October 5, 2012


This sprawling labyrinth beneath the Fane is stalked by a fiendish half-manticore minotaur.

If ye dungeoneers gain thy bearings and discover the inmost den at the maze’s center, thou may claim the treasures within.

Secrecy and honesty is the rule here. ALL out-of-character communications, including emails, that discuss locations of cards and strategies of this challenge are prohibited. When a dungeoneer takes his or her turn, he or she may choose to do any one of the following:
  • Take a Short Rest.
  • Use their keen architectural sense (alignment of walls, subtle air flow) to discern which corridors lead to dead ends (1/game).
  • Use their acute sense of direction and aptitude for pattern recognition to help keep the party from getting lost  (1/game) . 
  • Find a vantage point from which they can survey one of the labyrinth’s sections  (1/game) .
  • Cast the Hand of Fate ritual (1/game).
Afterward, the dungeoneer must then choose two cards from the Labyrinth Deck , shown above, to reveal. The cards must be chosen at the same time/Comment post. The Dungeon Master will then post a response, indicating what time (Eastern Standard Time) those images will be revealed. The images will remain for 15 minutes real time, and then will be reverted back.
  • Matching two architectural features progresses the party one or two steps in unraveling the maze.
  • Matching two treasure chests reveals a hidden boon.
  • Drawing one Minotaur Card indicates the party narrowly escaped the hunting beast. Matching two Minotaur Cards indicates that the Minotaur has cornered its prey and attacks!

Choosing two cards that do not match incurs 1 Blight and 5 damage which cannot be negated or reduced in any way.

After each dungeoneer has taken a turn, one row of cards is reshuffled and replaced. Play then continues into the next round.

The order of play for this challenge shall be first-come first-serve. Dungeoneers shall take their turn whenever they are ready, and then wait until after the cards are reshuffled at the end of round before taking another turn.


The dungeoneers make great headway intothe maze, but are then ambushed by the Minotaur/Manticore stalking it's twisting halls!


  1. "We'll boys, keep your head on a swivel and let's get a move on. I fully plan on out running this Minotaur!"
    Seeing this as the perfect time to get some usage out of a familiar that flies, he retrieves the harmlessly flaming skull from the inner folds of his robes. "Awaken my servant, I have need of you". The eyes start to glow in green fire, small bursts of flames spout between its tiny bronze teeth as it answers his call. "Hush now. We have found ourselves in a deadly maze. I have need of you to fly ahead of us and check the corridors for traps and a powerful Minotaur so we can avoid them. Go now." The skull levitates above kaddims blue and blakcened palm, then speeds off in front of the group...

    As there are members of the party with better architectural and acute senses, kaddim will hold from attempting to ascertain features of the maze. howeveer, i would love to be able to assist on other skill checks id thats possible. havong a familiar to scout really could benefit us....

    as per cards, Kaddim will draw card B2 and D4. Because, well, we need more information.


  2. OOC: Can I ask for some consideration for the 50% of the team that is celebrating Canadian thanksgiving this weekend, particularly with the timed release of cards?

    1. OOC: Oh man, Canadian Thanksgiving! I'm winging this room a lot as play-by-post shatters the intended setup of the challenge. How does the following suit everyone?

      KADDIM stalks though the maze, lost and distraught. He has spotted a GALLERY and an OBELISK (exact card locations revealed only to those who catch the imag eupdate).

    2. OOC: that works for me. @B and Rob, no worries, I just figured to get us started. Take your time and post when you can.

  3. Nelson takes a sniff of the air, laps up some dew from a fungus on the wall, and says, this way I think, guys.

    "Kaddim led us past a gallery and an obelisk. Remember that."

    He turns the corner, and...


    A1 & C3

    I will be around from now until 3PM Eastern Time for the reveal.

  4. OOC: No image is needed!

    Luck and fortune have befallen the newest dungeoneer, as Nelson discovers pair of magical PORTALS connecting disparate portions of the labyrinth. The journey is shortened, quite considerably, and the party earns 2 successes.

  5. OOC: sweet deal! Nice draw Nelson. #keppawayfromthemantituar!

  6. "...and now there's the portal, good" Brand says as he steps through, using his knowledge of magical devices to (hopefully) help find another location.

    A4, B5

    ooc: no whammies no whammies no whammies STOP!

  7. [BRAND]
    Strong hands covered in scar tissue feel their way down the wet dungeon walls. Brand leads the way on this next leg of the journey, finding both a CHAMBER and a SHRINE amidst the darkened catacombs. Panicked and lost, he must step back and let others continue.

    [TECH] Cards to be revealed from now until 9:45am

  8. Lord Xann strides forward with an air of confidence that belies the fact that he doesn't know where in the hells he is going.

    C1, D2

    [please hold my reveal until after 6pm eastern tomorrow]

    1. OOC: Oh no!!!

      Lord Xann strides forward, torchlight blazing a way into the heart of the darkened maze. Shifting walls beleagure and confuse this bands of crusaders. The tell-tale sounds of heavy footfalls echo down the corridor. The scent of campfires and roasted meat fill the air.


      The action continues here:

      Vitals updated for previous mismatched card draws.