November 1, 2012


god of civilization, creation, and life
This post discusses one of the ten new gods that have ascended to divinity and formed a new pantheon, following the destruction of the Heresiarch at the end of SND-02: Fane of the Heresiarch. Click here to learn more about this process.

Tordek's symbol is an abstraction of his three domains: life, civilization, and creation.  As the 2080 year old dwarf has experienced and tore down many civilizations throughout life and unlife, it seemed appropriate.  The symbol represents the hilt of a blade with the cup of life perched above it.  This serves as a reminder to all that life and civilization were built by the blade, and must be maintained by its force as well.

What is sacred/profane?

Tordek seeks to see permanent structures built and city defenses made unbreakable.  Fortresses, guard towers, the plowing of the fields, and the paving of roads are sacred to Tordek.  To let a tower crumble, a road overgrow, a crop die on the stalk, or a fortress fall are considered acts against his church and are logged into the great Book of Grievances.    

What weapon/implement is held in high regard?

The tools of labor are held most highly in Tordek’s regard; be they axe, hammer, scythe, sickle, or spade.  The tools of war, used to forge civilization from wilderness and maintain order are also held in high regard.

Who are your chosen people?

The builders of civilization are Tordek chosen be they engineer, bricklayer, blacksmith, laborer, lumberjack, and guard.  Members of his clergy are always experts in stone-cutting and are normally consulted on the construction of public works.  

What number is sacred?

The number 44 is sacred to the worshipers of Tordek.  Its figure represents the sickle blade and the flags that forever flies above the ramparts of civilization.  Temples of Tordek depict the 44 in a mirrored formation, to symbolize his eternal watch over the temple and its worshippers.

What non-humanoid forms does your god take when descending upon mortals?

Tordek primarily appears to mortals as a stone golem wearing a blood-red crown.  He has been known to speak through suits of crimson and black armor, or communicate with mortals via a smock covered in the blood and stone dust.

Targets of his displeasure usually discover a crimson blade piercing the fur of a wild boar left for them.

What other names is your god known by?

Ruler of the Sickle Tower, The Marching Wall.

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