January 30, 2012

Exploring the Lich-Queen's Beloved: Part 3-1/2

This post continues to document the journey through The Palace of Whispers, as started here.
If you're in this campaign, don't read these goddamn posts. Steven.

This week, our normal Sunday morning Dungeons & Dragons was interrupted by the plague: almost all of us (myself included) had called out due to a heinous bout of the flu or somesuch malady.

So, to keep the players interested and thinking of the game and to keep the story moving, we chatted via email about the four divinations they were to receive regarding the dungeon in reaction to their use of the grim haruspex from last week. During that session, they had already gotten a question in, and learned that the Lich-Queen's phylactery was not located in Susurrus.

After some back and forth discussions, the player generally in charge of puzzles (Ryan) asked these questions on behalf of the group. My answers were, predictably, cryptic, and the last of these questions left me with some questioning of my own!

Q: Where in Susurrus can we find the means to destroy the Lich-Queen's phylactery?

A: There are many means in Susurrus to destroy the Lich's phylactery, at least one of which is in this very room. (You are standing in the room with the sacrificial altar, the "grim haruspex").

Q: Which rooms in Susurrus have access to other dimensions?

A: There are four such locations: Abilene's Reliquary on the Second Floor, The Gehenna Sepulcher on the First Floor, The Teleportation Circle on the First Floor, The Scrying Mirror on the First Floor.

Q: How do we gain the allegiance of the dragons that the Iron Lich has under her command?

A: The true dragons of the universe are bound in loyalty to the bearer of the Sceptre of Ephelomon.

Q: What is the solution to the Tiamat Altar gem grid puzzle?

A: Those who display the sign of their dragon goddess will be protected from harm, and greatly rewarded. The Dragonborn are the last of their kind, a race facing extinction, and so have pledged their lives and souls to their only hope in Abilene. However, their cultural heritage has not been completely ignored and they have crafted an Altar to Tiamat in secret.

Now, this last one is the most interesting to me. Previously, I had jotted down that solving the puzzle renders the trap inert and thus the dungeoneers are able to pocket the substantial wealth from the Altar's ten eye-gems (2 pair for each dragon head). However, now I'm feeling like all of this build-up needs a greater payoff, and want to reward the dungeoneers for so expertly disarming the dungeon. I'd like each pair of gem-eyes to grant an immunity to a damage type, and also do one thing that is weird, bizarre, and possible even dangerous.

I'll be thinking about it all week in preparation.Until then, I welcome reader comments and suggestions as to how best I can provide a sense of wonder and mystery through this magical reward.

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  1. Each set could be tied to an aspect of tiamat's will (red - wrath, green - avarice, black - deceit, blue - pride, white - ?)

    The gems confer some weird-ass magical ability to their weilder, but the dungeoneer's mind becomes haunted by the aspect.

    Or they could transmute them into dragonborn.