September 20, 2012


Each dungeoneer starts their turn appearing in square B1, having already spent their Move Action to step through the portal in the Observatory. Dungeoneers must move quickly out of the alcove, lest they be telefragged by their incoming allies. As such, initiative order is quite important:
Lord Xann

The stone walls, floor, and 20 ft. high ceiling of this bare chamber have been worn smooth as if by hundreds of years of erosion.

A marble demon’s face is set into the center of the west wall, to your right. Fist-sized rubies glow from within its

sunken eye sockets. The eye sockets bath the room in pink light: sleep rays.

A Constellation of Living Spheres of Annihilation is vomited from the demon mouth and moves to snuff out all life. The astral travellers slip through the voids between the bonds of matter, effortlesly passing through stone and steel. The ever-hungry collection of void settles onto Mikhail, disintegrating his body into nothingness! Forevermore, Brother Mikhail will haunt this room, lending the Might of the Dead to those who would oppose the Heresiarch.

An iron door is set into the east wall, 10 ft. above the ground. Flanking the door on either side are mithril plates etched with the image of a robed acolyte wearing a trident medallion. It grinds its way down the hall to eventually crush everyone within this chamber.

The door is unlocked, to reveal a second moving wall. A superheated iron plate is bolted to the bottom 5 feet of this sliding wall’s front face. (Creatures ending their turn adjacent take fire damage). Two iron balor skulls are also set into the top of the wall’s front face. A 10 ft. wide set of mechanical jaws bite down over an opening that leads through the wall. There are  blood-soaked slits in the north and south walls. The iron balor heads are, in fact, a cruel and hideous mechanism that fires an unending stream of superheated masonry nails in front of the wall. The nails are shaped like open-mouthed cobras.

From the blood-splattered slits in the walls (Columns K, J, I, H) come a hail of razor-sharp serrated blades, each of them imbued with a cursed rune of unholy necromancy upon its shining surface.

Running through magical portals, the dungeoneers evade death at the hands of molten hot cobra nails and claim the Onyx Planet before returning to the Ashen Ambulatory.


  1. Nettle will fly off the teleporter to square F2, and scan the room for magical auras.

    1. Also, if we're not in rounds Nettle will take out the spyglass and look around the room.

  2. OOC: Why yes, we are counting precise timing and are thus "in rounds".

    Moving quickly, thou senses a presence pressing on thy mind, the ruby eyes are it's source. They are enchanted with a spell from the Enchantment school of magic.

    Lord Xann steps through the void to join Nettle in this mysterious room!

  3. Lord Xann will move to E5 and attempt to scan the room for any signs of traps (ie sections of wall that might come hurtling towards us)

    Perception +2

    1. [XANN}
      Panic and terror blinds thy eyes and clouds thy judgment.

      [TECH] Perception (2)+2

      OOC: Oros, show us what you got.

  4. Oros will fly up to the door and inspect to see if it is trapped and try to deduce how to open it.

    Fly up one square and to G4
    Perception +11
    Thievery +17
    Dungeoneering +11

    1. [OROS]
      The door is reinforced banded steel. It has heavy, 6-screw hinges on the right hand side and a small doorknob.
      The walls are polished smooth, requiring those unfortunate enough not to be blessed with wings to have to climb up.
      Thou finds no traps.

      [TECH] Perception (5)+11

      OOC: Mikhail is up!

    2. OOC: I forgot to mention, yes, the door has a keyhole.

  5. OOC: Also as a heads up, I tweaked the naming system for the columns slightly.

  6. Mikhail teleports in with a ground-shaking thud, sniffs the air, and moves to inspect the robed acolytes to see any further distinguishing features. He has his barbed whip at the ready to flagellate himself if his eyes don't serve him well.

    Move to F3
    Perception +5 examine robed acolytes.
    Flagellate myself if I roll under a 10.

  7. [MIKHAIL]
    The mithril plates are extremely thick and embedded flush within the wall itself. They have been expertly forged and have no moving parts.

    [TECH] Perception (10 on the nose)+5

    OOC: Kaddim teleports in!

  8. Definitely not expecting this, Kaddim sees the demonic eyes glow and instinctively moves away from them and joins the others. He sees the door 10 ft off the ground level with a flying Oros. He thinks to himself "well, I guess its a good thing he has the wings...for now". "We need to be hasty here gents, bash the door down if its locked and throw a rope so we can make the climb easier."

    Kaddim moves to E3. Arcana +13, Perception +4 on the doors features.

    1. [KADDIM]
      Indeed, the door is locked.

      [TECH] Perception (18)+4

      OOC: Brand is up!

  9. Brand quickly evaluates the room before moving up to inspect the 10 ft area beneath the door more closely.

    Perception or Dungeoneering +5

  10. [BRAND]
    Brand's fiery eyes scan the wall closely. Immediately below the door, the wall has been ground smooth, yet small dimples about the size of a fist pockmark this section.

    [TECH] Perception (4)+5

    The grinding sound of steel against steel screeches and echoes around this chamber, grating against your nerves. The mithril-clad wall move inexorably forward, pushing back all who stand in its way.

    From the mouth of the demon-face vomits forth a mass swarm of fist-sized black orbs. Darkness surrounds them and they drift slowly through the air with a malevolent intelligence, seeking out the light of life.

    [TECH] Kaddim: (5)+8 +1 {charge} vs. Reflex 24

    Beams of rosy light lance out from the ruby eyes of the demon face on the western wall behind you, bathing the room in a dull red glow for a split second. Nettle feels the tug of gentle sleep begin to weigh upon his tiny little eyelids and his wings beat slower and slower with each belabored breath.

    [TECH] Oros: (4)+9 vs. Will 19;
    Nettle: (10)+9 vs. Will 19; slowed (save ends); Failed Save: unconscious

    Nettle, Lord Xann, Oros and Mikhail are NOT in danger of any start of turn effects. Hence, all four dungeoneers may post their actions in whatever order they want. The Dungeon Master will consider their posting order to be their new Initiative order. In game mechanics terms, they are Delaying to reshuffle their initiative order.

    After those four have posted actions, Kaddim will then be allowed to start his turn and will have the very fabric of reality that composes his body torn apart by the Constellation of Living Spheres of Annihilation. (10 damage for starting a turn in the creature's space).


  11. ooc: is the demon's mouth still open?

    1. The demon mouth is open and has remained unchanged and unmoving this entire time.

  12. Oros takes a deep breath and centers himself then pulls out his lockpicks and attempts to unlock the door.

    Standard: Thievery +17 to unlock the door
    If succesful
    Minor: open the door
    Move: go through the door and see whats there

    1. [OROS]
      The door is unlocked, to reveal a second moving wall. A superheated iron plate is bolted to the bottom 5 feet of this sliding wall’s front face. (Creatures ending their turn adjacent take fire damage). Two iron balor skulls are also set into the top of the wall’s front face. A 10 ft. wide set of mechanical jaws bite down over an opening that leads through the wall. There are blood-soaked slits in the north and south walls.

      [TECH] Thievery (3)+17

    2. OOC: Yes, that was a successful check on a roll of a 3. Amazing!

  13. OOC: So guys, should Mikhail try to attack those teeth and disable it?

  14. OOC: For clarification purposes, climbing makes a character move at half speed on a successful check, and the door for the first wall is 10 ft. (2 squares) off of the ground.

  15. [Xann]

    Lord Xann shouts at the drowsy pixie. "Stop screwing around! We need to get the hells out of here!"

    With that the warlord scrambles up the wall and through the door.


    Minor Action: Shake it off on Nettle (grants him a saving throw with a +1 bonus)

    Move Action: Climb up the wall and through the door to G4. (Athletics +14)

    Move Action: Move to J5.

    1. [LORD XANN]
      A sharp order snaps Nettle out of a dowsing nap. With military precision, Xann leads the way over the obstacles ahead, shouting and grunting all the way.

      [TECH] Shake It Off: (10)+1; success!
      Climb: (14)+14; success!

  16. Mikhail attempts to grab ahold of the open doorway and hoist himself aloft, vaulting overtop and through to the next room. When he lands, he'll try to forcefully toss a javelin into the mechanics or gears that grind the menacing mouth's teeth.

    Move: Climb up wall and through door. (Athletics +12)
    Standard: Javelin against Bitey McBitey (+9 vs AC on hit 1d6+5 damage)

    1. OOC: If Nettle fails that save, can Mikhail use a minor action here to put throw him on his shoulder since they're adjacent?

    2. [MIKHAIL]
      Sharpened claws scrape into the steel door frame and Mikhail athletically pulls himself into the doorway. Like a shadow, he launches a slender steel-tipped shaft, impaling one of the dark orbs and cracking its shell.

      [TECH] Climb: (9)+12; success!
      Minor Action; draw javelin
      Javelin: (20) CRITICAL HIT! for 11/2 = 5 damage

    3. OOC: (I changed my attack to the swarm via email because the mouth can't be attack - it's a hazard)

  17. [WHOOPS]
    The stone walls to the north shatter open to reveal a Ruptured Portal (Squares K1 - K2). A cloud of swirling arcane energies crackles and dances through the air!

    OOC: This should have been revealed on Oros' turn. Xann and Mikhail can revise their actions if they wish to account for this.

    @Mikhail: Dragging a willing ally is a Standard Action.

    1. OOC: Do knowledge checks consume actions?

    2. OOC: Generally, a knowledge check is a minor action.

  18. OOC: I say attacking the newest portal is worthless (time-wise); but jarring it open could be HUGE, Dice...

  19. Nettle snaps out of his fatigue and sees his ally about to be annihilated. Tossing some pixie dust at Kaddim, he says "fly through the door and see what's going on in there." He then draws the spyglass and takes a look around, before flying through the door himself.

    Move: Pixie Dust on Kaddim. He can fly six as a free action.
    Minor: draw the spyglass and look around.
    Move: fly to H3, 1 square up.

    OOC: I'd like to look at everything I can, but I'm not sure how many actions that will take. Moving through the door and looking at the portal and the mechanical mouth are a priority.

    1. OOC: A bravo to BFlatt for juggling both this thought-intensive play by post game and the absolute craziness of running a PbP Deathmatch. Huzzah!

      A sprinkling of magical dust raises the air around Kaddim. A billowing breeze swirls around his robes and sends him flying through the air with golden sparkles in his hair. Magical! The two hold hands and fly together, smiles all around.

      Enhanced with a supernatural sense of agility, Kaddim easily weaves his way through the deadly minefield that is the Constellation of Living Spheres of Annihilation.

      Safely on the other side of the wall, Nettle examines this part of the hallway with his new found trinket, the Spyglass of True Seeing. With it, he spots the hidden outline of a secret door! The edge between squares G5 and G6 holds a cleverly disguised door that is on rollers allowing it to be slid sideways into the wall.

      [TECH] Flying provokes a Melee 0 opportunity attack: (10)+8 vs. Reflex 24

      Both Kaddim and Brand, no longer threatened by start of turn shenanigans, may now take their turns in whatever order they wish; assuming, of course, that Kaddim flies out of the Constellation's space.

  20. Seeing an opening, Brand will climb up the wall and through the door. On his way down, he spots Nettle looking intently at the secret door, and end his movement in G5 to further inspect

    Athletics +10 - I should have enough movement to end in square G5 right? (2 squares up, one square through the door, and down the other side)

    Minor: Perception +5 to detect any further detail or danger, or Arcana if it's magical.

    Standard: (If clean): Attempt to open the secret door. Or, if I failed the athletics roll...try again

    Also: Channeling Shield ready if someone takes damage. Immediate Interrupt, Reduce damage by 8. OR if it's me, Firedeath to reduce all damage rolls to 1's (or however you want to rule it if it's static damage...jerk)

    ooc: That's a lot, so let me know if anything doesn't make sense, or if i need to revise anything.

  21. OOC: I'm taking some liberties here as to what you're doing with that minor action. In general, you need to call out what specific action you're doing and not "I roll a skill check to detect danger".

    Brand leaps through the door, held open by Mikhail, and scurries to the wall where Nettle points. "There, Brand, a secret door!"
    Brand takes a moment to eye up the location, and feeling confident that there are no traps, he presses his hands against the wall and gives a good push to slide open the door. With the sweat of TIAMAT lending its strength, Brand is able to open the jammed door and reveal a small (1 square) nook (at location G6). The nook is empty and has bare walls.

    [TECH] Athletics (17)+10 to climb; Perception (12)+5; Athletics (6)+10 to open the door

    1. OOC: Pardon, that is the sweat of MARDUK, SLAYER OF TIAMAT!!! helping Brand out.

  22. As nettle's pixie dust settles and the storm servant zips through the tiny spheres of annihilation, he jumps through the first door, landing softly in the next room. "Another door, great...and this one looks worse than the last. Of course." Kaddim then turns his arcane sights on the ruptured portal.

    Pixie Dust to fly 6sq to J3.
    Minor action: Arcana +13 on the ruptured portal. Can I repair it? Can I figure out where it leads?

    1. OOC: The pixie dust is the free action, will hold on the rest until I know more about the portal.

  23. [KADDIM]
    The swirling magical tendrils that spill into the hall are the effluvium produced by a Ruptured Portal. The portal and its cloud have the potential to teleport a creature into a random (unoccupied) location.

    With time and concentrated effort (Standard Action), one could conceivably dispel the enchantments on the portal. With even more effort and much greater difficulty, those same enchantments could even be repaired.

    [TECH] Arcana (20)+13; fuck me, right?

    1. Ruptured portal to the right, constellation of living spheres of annihilation to the left of him...Kaddim focuses his arcane energies onto the portal and attempts dissipate the whirling enchantments before him.

      OOC: woot! I feel a combat out coming! Kaddim will first attempt to dispel the enchantments, +10 vs the zone's Will as per my encounter power. I assume the enchantments must be removed before I can attempt to repair the portal? (rhetorical question).

    2. OOC: It's an either-or scenario weighing risk and reward. Repair has longer-effect, but with a higher difficulty.

    3. OOC: Ok, then scratch the dispel magic for now. I will attempt to repair instead.

    4. OOC: No guts, no glory.

      Kaddim weaves a net of protection and restoration across the gateway and the cloud dissipates. The portal turns to a soothing shade of blue.

      Kaddim has a move action left. Doth he go into yonder portal?

      [TECH] Arcana (14)+13

      OOC: So, I'm sitting here thinking to myself. Man, a gutsy move! Even with a tweaked out Arcana, Deuce-y needs a 14 to hit the 'impossible' DC 27. Luck rides with you this morning, because let's be honest, it certainly hasn't been with you at all the Fourthcore Deathmatches.

    5. OOC: Hold up, Kaddim would need to be adjacent. Dungeon Master decrees Move Action spent on moving next to the cloud and portal at square J2.

    6. "ahhh, there's a good gal, a much nicer shade..." Kaddim shall enter the portal.

      OOC: I stride forth! And I am aligned to win match 12 of FTDM! Everything is coming up Deuce! Been acting like a deadman walking, with my mass of 30hp since the sorrow nimbus. Might as well prolong it further...

    7. OOC: Ok, I guess I can wait a turn....damn.

    Rosy beams shoot out from the rubies of the back wall, imposing the insatiable hunger for sleep upon the weary mind of Brother Mikhail.
    [TECH] Recharge (6)
    (16)+9 vs. Will 18; Mikhail is slowed (save ends), unconsciousness on the first failed save.

    Grind against the the chamber's bounds, inexorably moving forward. Mikhail, gallantly holding open the door for him comrades, loses his grip and falls to the ground.
    [TECH] Mikhail falls for 6 damage and is prone.
    With the walls moving closer, both Kaddim and Xann begins feeling the searing heat coming from the red hot plate bolted to the bottom of the Red Wall.
    [TECH] Creatures ending their turn adjacent to the Red Wall take 10 fire damage; just a heads up

    The iron balor heads (on the Red Wall) are, in fact, a cruel and hideous mechanism that fires an unending stream of superheated masonry nails in front of the wall. The nails are shaped like open-mouthed cobras. A spray of molten iron fills the room!
    [TECH] Kaddim: (14)+10 vs. AC 23;
    Brand's Channeling Shield reduces the damage by 8
    Xann: (13)+10 vs. AC 23;
    Nettle: (17)+10 vs. AC 23;
    Oros: (10)+10 vs. AC 22; miss!
    Brand: (19)+10 vs. AC 25
    Mikhail: (20) CRITICAL HIT!
    Hit: 10 fire damage and ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends). Things get worse on a failed save.
    Critical Hit: x2 damage
    There's quite a bit of fire resistance in the party. Don't worry, I got it.

    The black swarm drifts forward, swirling around a common center of gravity. Terror grips the hunter's face, as he has now become the hunted. Still stumbling from his fall, Brother Mikhail ineffectually raises an arm up to protect himself as the Spheres of Annihilation PHASE THROUGH THE FUCKING WALL, passing through it like so many neutrinos, and settle down upon his corporeal body. The flesh of Mikhail is torn asunder, disintegrated into tiny gray particles of inanmate matter.
    [TECH] Charge, phasing, into Mikhail's space without provoking: (13)+8 +1 +2 {prone} vs. Reflex 18; for 35 damage, which brings him below 0 hp; DISINTEGRATED

    All is not completely lost. Mikhail's eternal spirit has one final task to perform and his ghostly form haunts this room, lending his old allies his strength (see new card above).
    [TECH] Card Draw (1); Might of the Dead
    Card Draw (1); next dungeoneer will be Brother Nelson the Conquerer.

    A sudden crash is heard beyond you and the floor near the entryway collapses into a hidden sinkhole. The stone of the floor sploshes into an unidentified liquid. The Dungeon Master won't reveal the exact properties, but assures you that it is UTTERLY TERRIFYING!

    From the blood-splattered slits in the walls (Columns K, J, I, H) come a hail of razor-sharp serrated blades, each of them imbued with a cursed rune of unholy necromancy upon its shining surface.
    [TECH] Kaddim: (13)+12 vs. AC 23;
    Xann: (13 again)+12 vs. AC 23;
    Nettle: (8)+12 vs. AC 23; miss!
    Oros: (2)+12 vs. AC 22; "I don't know why everyone's so worried, I'm doing fine!"
    Hit: 20 damage, and it is just ... just awful if this drops or crits a dungeoneer

    OOC: Whew! Score, Vitals, Map all updated!
    We've got lots of fire damage at starts of turns, so I'll be enforcing a relatively strict initiative order again this round.

    Either Oros and Lord Xann may now go.

    1. OOC: I guess using Heroic Effort on the saving throw against being slowed or falling prone wouldn't make much of a difference, huh? Curse the fourthcore gods!

  25. OOC: Can we get to the portal, or is the wall blocking it?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. OOC: The Red Wall is completely blocking the portal.

      For clarity (there's been some emails bouncing around): The Red Wall is also a TOTALLY TARGETABLE hazard. It is a reinforced steel wall and has stats to match.

      All dungeoneers currently alive can see through the chomping mouth, but cannot gain line of sight or line of effect through it as it chomps too fast.

  26. Oros sees the party's only chance of escape disappear behind the demonic red wall. With a fury born of panic he charges towards the portal trying to smash a chunk out of the stone wall big enough to escape through.

    Free: yell "Duck!" to Kaddim
    Standard:charge to J2 one square up (possibly still up from last round was vague in movement details if not I'll by squeezing with Kaddim) and attack the stone wall in J1 ground level.
    Melee Basic Attack +16 (+15+1Charge) d10+d10 (power attack) 15(+5dex+2mag+5bracer+2charging ram+1 2hwexpertise on charge) axe of sundering does max damage against object = 35 damage on hit using heroic effor if necessary
    on hit free action dual weapon attack +15 d10+12 or 22 damage using heroic effort if necessary

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. OOC: Hold up .... the wall at J1?!?!

    3. [OROS]
      Panicked, Oros takes grips his Double Axe of Sundering and swings wildly at the stone wall; thinking laterally, literally (lol). Again and again he pounds the stone in front of him, heedless of the blisters forming on his raw, pink skin from the approaching heat. Deep gouges are made into the wall, big enough to place a fist into! AND HE FUCKING DOES!!! Emboldened with the strength of Marduk, Oros punches the last remnants of the crumbling stone and can see the pulsing blue light beyond.

      [TECH] (9) and (19) +15 -5 {squeeze} vs. AC 5
      for 57 total damage!
      Oros takes 10 fire damage, but creates a square of Small, difficult terrain at J1.

      OOC: Mikhail can chime in with the application of his Afterlife when he wishes.

      Xann must now start his turn, taking ongoing (10-5) fire damage to be at 16 HP, which allows Nettle to jump in at his leisure as well.

    4. OOC: Pretty sure he meant the Red Wall blocking the Portal.

      Mikhail's spirit lets out an echoing howl and bashes the last of his incorporeal might into the steel wall before evaporating into the sky.
      Tech: 20 more damage on that damn wall! WOO!

  27. Lord Xann scans his grim surroundings, taking in the utter debacle taking place. He quickly mumbles a few incouraging words to himself before leaping towards the pulsing blue portal.


    Minor Action: rousing words on myself to heal 24.

    Move action: move into the blue portal

    Move Action: assuming I arrive safely somewhere, I move to avoid the incoming telefrag.

    OOC: Axe of Sundering for the f***king win! Way to go, Kory!

    1. [XANN]
      Xann shoves his way past his companions, ducks low through the rubble, and is gone in a flash of sapphire light! He reappears ... somewhere else.

      Ahead, an onyx orb rests atop a pedestal set into the center of the east wall.

      Behind, a slow moving wall of solid, black ice that has left behind a trail of puddles.

      To the right, a crimson portal.

      OOC: The Dungeon Master awaits a destination for Xann's move action (see updated map above).

    2. OOC: Portal is at square Y6.

    3. Lord Xann scrambles forward toward the portal and away from the incoming allies' teleportations. Looking behind his shoulder, he fails to notice the cracks in the floor. His feet give way to nothing and he tumbles down into a 60 ft. pit trap! The Lord Commander slams to the ground with a loud crash and his body lies broken and battered at the bottom of the pit. Now unconscious, he fails to fight back the burning iron cobra shaped nails.

      But wait...

      The spells woven into the nails take full effect, transforming them into a nest of squirming poisonous molten iron vipers! Oh no!

      [TECH](12)+9 vs. Reflex 20; fall for 36 damage and prone
      End of Turn; Save vs. Ongoing Fire (3)
      Effect becomes ongoing 20 fire & poison

      Nettle MUST now take his turn and gets hit for 10 fire damage.

    4. OOC: Fuck, I think I screwed Rob on his surge value... I think he's still conscious.

    5. REVISION: Lord Xann is prone, burning, poisoned, and bloodied at the bottom of a 60 ft. chasm.

      But not quite dead, as he has 4 HP to go.

  28. OOC: If a dungeoneer accepts their start of turn effects (ongoing damage, in this case) with no hope of getting rid of it early from other dungeoneers' turns, they may post immediately.

  29. Nettle looks about, panic and excitement glimmering in his eyes. He turns to Kaddim and says, "fear not, friend. Thou wilst make it to the other side of this portal, at the very least."

    Whispering a prayer to the seemingly dead gods of luck, Nettle dashes through after Xann.


    Minor: Majestic Word on Kaddim, for surge + d6 + 4
    Move: Fly through the portal.
    Move: Fly away from the landing point (OOC: not sure where this is. I'll declare my move after reappearing).

    1. OOC: Nettle will appear at W3, diagonal to where Xann's token is shown.

    2. OOC: I'll move to W4, ground level. Just a reminder that I can occupy the same square as an ally, in case it's pertinent.

    3. [NETTLE]
      The winged faerie steps through the azure gateway and buzzes down to safely land on the ground, peering at the hurt and bewildered Xann.

      [TECH] Kaddim is healed for 8+4+(6) hp
      Save vs. Fire (10)

      Brand now takes (10 - 5) fire damage and starts his turn.

  30. Seeing a moment of opportunity, Brand drops the Timebomb in F4 exclaiming "Annihilate this!" before turning to his allies by the wall. "Oros, get yourself through this portal!" before moving up and pulling him through K1. Pausing for a moment after Oros is through, he turns to Kaddim "Take this brother, we'll see you on the other side!". With that, Brand pulls Oros through the teleporter

    Minor: Plant bomb in F4
    Move: to J1
    Free: Hand a Mystic Urn to Kaddim
    Standard: Move Half speed Pulling Oros through K1, and moving out of the way before Oros comes through (I have 1 square left to move once on the other side...unless teleporting stops movement...).

    1. Bah, to clarify, (changed from pushing to pulling) I'm going through first, pulling Oros behind me

    2. [BRAND]
      Brand's boots pound the stone floor, both hands raised out. "Forget him! He's gone! Get to the portal!" A mystical urn full of the ashes of long gone heroes is handed off to Kaddim en route, Brand's iron grip clamping around Oros' elbow, dragging them both through ... to safety?

      OOC: Get to the choppa!

      [TECH] Brand and Oros teleport to squares W5 and W2, respectively. This portal does indeed stop movement.
      Save vs. Cobra-Nails (10)+5, handily

  31. OOC: Posting real quick, it goes through without a hitch! No telefrags! Kaddim burns for 10 damage and is up. Will post more later.

  32. He barely waits for Brand to scoop up Oros and jump through the portal. "Allons-y!"

    OOC: Wait, Kaddim has fire resist 5...that means this damn wall deals 15 fire damage?

    Kaddim uses 3 sq to enter the portal, then will use another move action to clear the portal and move to W3 (or the nearest unoccupied sq). Use a minor action to summon a mage hand in sq Z3 (or should that really be AA3?) to grab the onyx orb. Should be able to retrieve it fully next round.

    A portal out of here(big fucking question mark?!) is in Y6? Guess its time save Xann and jump through next round! Let's hope this bomb blows the constellation back to the high heavens and I can make my jump check next round!

    1. [KADDIM]
      Without another thought, Kaddim leaps through the portal and runs as fast as he can away from the dreaded Spheres of Annihilation. Appearing on the other side, his quick wits spring into action and a pair of simple spells, a trick made by schoolboys really, to cradle the glinting ONYX PLANET into his hands (see new image above).

      [TECH] The gateway deposited Kaddim into square W3, actually, so the Dungeon Master rules that Kaddim's spare Move Action is used to grab the orb.

    2. OOC: Woot! Time to get the fuck outta dodge. After we grab Xann, of course.

    Oros is able to fly down and try to assist Lord Xann with a terrible, terrible POISONOUS RED HOT COBRA NAILS ALL OVER HIS CHEST AHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ... but to no avail. Floundering about against such magics, Oros is at a loss, and is advised by his peers not to solve this problem in his usual way. "No axe of sundering!" they say.

    Lord Xann's eyes roll up into the back of his head, and when he wakes up again he finds that he has been carried by none other than the gentle little Nettle.

    An explosion is heard behind the dungeoneers, flames scorching the entire length of the chamber walls. Lightning crackles and scorches, and the spheres of annihilation are dispersed into the void ... for a time. Certainly, long enough for the dungeoneers to make their planned escape through the portal and back to the ASHEN AMBULATORY.

    Oros granted save: (4)
    Save vs. Death (7)
    Xann's Save: (16)