November 3, 2012


"I like how when I'm answering a question, I think of something I want to include in the emblem, or when I'm drawing a piece of the emblem i think of an answer to a question.  This whole process is surprisingly inter-connected.  Kudos to it!"

god of conflict, stars, the sun, and vengeance
This post discusses one of the ten new gods that have ascended to divinity and formed a new pantheon, following the destruction of the Heresiarch at the end of SND-02: Fane of the Heresiarch. Click here to learn more about this process.

The Symbol
A radiant sun wreathing all things in protective light, and burning all enemies with Its ring of flames.  At its center lies the swirling chaos of war and conflict, led by the sword reaching ever outward as a sun’s rays reach toward the horizon.  Finally, the Eye of Vengeance watches over all things, and meets transgressors with unyielding retribution. 

What is Sacred? What is Profane?
War is glorious.  Overcoming great odds through masterful display and execution of tactics is sacred.  The ultimate glory is to die fighting for those in need.  Victory should be remembered always.  

Fighting needlessly is frowned upon, and should be ended with swift recourse.  If a man is wronged, swift and crushing vengeance is not simply encouraged, but demanded.  If a man takes an eye, he expects to lose an eye, and no more.  This is the order of things. As conflict rises like the sun, so too does it set, having a clear end.

The most profane transgressions in my domain are cowardice, weakness, greed, and regret.  Dwell not on the actions of the past, but press on, as the sun’s rays reach ever forward.  May mortals who hold these sins be scorched from the earth where they stand for all to remember.  This retribution is paramount, and any who let slide these blasphemies risk losing the favor of their god, for the Sun watches over all actions.

What weapons or implement is held in high regard?
The sword is held in the highest regard, specifically when wielded in one hand.  Followers who exemplify this image of their god are blessed by the purifying flame, and shall know no darkness.  The shield is also held to high importance, for it signifies having a strong defense, defending the man next to you, and enduring the harshest of conditions or obstacles.  

Who are your chosen people?
Any creature birthed in flames or divine radiance is blessed.  Genasi, elementals, and angels are the ones I hold closest.  Just as the sun hangs in the heavens, and scorches the sky, those who burn their victories into thy flesh for all to see and remember are greatly revered.  A marked man is a noble and proud man, his brands are what shape him.  Each mark holds the memories of the past. Each mark purifies the self of their sins.  Each mark is always remembered.

What number is a sacred number? 
The number one is important.  There is one Sun, one victor in battle, and one self.  Each one who follows me is sacred, and every man is charged with protecting thy self.  Furthermore, each man should protect the one next to them, creating a single, strong unit, just as the Sun and Stars protect each other in the heavens.  

What other forms, aside from humanoid, does your god take when descending upon mortals?
The god of Sun, Stars, Vengeance and Conflict takes many forms as the situation calls for.  Amid these chaotic forms are a few that he favors.  When Brand descends upon mortals, it is often in the form of a fiery orange glowing mark, or scar that etches upon an object, or often on the mortal he wishes to communicate with. When finished in the business of mortals the glowing recedes, leaving the mark behind forever.  Those out of favor, call upon him needlessly, or otherwise unworthy in Brand’s eyes, have their marks turn to molten hot iron, and continue to burn as the molten iron spreads across the body part where the mark appeared.  

In times of Great War, Brand may descend onto a battlefield as an amalgamation of weapons, shields, and armor, glowing the colors of dawn, and surrounded by orbiting pulsars, eradicating all trace of his foes. 

At other times, he is depicted by a vague humanoid figure at the center of a great radiant sphere, where each ray of light is a sword pointed at his enemy. 

What other names is your god known by?
The Purifying Flame.  The Vengeful Sun. The Unquestionable Radiance

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