August 28, 2012


 This black marble cathedral is well-appointed with baroque balustrades, grotesque frescoes, and gilded tapestries depicting a hooded figure riding into battle atop a bipedal serpent.

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Two rows of polished wooden pews lead toward a hemispheric altar. Dozens of rotting skeleton parishioners have been chained to the benches.

All of the chains snake toward a hollow glass throne at the head of the cathedral, each ending in a black iron ring set into the floor at the throne’s base.

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A striking, emerald-haired woman wearing a crimson sash reclines in the throne. She picks at the carcass of a dead feathered animal to her left with a silver fork.

Six embossed obelisks rise above the pews, three on either side of the chapel.

The faint outline of a hidden door is found behind one of the tapestries, however no known means of opening is discovered.

The woman identifies herself as Lahamu, jilted wife of The Heresiarch. She treats with the dungeoneers and promises them her wedding dowry in exchange for the head of Sorrow Nimbus, the suspected mistress of The Heresiarch.

During the talks, Lahamu becomes smitten with the grace and beauty of Nettle, offering him a drink of her wine. Nettle accepts, and is blessed with Infernal Resistance. He gains 66 temporary hit points (that last until he takes a short rest), resist 10 to two different energy types (choice of acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, or thunder)
... and 3 Blight.

Upon closer inpection, the six obelisks are found to have the following saying and images etched onto their surfaces:

Image: Two mariliths copulating with a balor.
Inscription: ‘Hallowed are those who indulge their carnal appetites, for these are the blessing of the Heresiarch. Suffer not modesty or chastity.’

Image: An impossibly obese demon shoveling an army into its fanged maw.
Inscription: ‘Hallowed are those who feast on the flesh and spirit of their quarry. To fast is to turn one’s back on the Heresiarch’s bounty.’

Image: A well-dressed human couple adorned with jewelry. They are surrounded by treasure.
Inscription:   Hallowed are those who seek wealth and power in the Heresiarch’s name. The spoils of the mortal realm belong to the faithful, and it is your duty to claim it.’

Image: A field of peasant men and women being burnt upon wooden crosses.
Inscription: ‘Suffer not dissent and heresy. Cleanse the blighted lands with sword and fire and conquer those who would defy the Heresiarch.’

Image: A warrior in spiked mail crushing the skull of a laughing pharaoh.
Inscription: ‘Let no transgression against you go unpunished. It is through retribution and wrath that the Heresiarch’s divine glory is known. Mercy is weakness.’

Image: An iron fortress wrapped in lightning. Impaled heads line its coiling buttresses.
Inscription: ‘Hallowed are those who boast of their conquests, for
they glorify the name of the Heresiarch. To be known and feared is the highest virtue.’

OOC: Please tell the Dungeon Master your marching order.


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  3. Before the group heads up, Kaddim grabs brother Mikhail by the arm "no use and waiting for death, brother, it will always be just ahead of us. Come along".

  4. (ooc it looks like there's a room before actually entering the main cathedral area.)

    Brand slowly paces up to the paintings (Z15?). leaning close, he takes in the grotesque images before him attempting to recall any obscure details, as well as check for any arcane energies nearby.

    History +13
    Arcana +13

    1. OOC: Map updated.

      The tapestries are well-maintained and cleaned, but thou art revolted to discover that they are made of tanned human skin. The images shown are common among the Heresiarch's followers and represent his conquest of this world.
      Thou detects no signs of magic spells.

      [TECH] Arcana (13)+13; History (8)+13

  5. Brother Mikhail moves into view of the robed woman in the cathedral's throne, turning rigidly towards her, chest plate flexing, he points his finger and proclaims, "Be smart, skeleton witch, and join us in our quest against the Heresiarch. Provide us with the knowledge of the path of haste or my compatriots will have no choice but to destroy you."

    Tech: Move to X7, roll intimidate on the woman. +8 Intimidate (+10 if she's undead)

  6. Nettle will cast a brief incantation, then fly up behind Mikhail, raise his hands and say, "I think what my eager friend means is that we have no wish for violence; we're merely looking for information. I can tell by the intelligence in your eyes that must be a great conversationalist. Would you care to let us in for a chat?"

    Minor: Words of Friendship
    Diplomacy: +18

  7. Lord Xann draws his mighty greatbow and takes up a position behind Nettle and Mikhail, out of sight of the strange woman. He then awaits the reprisal that surely awaits his foolish compatriots.

  8. [MIKHAIL]
    The two of you approach the seated figure, seeing her reclined on the glass throne, dining on a feathered serpent, and sipping wine from a gilded chalice whose multifaceted gemstones glint in the nearby torchlight. In between her sips 'n bites, she speaks to you through her gurgling, food-stuffed throat, "Oh ho! Look at this one, full of spark. I remember when my Love had such passion. Alas, I fear he has forsaken me."

    Turning toward Nettle, here bright blue eyes lock with thine, bits of detritus fall from her stuffed face as she speaks, "Oh my, art thou not a handsome Faerie? Perhaps we can make a mutually beneficial arrangement, as I do confess a desire to know thou better and discover thine quirks and secrets, thy passions, thy loves. I am Lahamu. Please, little one, be welcomed in my cathedral and help thyself to a glass of mine own drink."

    "I suspect the faith of mine betrothed to be lost, wandering eyes following the newest pretty little thing to enter the fane, an impudent wench named Sorrow nimbus. Bring me her head on a platter and I will show to thou and thine companions the hidden store of mine wedding dowry, placed not far from here."

    "What say you?"

    [TECH] Intimidate (19)+8; Diplomacy (10)+18
    OOC: There's a somewhat famous diner in my neighborhood called the Sip 'n Bite. I can't help but think of it here.

    1. Motioning his companions to follow, Nettle floats forward a square. "Well met Lady Lahamu. I am Nettle. Alas, I am not thirsty, but I would love to hear more of this proposal. First, who is Sorrow nimbus, and where might we locate her?"

    2. [NETTLE]
      "Doth thine people not know common courtesy, Sir Nettle? It is quite rude to deny refreshments offered by a host under the roof of hospitality. However, I am willing to ignore such slights, but only because of your charm, grace, and wit.

      If he has broken the sacred vows, my betrothed has likely brought this harlot to the PLEASURE CRYPTS, though I must confess that I, most unfortunately for me, do not know the location of such a den of carnal delights."

    3. Nettle will consider her words carefully, to see if she is truly offended by his refusal, and if her desire for the head of Sorrow nimbus is sincere.

      Insight: +9

    4. He will also search the recesses of his memory to see if he can identify what manner of creature she is.

      Arcana(?): +13

    5. [NETTLE]
      Thou believes her words to be true and her intentions to be genuine.
      She is an immortal creature of some type, but beyond that thou cannot tell much about her.

      [TECH] Insight (hidden), Arcana (13)+13

    6. "Forgive me, my lady. I meant no disrespect. I think I would appreciate some refreshment after all. I was concerned about keeping my wits intact for this forthcoming quest, but one doesn't have the opportunity to share a glass with such a striking creature, does one? My companions will be entering the room now, if that is okay with you."

      Nettle will motion again for his companions, and move forward into the room, glancing about for traps and hazards (perception +9). Provided he finds none, and that the party does enter behind him, he will move up to the altar.

    7. OOC: *doesn't often> have the opportunity. #blerg.

  9. Mikhail grins, showing a fang over one corner of his veiny lip.
    "Who is this betrothed of which you speak, and why hast he left you here amidst the rotting dead? Speak witch!"

    1. [MIKHAIL]
      He is the Conqueror of 10,000 Worlds, the Serpent Rider, the Faceless Terror.

      The Heresiarch.

  10. Hearing that the conversation hasn't ended in anyone's death so far, Brand will approach from behind Nettle Tipping his brow to the lady at it's head. On his best behavior he speaks

    "Your beauty is a refreshing sight in this grim place, and would be glad to help any way we can"

    Brand puts a hand on the shoulder of Nettle slightly nudging him foward, whispering in his ear "Lets not disrespect the lady's hospitality friend, we dare not put ourselves up against a woman scorned eh?"

    (ooc: not really looking for anything from her, so no skill checks. Just using the conversation to move closer)

  11. Mikhail also wonders whether the forgotten mistress of the most vile of creatures can be trusted. As he follows beside Nettle through the pews, he shakes his head at the bloodless corpses within them. He asks,

    "What is stored in your wedding dowry that would be worth our plight? And why dost this most deathly organ music play? My specialist on the subject believes a ritual to be ongoing here."

    Tech: Roll Insight +5, Perception +5 on the corpses/pews and follow abreast of Nettle.

    1. [MIKHAIL]
      "There are many treasures stored there, wondrous and bizarre. Among them is the source of the music that interests thy ears. But I have said too much, come back with Sorrow Nimbus' head and I will show you all."

  12. [NETTLE]
    Nettle takes a gentle sip of the wine. The liquor burns its way down to his innards, like a shot of booze that simply won't stop burning. Lahamu giggles as the little Pixie wipes his mouth and winces at the discomfort. Nettle has taken his a major step towards darkness and corruption, but can at least take comfort in knowing that he has a greater degree of physical and material protection. Nettle is afflicted with INFERNAL RESISTANCE (see above).

    Afterward, Nettle carefully examines the cathedral, finding the faint outline of a door scratched into the stonework behind one of the tapestries. However, he finds no means of opening it.

    [TECH] Perception (18)+9

  13. [NETTLE]
    Furthermore! Upon actually entering the room to look around, the dungeoneers find images and sayings etched onto each of the six obelisks (see above).

  14. [NETTLE]

  15. *Cough, cough... "Smooth... My thanks, dear lady. I shall make good use of this blessing on this quest. With your leave we shall be on our way." Motioning once again to his companions, Nettle exits the room.

  16. Lord Xann descends the stairs and makes his way to the confessional.

  17. Kaddim follows Lord Xann down to the confessional as they both return?

  18. Nettle will head back to the seminary to await his companions, and take a moment to contemplate the newfound darkness creeping into his soul.

  19. Once light is cast and the team is in order Oros will lead them down the stairs checking for traps along the away.

    Perception +11

    1. [OROS]
      Finding nothing to stop his way, nothing to stop this holy crusade, Oros leads the way to the ASHEN AMBULATORY.

  20. As the group approaches the entrance to Lahamu's sanctuary, Nettle motions to Mikhail and floats to the front of the group and casts a brief incantation.

    Peering inside the cathedral doors, Nettle checks to see whether she is still on her throne as before.

    "Lady?" he says, "we have the wench's head for you, as promised."

    Casts Words of Friendship.
    Perception +9
    Diploma +18

  21. Mikhail brandishes the head and holds it in triumph so all may see.

  22. [NETTLE]
    "My little prince, how delightful! I shall fulfill my promise, sweetling, and open my treasures for thine plundering."

    With that, a secret door in the hallway opens from the hewn stonework to reveal stairs leading down to the source of the haunting music, THE CATACOMB RELIQUARY.

    OOC: Score updated! FYI, I will have limited internet access most of tomorrow.