June 25, 2012

Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga: Epilogue

Kulimvorith triumphantly returns to his tribe and is crowned the Dragonborn Emperor.

All kneel before the red-scaled leader, save a handful of dissidents who are caught and shackled by the Imperial Jailer, Grimlock.

The first task at hand is completed swiftly: the complete extermination of the Dhakaani. The years of imprisonment still burning on his soul, Emperor Kulimvorith burns every Hobgoblin village to the ground.

With his leadership and the power of The Crown, a renewed Council of Wyrms then sets out to conquer and enslave all of Droaam,

and in time, to reconquer the lost lands of the ancient dragons, spanning the entirety of Khorvaire. 

I'd like to get some feedback on the adventure. If you wouldn't mind dropping some Comments, I'd be very appreciative. This feedback is open to lurkers to post to as well, not just the players. Anyone is welcome to comment.

  1. What did you like the most about the game? and/or What was the most exciting part?
  2. What did you like the least about the game?  and/or What was the most boring part?
  3. What one thing would you change if you could? 
  4. What one thing can I change to make myself a better DM?
  5. Tell me about some "oh shit!" moments. What things caught you by surprise?
  6. What could I do to encourage more use of the Language Rules and have more whispers and machinations?
  7. To those who've done play-by-post games, please compare and contrast those games with mine.

Lastly, please look to DMG 42 in the coming weeks for the latest and greatest iteration of this beloved now-classic adventure.


  1. I want to thank everyone who played because you were awesome. Thanks for not outright killing Grimlock when he got out of hand!

    I think the most exciting encounter was the brain-eating aberrations. Casey's evocative descriptions really sold it to me (the ass-kickign dwarves too! They were a mundane sort of awesome though). It's a shame that we didn't keep our momentum through the game. Though the RP was very good, I would have loved to see this play out live.

    I don't know what I would change about the adventure. It seems to me that the encounters were well-crafted. Likewise, if I kknew how to make you a better DM, I'ld patent that shit for it would be potent stuff indeed.

    Oh Shit, Ninja Dwarves! Oh shit, it ate his Brain! WTF are Ninja dwarves doing with an Otyugh in their basement?!?! (yeah, pretty much the whole game)

    As the stupidest, least likely to cooperate, and most language-restricted character in the game, I'm afraid that I can't comment on how to improve on how to improve subtlety and back-biting. Though Grim suggests knocking out your victim first and sharpen your fangs before tucking in.

    I have no complaints in how the games was run. The rules were clear and enforced fairly.

  2. What the hell! Give feedback you f**king players! Don't keep your DM waiting!

  3. why are you yelling at me?

    I liked the campaign a lot and I found myself checking my email frequently to see what happened next. As for the language component I am not sure how to improve its usage. I was horrible at responding to those so I dunno.

    The only thing I can think of is I am a sucker for puzzles and wordplay and would have loved to see more of that in the PBP.


    1. > why are you yelling at me?

      Just trying to be a firecracker to jumpstart some feedback for your illustrious DM. Thank you for giving your opinions about the game!

  4. 1. This is the first game I've played with STRICTLY assigned character personalities. I loved it. I'm thinking of incorporating it on the module I've been working on for the last couple of months that will never be finished.

    2. The game fell into a VERY boring rhythm of "clear room, solve puzzle, clear room," etc. It should be obvious how bored I was mid-game because I just disappeared by the time we got to the Zombie Dwarves. I didn't mean to bail on you all, I just forgot to subscribe to the new post because I was so out of it.

    3. I would allow for more set-up. It was WAY too easy for me to just show up and be the mysterious stranger because, by my first post, everything had already begun. I didn't even have to hide my origin because people were already distracted by janx that wasn't me.

    4. You could be taller.

    5. Honestly, I feel that Kulimvorith and I had the biggest OH SHIT reveals. And I revelled in that shit. C'mon, someone please tell me that when I turned out to be a Changeling you freaked the fuck out. PLEASE. SOMEONE.

    6. Let us pick our own languages. It makes sense to give us additional languages, like giving me Goblin (because my char didn't speak that, as a Changeling, but it would make sense for me to speak it, because I had been impersonating them my whole life) but I wanted my official languages as well.

    7. I have never played a PbP before, so fuck off!

    1. In response to 4): I can actually do quite a bit to make it so that you have fewer and fewer Dungeon Master's of my height.

  5. As a lurker, i really enjoyed the IC dialogue that went on in this game. I was so looking forward to a TPK at least 3 times, and then you guys barely walked away from it. The Grimlock vs hobgoblin confrontation so early would have screwed you guys, but as a spectator i loved it. This is the first game i've seen where Grimlock was shackled almost the entire time! haha. Also the first time i've seen a group get utterly wrecked in the mindflayer fight :D It was delicious...

    I only dream of promoting and seeing the kinds of conflicts you guys had with each other in a table game rather than PbP....i've been trying to think of a way to do that for ages.

    Well played to everyone, you guys did not disappoint! :D

  6. The changeling reveal floored me. I was like, "wait, I coulda sworn I read over all the mod docs." Also, I though Chast's Grimlock was brilliant!

    The mindflayer fight inspired a non-canon bag of "Duurkala Crispies" to appear a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, right next to a quarren NPC...

  7. Hey, Ross, sorry that I am late with actually responding to this, but I still wanted to give you some feedback.

    First off, I have to agree, Black Lotus' reveal was insane. I did not see that coming and when it did, I was floored. I liked the take on Grimlock, I thought that it definitely fit what I understood as the flavor of the character. Overall, the entire PbP session was a blast. I never once didn't have fun (and I died and loved it!) The in-character chatter was awesome and I really felt like despite being PbP the RP was great, too. My only regret was that my RP slipped a little towards the end due to being busy, and for that I apologize, folks! (For that and delaying combat not once, but twice!)

    Now for the questions:

    *What did you like the most about the game? and/or What was the most exciting part?*
    I loved the characters and the story. I liked having a somewhat secret backstory and well-established nemesis. I really enjoyed the PvP that erupted between the arrogant Dhakaani and the brute, Grimlock. While PvP can be a drag for some, I really felt like it lent itself to the story and politics within the party.

    What did you like the least about the game? and/or What was the most boring part?
    Waiting for my turn to roll around on combats sucked. But then again, that's true with any D&D game of any edition. Other than that, I really cannot think of anything negative about the game. IT was overall fun.

    What one thing would you change if you could?
    Nothing, I think the story was well-told. The reveal was great, and the final battle for the Crown was expected and as fun as expected.

    What one thing can I change to make myself a better DM?
    I feel like this is hard to judge having only played with you via PbP. I've done one other PbP with you over at FTDM and enjoyed it as well. I think to really answer this question, I'd have to play with you live. I thought that for the medium, it was done tremendously well.

    Tell me about some "oh shit!" moments. What things caught you by surprise?
    Black Lotus' reveal really got me. The Mindflayer blew me away, too. I loved it. When characters died I felt it had a real impact and terrifying in context. Watching Duurkala fall was definitely an "oh shit" moment for both Ghaaldar and myself!(and I'm sure Duurkala, too!)

    What could I do to encourage more use of the Language Rules and have more whispers and machinations?
    I think that this could have worked a little bit better. I know that personally I didn't really utilize that much (or at all, I honestly can't remember.) I do remember thinking that because everyone spoke Goblin it made it a little rough, not to say there shouldn't be a unifying language. I remember trying to have Ghaaldar whisper to Duurkala in Goblin via email, but because it was in Goblin, it became public knowledge. A whisper is still a whisper, no?

    To those who've done play-by-post games, please compare and contrast those games with mine.
    I think trying to compare LCTN and FTDM is impossible! It's like trying to compare two different flavors of ice cream! Sure, they are both ice cream, but they are both as different as night and day. Deadly, sure, but different. Overall, I dig your DMing, Ross. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

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