October 9, 2012

SND-01: CHAOS MAZE (Sidebar)

The following is intended for the play-by-post delve of SND-02: Fane of the Heresiarch.
Vitals Crusaders Chaos Maze + Score

A half-manticore, half-minotaur marauder stalks the shadowed halls of the Chaos Maze and descends upon the dungeoneers! Slaying the beast is now their only way out!

Roll initiative!
Nelson - (15)+7

Nettle - (5 again)+4

Kaddim - (5)+3

Brand - (11)+3
Lord Xann - (15 again)+5
Oros - (2)+8

There are no expected Start of Turn effects as yet, so we will keep a loose initiative order. Nelson is the only character to react faster than the Minotaur-Manticore, so he may go before thou art pummeled by this ferocious beast. After the hideous creature's turn, the entire group will be able to post in any order at their own pace.

The beast is finally brought down. It's blasphemous flesh dissolves and is blown away on the wind like blackened ash. Where the Minotaur/Manticore once stood there remains a set of stone tablets. When pieced together, they form a cipher for the Chaos Maze, leading the party of crusaders to the heart of the labyrinth, the INMOST DEN, whereupon they find a carved stone minotaur statue bearing:

  • nearby, a glowing crimson portal


  1. In case it matters, Xann gives everyone (including himself) a +2 bonus to initiative.

    1. OOC: It does! Xann now beats the Minotaur on initiative and can take a turn now.

  2. Nelson hears the roar of the beast, and quickly darts amongst the rubble to hide and plan his attacks.

    (I'm guessing F1-G4 are difficult terrain?)
    Move to F3 with Fleeting Ghost, make stealth check with no penalty (if there was one) to hide. +12 Stealth

    Free: Whisper to the others that he is approaching...

  3. [NELSON]
    Nelson's feet scurry him along to duck into the shadows, knife at the ready.

    [TECH] Stealth (17)+12

  4. "Forward, men. I found the treasure!"

    Xann moves in closer and lets loose an arrow.


    Move Action: Move to F4.

    Standard Action: Paint the Bullseye vs. Dickotaur
    +9 vs. AC (+12, +2 blessing of sluaghter, -5 for superior cover)
    Hit: 1d12+2 damage and allies gain a +4 bonus to damage against him until the start of my next turn.

    1. [LORD XANN]
      Xann presses up against the stone walls, taking cover and eyeing his foe. An arrow races from the shadows, alerting the demonic beast to its waiting doom.

      The arrow clatters against the rocks and serves only to draw the creature's ire. It scrapes its fiery hooves against the ground and whips its needle-tipped tail in anticipation.

      [TECH] (9)+9 vs. AC 19; so close!



    The Minotauir stomps over to the nearby wall, launching a volley of burning hot hellfire brimstone manticore spikes in its wake. The needles burn and sizzle in the walls, offering frustrations but no satisfaction. Enraged, the Minotaur POUNCES ON ITS TEARY EYED PREY!!!

    That is you.

    It charges forth, flames covering the very earth upon which it treads. Rock and stone is crushed and pushed away during the unstoppable surge. Many fall beneath this BLOODTHIRSTY DEATH MARCH FROM HELL, pinned to the ground ... no .... oh god no.... it can't be...


    Thou art buried alive and burning alive, a hybrid cacophony of horrors.

    The pain-orgy of chaos continues with this tortured beast swinging madly about, impaling its rune-scribed horns in every direction!

    [TECH] Move to I6/J7

    Minor to send a hail of Brimstone Tail Spikes
    Attack Lord Xann: (7) +11 -5 {s.cover} vs. AC 21+1; miss!
    Attack Brand: (7) +11 -5 {s.cover} vs. AC 25+2; miss!
    Attack Kaddim: (16) +11 -5 {s.cover} vs. AC 19+4; miss!

    Infernal Trample to smash through everyone, squeezing in some parts, ending a massive shift to be at squares B3/C4
    Attack Nelson: (13)+9 -5 {hidden} vs. Fortitude 17; hit for 28 fire damage, prone dazed and can't stand back up (save ends)
    Attack Xann: (3)+9 vs. Fortitude 22+1; miss for 14 -5 fire damage
    Attack Brand: (19)+9 vs. Fortitude 20+2; hit for 28 -5 fire damage, prone dazed and can't stand back up (save ends)
    Attack Kaddim: (18)+9 vs. Fortitude 20-1; hit for 28 -5 fire damage, prone dazed and can't stand back up (save ends)

    Action Point to stomp the shit outta you guys with Thrashing Gore
    Attack Nettle: (16)+11 vs. AC 23; hit for 20 damage and prone
    Attack Oros: (3)+11 vs. AC 22; miss
    Attack Kaddim: (4)+11 vs. AC 19+4; miss
    Attack Brand: (8)+11 vs. AC 25+2; miss


    1. As the Mantiminotaur stampedes infernal hooves through the rocky terrain where Nelson was crouching; Nelson tumbles behind a fallen pillar, attempting to avoid some of the burning steam.

      Tech: Use Second Chance, encounter power immediate interrupt. Reroll that 13 and get anything under it, please.

  6. Nettle blinks and shakes his head, still not too clear about where he is and what's happening.

    Taking a look at the large, ferocious beast in front of him, he thinks it would be better to have it on his side.


    Move: Stand up

    Minor: Majestic Word on Kaddim for surge+d6+4

    Minor: Succubus Perfume vs Minotaur. 7+2(Helm)+2(Kishar)=11 vs Will
    Hit: Dominated until the end of its next turn

    If that hits:

    AP: Dissonant Strain. 13+2(CA)=15 vs Will.
    Hit: 2d6+6 psychic damage, and it takes a -2 to attack rolls until the end of my next turn and Kaddim can make a saving throw.

    1. OOC: Does Kaddim slide due to Majestic Word?

    2. [NETTLE]
      A puff of enchanted and distilled pheromones rolls over the Minotaur's nose. It staggers against the walls, eyes rolling up into the back of its head.

      [TECH] Kaddim heals 8+(4)+4 hp
      Perfume: (7) +7+2+2 vs. Will 18; Hit, just barely!
      Dissonant Strain: (1) HUMILIATION!

      OOC: I feel obliged to divulge some basic, relevant and needed information off of a successful dominate.

      Level 6 Solo Brute
      AC 19; Fortitude 20, Reflex 18, Will 18
      Resist 10 variable (1/enc.)
      Speed 6, fly 6
      Basic Attack: Melee 2; +11 vs. AC; 20 damage and knocked prone.

  7. Oros takes advantage of the Minotaur's perfum drunken state and wings around behind him before letting loose a howl and burying his axe in the beasts back.

    Move: Fly to F3
    Minor: switch to aspect of charging ram if not already in that stance
    Standard: Charge to D3 (floor level) attacking the Minotaur +18 vs AC (13+2Blessing+2CA+1Charge) using power attack on hit for 2d10+15 (7+5gloves+2charge+1 2hw expertise)
    Free: on hit use dual weapon attack +17 vs Ac for d10 + 17 (+7+5gloves+5headsman)

    If I roll a 1 on the charge action point and use Xann's granted shift to try again

    1. If still possible, Nettle would also like to AP shift to A2, 1 square up.

    2. [OROS]
      The Winged Destroyer makes his rounds, hovering across the battlefield and delivering brutal death with his heavy axe!

      Charge: (6)+18 vs. AC 18; hit!
      Dual Attack: (9)+17 vs. AC 18; hit!
      for (9)+(1)+15 and (1)+17 = 43 damage

    3. OOC: sorry should have written the charge attack also knocks the Minotaur prone

    4. OO: It's cool, I sort of remembered that anyway, plus you throwing in the headman's chop bonus damage tipped me off as well.

  8. On the ground, and with a ringing in his hear after the brutal assault, Brand calls his sword to his hand and swipes at the hulking monstrosity. While the blade cuts shallow, a thunderous shock wave echo's forth reverberating outward.

    Standard Action:
    Booming Blade: +16 (14 + 2 blessing + 2 CA - 2 Prone)
    Hit: 1d8 +7 +1d6 (murderer) and if he starts his turn adjacent to me, and moves away from me he takes an additional 1d6 +3 thunder damage

    I gain 2thp from gloves of arcane might

    Save vs Dazed/cant get up +5

    If I save, I'm reserving Channeling shield for Kaddim if it means the difference between alive or unconscious.

  9. [BRAND]
    The raw power beholden in Brand's magical blade is unleashed! A shockwave explodes out, sending rocky debris flying. The Minotaur reels back as best it can. Turns out, 'best he can' is pretty terrible. Brand frees himself from the earthen imprisonment and the monster painfully removes jagged, bloody shards of stone from its fresh.

    [TECH] Boom: (13)+16 vs. AC 18; hit!
    for (3)+7+(6) damage
    Save vs. Daze, etc. (17)+5
    "What did you roll on your saving throw?"

  10. Before he can react and throw up a magical shield, the Mage finds himself on his ass, wand and staff in hand. He blasts the beast with energy and lightning, illuminated the area so much even Nelson can't find a spot to hide...

    Damn you dazed and prone! But seeing that he is dominated for now, I will hold off on trying to daze him until next turn....especially if nettle commands him to run away.

    Dazed action: fire wand of eldtrich blast for 10 force damage.
    Use action point: mark of the serpent rider goes off, auto 10 lightning damage.
    Action point action: arc lightning vs the mantitaur, +10 vs reflex (prone and CA cancel each other out), 1d6+10 lightning damage.

    Free action: curse the mad scientist who bred this vicious creature!

    1. [KADDIM]
      Blinding bolts and brilliant beams become banished.
      Bemused is the beast.

      [TECH] Take 10 force damage, resist 10 lightning damage
      (5)+10 vs. Reflex 18; miss!
      Save vs. Dazed (14), success!

  11. Lord Xann shouts commands to his companions and lets loose another arrow towards the savage beast.

    "Nelson: you're doing fine, keep with me."



    Minor Action: Inspiring word on Nelson (spends a healing surge +2d6)

    Move Action: move to I3

    Standard Action: Race the Arrow vs. snarling abomination
    +12 vs. AC (+12, +2 Slauhgter, -2 cover)
    Hit: 1d12+7 damage and Oros can make a basic attack against him with a +4 bonus to the attack and damage rolls.

    Free Action: Relish the thrill of battle

  12. [LORD XANN]
    Commands are given, orders are obeyed, and Lord Xann's arrow is the signal fire for destruction!

    (6)+12 -2 {prone} +2 {CA} +2 {Kisher} +0 {ally's do not give enemies cover} vs. AC 19; hit! for (6)+7 damage
    Oros: (19)+13 +2 {kishar} +2 {CA} vs. AC 19; hit! for (10)+9 +5 {headsman's chop}

    Minotaur is bloodied!

    Nelson heals 11+(4)+(3) hp and is up! Afterward, we'll be looking for Nettle to give the Minotaur its command.

    1. OOC: I think my damage modifier should be +21 (+5dex+2magic axe +5 bracer of unholy might +5 headsman's chop and +4 from Xann's power)

    2. OOC: Yes! It looks like I was shorting you by a pretty substantial +9 damage there. Fixed!

  13. Nelson stays put, head dizzy, and nods at Lord Xann, thanking him. In the same moment he glares at the Mantitaur, saying "Look at this dumb dog!" As Nelson loads a bullet suprisingly nimbly, from rock rubble, his Sling of Speed at the ready; he cries "Haheha what a goonie!" and lets loose a stone pellet towards the creature.

    He then pulls two strings simultaneously latched into his gambler's suit of leather armor.

    Tech: Since I'm dazed, only one action. So, ranged basic attack on dominated Minotaur. +14 (+12 +2 from blessing +2 from CA because he's dominated -2 prone) vs AC. On hit, 1d6+7 + 2d8+1 sneak attack damage

    Also, my armor says "when making at least two saving throws, you can choose to gain +2 bonus to the first and -2 penalty to the other". So I'd like to take a +2 bonus to save against dazed, and -2 to prone.

    1. [NELSON]
      The sharpened stone impacts precise, a bull's-eye, splattering ocular fluid across the wall and dislodging an EYEBALL from the Minotaur's countenance.

      The beast looks about, confused and disoriented, unsure of what to do ...

      [TECH] (16)+14 vs. AC 19; hit! for (5)+7 + (1)+(4)+1 damage
      The saves are one effect, so no benefit from your armor's property
      Save vs. Daze (1); yikes! still dazed and down

  14. OOC: Minotaur's turn, right?

    Nettle sees the confusion plain in the beast's remaining eye, and whispers suggestively from above hoping to draw forth its primal urge to flee the dangerous swarm of enemies.


    The minotaur will run to A3-B4, provoking OAs from Brand, Nettle and Oros. (Nettle will have a +6 melee attack bonus from CA, his helm and the blessing. Oros and Brand will have +4).

  15. OOC:Im Busy day for me, so please post yous guys ' next round of actions after all the running and OA's if you have the chance.

  16. Seeing the Minotaur bloody and lying on the ground in front of him Oros' aspect changes from warrior to predator and he descends upon the foul beast with axes covered in gore and murderous intent.

    Move: Shift to C3
    Minor: Switch to Aspect of Lurking Spider (+2 power bonus to damage with CA)
    Standard: MBA on Minotaur +17vsAC (+13+2CA+2Blessing) d10+19 (+5dex+2magic axe +5 bracer of unholy might +5 headsman's chop +2 spider)
    Free on hit: Dual Weapon attack +17vsAC d10+19

    If I miss the first attack action point to try again if not action point to MBA again

  17. Lord Xann lets fly another arrow.


    Move Action: move to H3

    Minor Action: Inspiring word on Brand (healing surge +2d6)

    Standard Action: Staggering Shot vs. Minocore
    +12 vs. AC (+12, +2 Slauhgter, -2 prone)
    Hit: 2d12+7 damage and the first time it moves during its next turn it is knocked prone.

  18. OOC: assuming Oros hasn't murdered it yet...

    Nettle will flit away, then try to further stagger the beast and create an opening for his ally.


    Move: Shift to A1, 1 square up.
    Standard: Staggering Note
    +11 vs Will (9+2+2-2 vs prone target).
    Hit: 4 thunder damage and Oros can make an MBA against it.

    If it sill lives:

    Minor: Majestic Word on Nelson for surge+d6+4 and slide him to F2.

    The Minotaur stamps about wildly, assailed from all sides like a Spanish bull, it howls in fury and pain. Wounds split open upon its side, cracking leathery skin and spilling boiling hot blood on the floor.

    The beast is finally brought down. It's blasphemous flesh dissolves and is blown away on the wind like blackened ash. Where the Minotaur/Manticore once stood there remains a set of stone tablets. When pieced together, they form a cipher for the Chaos Maze, leading the party of crusaders to the heart of the labyrinth, the INMOST DEN, whereupon they find a carved stone minotaur statue bearing:

    * nearby, a glowing crimson portal

    (OOC: and with an unspent action point. You have no idea how frustrating this is. Vitals and score updated; new items shown above.)

    Brand's OA: (15)+14 +2 {Kishar} +2 {CA} vs. AC 19; (6)+7 damage
    Nettle's OA: (18)+7 +2 {Kishar} +2 {CA} vs. AC 19; (4)+1 damage
    Oros' OA: (9)+13 +2 {Kishar} +2 {CA} vs. AC 19; (7)+7+5 {bracers} +5 {headman's} damage
    Oros' Charge: (14)+17 vs. AC 19; (9)+19 damage
    Oros' Dual Attack: (1) HUMILIATION!
    Xann's Arrow: (6)+12 vs. AC 19; miss!
    Brand heals 15+(4)+(6)
    Nettle's Note: (5)+11 vs. Will 18; miss!
    Nelson heals 11+4+(5)

  20. There is discussion in the inner most den, following the destruction of the great beast and subsequent piecing together of the cypher. Kaddim takes hold of the jade planet, giving the chaos device to nettle, who seems longer for this world than he, the blighted and scarred Mage. After a brief rest, kaddim leads the party through the crimson portal.

    OOC: that boatman doesn't know his ass from his elbow, let's not keep giving him items. Unless anyone stops me, I say we go through the portal, hopefully it leads us back to the ambulatory.