Flames of wrath and hatred ignite upon the glistening scales of mighty KULIM FUCKING VORITH. A trail of fire erupts upon his flesh, scorching a path of flaming Draconic runes across his muscled chest ...


      that extends out and incinerates dried, dead flesh like brown leaves in a raging forest fire...


      (20) Critical Hit!
      (18)+9 vs. Reflex In-The-Toilet
      for (12)+(10)+(6)+10 = 38 fire damage and (1)+(2)+(6)+10 = 19 fire damage

      OOC: lol, that is a metric shit-ton! You are now out of elemental escalations until you take a rest. Escalation also allowed a multi-square shift, so no worries about OAs there.


    A lamprey-mouth undulates and ripples, sucking in the stale air with a nauseating slurp. Rows of teeth chitter and twitter. A garbled voice hisses and pops into all of your ears, as if the speaker were sitting on each and every one's shoulders.

    "My curiosity and hunger will soon be slaked with the sweet meats of these two new thralls. In thanks for these new toys, I hereby grant you a reprieve and peaceful leave from this lair. Those wishing to learns the secrets of immortality, however, may follow and debt themselves as apprentice."

    With that, the hideous beast reaches a probing forked hand out from beneath filthy rags. The three claws embed themselves into Duurkala's face-orifices; one in the nasal canal, one in each eye socket. With a shudder, the proud veteren of a hundred battles has his head ripped off of its shoulders, held aloft so that the necromancer's spittle drips onto it. Blood spurts out like a garden hose on the floor, creating a morbid puddle of death.

    As a final act of hideousness, the decapitated body of Duurkala bends to the unassailable will of the hideous beast. It makes a sloppy, wet flop into the pool of its own blood, propping itself up and beginning to rise back on its feet.

    Recharge (1)
    Coupe de Grace: (7)+9 +2 {prone} vs. Reflex 18 -5 {unconscious}
    for (6)+(6)+6 = 18 damage
    Minor Action: Animate Dead

    You are all allied and taking your turns together; hence, you may now jump in whenever it's good for you to post and take your turn. You have three full days to collectively post actions (deadline at mid-day Thursday June 7th)

    OOC: Lastly, someone asked this via email, so I'll clarify publicly. The only light sources are your own torches, magic cantrips, etc. Otherwise, the chamber would be plunged into complete darkness.

    1. OOC: Hmm... Perhaps I should have paid better attention to initiative order before charging in. I assumed someone would heal me before I was completely killed.

      That being said, my spirit is totally going to haunt you all.

  44. OOC (like I can do anything in character...)Am I dead and gone or just dominated?

    1. OOC: Dominated (no save). So, dominated until some sort of ritual can be used to negate it.

    2. ooc: fair enough, I'm glad this isn't a table top adventure then, because having to wait for an hour or however long before I can actually do anything would be incredibly boring, my 2 cents for if you run this adventure in the future.

  45. Horror-struck by this nightmarish spectacle, the ogre's primitive brain struggles to maintain sanity.


    No action for the moment, I need a minute to assess.

    Who is carrying light? Grimlock is not, but his Boots of Sounding grant him Tremorsense 10, so he will at least be aware of nearby creatures using their land-speed. The ogre has no special vision modes.

    Who has the key to Grimlock's shackles? If we lose those, he will be significantly less able.

    Has the map been updated? The horror doesn't seem to be near any freshly decapitated team-mates.

    1. OOC: Map is updated. The hideous beast has retreated back into his lair a little.

    2. OOC: and so Duurkala's body is represented by the prone Zombie in A10.

  46. Black Lotus stands and looks around. Still reeling from the action, he makes to protect himself in the event of a renewed assault.

    [Move] Stand up
    [Standard] Total Defense

  47. Replies
    1. OOC: Tik tok, on the clock, but the dungeon don't stop... oh oh o oh!

  48. GHAALDAR and GRIMLOCK stare slack-jawed at the zombies and are DELAYED!!!. For shame!!!

    Mavarothix, Duurkala, and the Dwarven Dead hustle to the back, beckoned by their master to the dark recesses of its lair.

    GHAALDAR, GRIMLOCK, and DRUM-HAAK now may all take their turns before being delayed. Again. They collectively have three days to post, making a deadline of mid-day Monday (weekends count as a single day).

  49. Still bound and reeling from the incomprehensible horrors that he has witnessed, Grimlock retreats! With no clear leadership, the ogre has no incentive to face the hideous creature or its minions.

    We might still be able to take them in a straight-up fight, but the bottle-neck makes it difficult to target the creature and he suffers no such penalties to attack us at range.

    Grimlock could use Aimed Shot to try and whittle the creature down from a distance, but he needs to be unshackled and you need to cover him from the melee fighters. If we're quick, we can keep them cornered.

    Aimed Shot (Ranger Attack)
    At-Will * Martial
    Standard Attack * Personal
    Effect: You make a ranged basic atack with a weapon, ignoring the penalty to attack rolls imposed by partial cover and partial concealment. In addition, the penalty for superior cover and total concealment is no worse than -2 for this attack.

    The trouble is, someone has to show some goddamn initiative. Grimlock isn't that person in his current state.

    Until that occurs, the ogre retreats to the ladder that descended into these sewers. If left unattended, he will retreat up to the dwarven temple, jam the door shut, and lick his wounds.

    The ogre Zombie is an issue, but if we choose combat, I'm fine with allowing him to flank us as long as we prevent the others form leaving their corner. he's bloodied, so hopefully he goes down quick.

    Fourthcore typically rewards risky ventures with great rewards to help off-set the losses you suffer, but not always. I say go for it, but I'll go with the majority here.

    1. "The trouble is, someone has to show some goddamn initiative." - Yes. This worked out exceptionally well for Duurkala =P

      (I actually agree wholeheartedly with what you said. Go big or go home, but this vague half-way committing will kill everyone)

  50. OOC: I've had a crazy week at work, but I also agree wholeheartedly. Where is Duurkala? Is one of the Dwarves supposed to be him, or is he just out of sight.

    We've been offered the chance to escape, so we could regroup and come back at the beast. It has to be a unanimous decision though, and it means the potential sacrifice of Mav and Duurkala.

    If we do that, we'll have to be clever to gain some advantage.

    As far as I know, Ghaaldar has the key.

    IC: Drum-Haak will use his turn to find Ghaaldar's key, then follow Grimlock to free him. He will also say the following in all of the languages he knows.

    Free: "We bow to your superior prowess, and will leave you in peace. If you'll grant us a moment to collect ourselves and regroup, we will be gone from your den."
    Bluff: +10.

  51. OOC: I'd vote, but I'm a zombie...
    I still get free actions don't I?

    IC: "A little help? Preferably before horrible things are done to my backside..."

  52. OOC: Sorry for the delay, Gents. Things got a little hectic on my end this past weekend and I was without internet access. I'll get back with a full post ASAP.

  53. Ghaaldar stands shocked as he watches his oldest friend and mentor fall before the clutches of the monstrosity before him. His mouth moves and his eyes are wide as he stands there, seemingly incapable of action. A few moments pass and a wicked grimace passes before the brave Dhaakani's face. "Fire," he says softly. "Fire," once more a little louder this time with eyes locked on the Dragonborn before him. "Burn them all to the ground," he pleads with a vicious growl.

    "You've offered us mercy," Ghaaldar yells to the murderous monstrosity in the corner, "you've offered to let us walk away. A Dhaakani does not walk away from a fight. You have slain two of my compatriots and turned them into your own dark thralls. This will not stand."

    Turning towards his remaining allies, Ghaaldar makes sure to lock eyes with each of them, "Let us purge this chamber and the abomination with fire! A Dhaakani does not shirk away from vengeance, something that is owed to all of us now. Drum-Haak," Ghaaldar says, holding eyes with his rival, "we have been on opposite ends of things many times in the past but I've always respected you. Together let us bring rest to one we both respected and loved, the fallen Duurkala."

    Keeping Drum-Haak's gaze in his own, Ghaaldar moves towards the parchment on the table, recalling Drum-Haak's whispered Elven words to him. Picking the book up from the table, Ghaaldar begins to read.

    1. GHAALDAR is able to take the leather-bound tome with no stirring from his enemies, although it will require at least an hour of reading for him to gain any benefit.

  54. The Ogre Zombie backs into the corner and stands to protect his master as best he can.

    KULIMVORITH: The decision is now yours.

  55. Black Lotus stands around looking stupid.

    OOC: I remember being told to do this occasionally.

  56. With wounded pride Kulimvorith strengthens his resolves sliding down to the next level he releases another blast at the ogre zombie. As a precaution he readies himself against the impending backlash he is sure to receive.

    Tech: elemental bolt + 9 vs. Reflex 1d12 + 1d6 + 10.
    Note if hit I will activate dragon flame mantle. I +1 to all defenses and 1d6 damage to anyone who hits me


      (10)+9 vs. Reflex fucking-garbage; Hit!
      for (8)+(1)+10 = 19 fire damage

      OOC: I was wrecking house with Elemental Bolt this weekend at FTDM. Thanks to Jon Green for providing the basis for that pregen. He was, literally, on fire!

    2. Ok, when you hear the phrase "He's on fire!" does your mind immediately go back to the old NBA Jam on SNES/Sega/Arcade? I always hear it in that announcer guy's voice.

      "From Downtown!" "Ugly Shot!" "He's Heating Up!" "Boom-shakalaka!"


    the words echo inside the hollows of your skulls, a vibration set against the squishy parts of brain matter between your eyes. Moved by some unseen and unstoppable force, KULIMVORITH stumbles onto his knees at the edge of a drop, arcing flames overtop of where GRIMLOCK stands.

    Recharge (1)
    (19)+9 vs. Will 20 +1 {cloak}; Hit! Dragonflame Mantle now triggers
    for (3)+(2)+6 = 11 psychic damage, slide 3 and basic attack
    Save vs. Falling (12); Success!

    Attack GRIMLOCK: (3)+9 -2 {prone} vs. Reflex 16; Miss!

    Minor: summon zombie

    OOC: We don't borrow the minds, we take the minds. MINDTAKER!

    It is now BLACK LOTUS's turn.

    1. OOC: bows in deference to the glory of MENTOK!

    This adventure is dragging on and is now boring. The dungeoneers will abandon their two fallen comrades and the Hideous Beast let's them pass without harm, so long as they do not return to its lair. The Dungeoneers vow to vanquish the beast once The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga is in their possession.

    All dungeoneers take a short rest and have automatically spent healing surges (with leader bonuses as sensible) to restore themselves to full hit points.

    The next chapter preoceeds!