October 29, 2012

SND-02: Divinity (fate)

Ross sits down for some tea.
Now that the Divine Domains have been decided by your guiding hands, we will continue on our journey through the sacred. Mystic symbols have been chosen for the dungeoneers by fate and destiny, and deep questions must be answered.

Players: Two images have been randomly determined for each dungeoneer. Take these two symbols and combine them into a new, unique image to represent the symbol of your last living dungeoneer. You can us ethe shape, what it represents, being as literal or a figurative as you desire. Get creative.

Describe what this new, combined symbol represents. Some images will be simple and obvious. Others will be more difficult, but also more rewarding as we unravel the mysteries and bizarre will of the gods. Take these images, draw your new symbol by hand (no simple Photoshop tricks!), and send the picture to Dungeon Master Ross along a description of the symbol and your answers to the Six Divine Questions below. Your new god will then be displayed here on DMG42 as a monument to your achievements.

Once you have submitted your new god, you may then choose to post in the Comments your claim to create one of the remaining four gods of the dungeoneers who fell to death and darkness before entering the Heresirach's Sanctum.

  1. What is Sacred? What is Profane?
  2. What weapons or implement is held in high regard?
  3. Who are your chosen people?
  4. What number is a sacred number?
  5. What other forms, aside from humanoid, does your god take when descending upon mortals?
  6. What other names is your god known by?

god of conflict, stars, the sun, and vengeance

goddess of cruelty and hate

god of
knowledge, light, madness, reason, and trickery

god of alchemy, magic, the moon, and the seas

god of change, freedom, hope, justice, and luck

god of love, nature, peace, protection, and the wilderness

god of darkness, 
destiny, doom, and strength

god of destruction, perfection, skill, and thought

god of civilization, creation, and life

god of the elements, storms, tyranny, and weather

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  1. I lay claim to Kaddim next. Psyched to see the other profiles finished!