September 4, 2012


Azure velvet tapestries dangle from the smooth grey stone of this large chamber. Ivy and violet flowers cling to the walls. Each tapestry depicts a pair of ghostly lovers chasing one another around a trident.

Rays of smoky crimson light filter down through skylights in the vaulted ceiling high above.

A 10 ft. high tier inlaid with baroque patterns rises along the north and east walls, its golden-railed balcony overlooking a grove of dead trees in the center of the chamber from which shrunken heads grow like fruit.

Grove of Dead Trees: Shrunken humanoid heads dangle from the bare black limbs of the trees. Thou may enter a tree’s space (difficult terrain) to gain cover.

A creature adjacent to or in a tree’s space can eat one of the shrunken heads as a minor action. Doing so grants that creature 5 temporary hit points.

A tower-like structure from a 50 ft. pit in the center of the room. A glistening gold sarcophagus is visible between the crenellations that line the structure.

The air is heavy with the stink of perfume and fornication.

Two sets of heavy iron doors – one leading west and one leading north – bear spiked pull rings and are embossed with the image of a succubus embracing an armored tiefling skeleton wrapped in broken chainmail.

The doors are not locked but are very heavy, requiring a standard action to open or close.

The succubus on the door is in fact a recent modification; there is evidence that the original image depicted a medusa.

Soft footfalls echo off the chalky stone stairs. Thy cloak pulled up close to thy face, thy eyes scanning the room for prey.

Across to thy right, a radiant image. Past the 50 ft. pit, thou sees a 10 ft. tall woman's face hewn from brilliant ruby set into the northeast corner of this golden tier. Recalling your brief conversations from elsewhere in the Fane, thou recognizes that it has been carved in the likeness of Lahamu, Bride of the Heresiarch.

Further past the bend on this raised platform, thou sees a far more interesting, and frightening, sight. A lithe, young woman stands, looking in thine eyes. Perfect auburn hair cascades down to her pure alabaster shoulders. Her glittering hazel eyes are full in color and deep in passion. Ruby red lips pucker and beckon. She wears shining obsidian plate armor, clinking and clanking as she moves, two horns delicately protruding from her hair and a pair of leathery wings from her back, whipping in the air.

Wordlessly, she raises her sinister hand and beckons.


  1. Lord Xann wil stride into the chamber, keeping a paranoid eye out for impending disaster.

    He will then approach the trees for a better look at these delicious fruits.

    Perception +2

    1. OOC: Map and main post updated.

      Thou sees the shrunken humanoid heads dangle from bare black limbs of the trees. Thou may enter a tree’s space (difficult terrain) to gain cover.
      In addition, while adjacent to a tree thou may consume a shrunken head (a most grisly and nauseating endeavor) as a minor action. that's how little eating human brain matter means to you; minor action. Doing so grants 5 temporary hit points as the preserving alchemical substances of the heads renders the eater a degree of resilience.
      Of course, the most gut-wrenching part of all of this is that Lord Xann is not the only one. No, do to thine foul example and "leadership", any dungeoneer may partake in nectar of this most forbidden fruit.

      [TECH] Perception (10)+2

  2. Nettle will take a quick glance around, searching for magical auras.

    Tech: Arcana +13

    1. [NETTLE]
      Thou detects no lingering spells or incantations upon this place.

      [TECH] Arcana (10, again)+13

  3. Trusting nettles senses, Kaddim moves into the room, and nearer the western door.

    OOC: moving to H19, observe the door (perception +4, arcana+13). Perhaps the nimbus lies in the sarcophagus? We really don't know much about this enemy. Or we'll catch her sleeping in the side chamber. Perhaps one of the rogues should inspect/open the western door? Either way, we shouldn't spread too far out until we see a real threat.

    1. [KADDIM]
      The doors are not locked but are very heavy, requiring a standard action to open or close.

      The succubus on the door is in fact a recent modification; there is evidence that the original image depicted a medusa.

      [TECH] Dungeoneering (20)+11

  4. OOC: Can Nettle make out any features of the sarcophagus from this vantage?

    1. No; the upper level as a whole is almost entirely obscured due to railings, crenelations, and just plain old angle of sight, the sarcophagus especially so.

  5. Mikhail shuffles up the staircase slowly, and takes a hardened stare at whatever that is in the back northeastern corner of the balcony. "Hurumph," he exhales, "where's that wench?"

    Move to K11 rolling +5 stealth and then +5 perception on "what's that in the corner?" in CC-DD 6

  6. [MIKHAIL]
    Soft footfalls echo off the chalky stone stairs. Thy cloak pulled up close to thy face, thy eyes scanning the room for prey.

    Across to thy right, a radiant image. Past the 50 ft. pit, thou sees a 10 ft. tall woman's face hewn from brilliant ruby set into the northeast corner
    of this golden tier. Recalling your brief conversations from elsewhere in the Fane, thou recognizes that it has been carved in the likeness
    of Lahamu, Bride of the Heresiarch.

    Further past the bend on this raised platform, thou sees a far more interesting, and frightening, sight. A lithe, young woman stands, looking in thine eyes. Perfect auburn hair cascades down to her pure alabaster shoulders. Her glittering hazel eyes are full in color and deep in passion. Ruby red lips pucker and beckon. She wears shining obsidian plate armor, clinking and clanking as she moves, two horns delicately protruding from her hair and a pair of leathery wings from her back, whipping in the air.

    Wordlessly, she raises her sinister hand and beckons.


    Oros, Brand, and Nettle all have their eyes and ears open and react quickly to save Brother Mikhail from the vile clutches of this foul temptress. They have won initiative and thus may all take a full turn in whatever order among themselves that they wish. When those three characters' turns are done, then Sorrow Nimbus will react.

    Oros: (13)+8
    Brand: (17)+3
    Nettle: (19)+4

    Sorrow Nimbus: (10)+8

    Mikhail: (9)+5
    Kaddim: (8)+3
    Lord Xann: (12)+5

    1. OOC: And in the interests of "no gotchas", I feel obligated to mention that Sorrow Nimbus has a 3-square aura of supernatural, divine, profane beauty that involves penalties to Will, blindness, and the corruption of the immortal soul.

  7. Brands body erupts into writhing flames at the signs of battle! Heeding the call, he moves into position to back up his ally Mikhail, while staying alert to his surroundings.

    Double Move to M12.
    Perception +5 to notice any other details that may become a problem for us

    1. [BRAND]
      No other details noticed.

      [TECH] Perception (8)+5

  8. Nettle's wings buzz with anticipation--finally at test of his...mettle.

    Move: fly to H15 and land.

    Standard: ready Jinx Shot
    Trigger: when the succubus comes within 10 squares.
    +14 vs AC
    Hit: d4+6 untyped, and the first time she misses with an attack she falls prone.

    OOC: I'll also use VoP as an interrupt the first time an ally within 5 is attacked for a +4 to the defense targeted.

  9. Oros rushes up to support Mikhail.

    Double Move to I13

  10. OOC: Map updates are gonna have to wait a few hours while Im afk.

    Sorrow Nimbus' eyes scan tge room back anf forth, nervously. She backs up against the east wall (to Row 14), and Readies an attack (enemy comes within 10 squares).

    ALL SIX dungeoneers may now post their turns.

  11. Spurred on by the harlot's trepidation, Lord Xann rushes in to battle.

    Tech: Assuming the stairs are difficult terrain, Xann will double move to L11 and draw his greatbow.

  12. Mikhail pulls a javelin from behind his back, vampiric veins pulsing in his biceps, he moves into the center of the balcony and forcefully throws the javelin towards the vile beast. "Have at ye!"

    minor draw javelin
    move to N8
    Throw javelin at Sorrow Nimbus +9 vs AC (-2 from long range so it's actually +7) on hit 1d6+5 damage

    OOC: No point in me readying any attacks as all of the rest are melee, once you all get into position I will charge and try to grab, cause that's when Mikhail's magic happens.

    1. [MIKHAIL]
      Thine shaft is loosed is sails through the arrow, harmlessly rattling into the intervening pit betwixt thyself and the Sorrow Nimbus.

      [TECH] (15) +9 -2 {range} -2 {angelic presence} vs. AC 23

  13. Nettle will advance up the stairs to join his companions, ready to attack and defend as the need arises.


    Fly to K8, and ready Jinx Shot as before (same conditions on VoP as well).

    1. OOC: I'll also take a knowledge check on her.

      Arcana(?) +13

  14. OOC: Map updated.

    Thou scratches thy peach-fuzzed Pixie beard in thought. Sorrow Nimbus is definitely a half-angel succubus paladin that can fly.

    [TECH] RELIGION (3)+13

  15. "my, my. Your lovely. Too bad me must relieve you of your head." Kaddim states as he flings a magic missile her way. He then moves to join his companions near the stairs?

    Move to K13.
    Magic missile the sorrow nimbus, 9 force damage. Darn 150ft rooms.

  16. Oros creeps forward and whips his triangular throwing blade at the horrible beauty that is Sorrow Nimbus.

    Move to O10
    Minor: draw Distance Chatkcha +1
    Throw Distance Chatkcha +1 at Sorrow Nimbus +11-2 long range d6+6 on hit

    1. [KADDIM]
      A spell is cast, fiery wraiths appearing from thy hands to knock some sense into Sorrow Nimbus. Surprised at the attack, her eyes focus on you and thou feels the burning glare of her hatred. Holding a hand to her now-tender cheeck, she hisses "You shall pay for that insult, mortal. Mark my words"

      A three-pronged blade flutters through the air, skittering across the floor of the upper tier.

      [TECH] (6)+11 -2 {range} -2 {angelic presence} vs. AC 23

  17. Seeing an opening as the wretched creature of beauty retreats, Brand moves into position, pressing the assault. Slamming his sword into the ground, a glowing ring surrounds Sorrow Nimbus as Brand utters the words "You will Burn!" as the ring erupts into a column of fire.

    Tech: Double move to V9 -> V8
    Action Point: Swordmage Shielding Fire +10 vs Fortitude 2d10+5
    Creature is marked as if by Aegis of Shielding until end of encounter.
    Until the end of the encounter, when I reduce damage the target deals using aegis of shielding, the target takes fire damage equal to the amount my aegis prevents (8)

    Another creature's mark can supersede this one.

    1. OOC: Your double move doesn't make 100% sense, but I think I get the gist of it. Sorrow Nimbus' Readied Action triggers when Brand gets to square T9.

      Seeing her chance, she quickly turns her gaze to bewitch the onrushing, fiery Brand. Her smile cuts cruelly as her charms guide the gullible manfolk into her clutches ... and towards a dangerous pit! Luck is with Brand, however, as he recognizes his peril in the nick of time. Feet slam down and slide across the floor and Brand's free hand quickly grabs a hold of a nearby, thin iron railing to prevet himself from falling over the edge.

      [TECH] Close blast (6)+12 vs. Will 18; The target is pulled 5 squares and dazed until end of next turn. Effect: Shift 5 squares.
      Save vs. Fall (12)

      It's now time to tell this bitch who's boss. Brand's soul-bonded sword lights up with flames that shoot out like a whip, wrapping Sorrow Nimbus in pulsing chains of flames. She is seared!

      [TECH] Close burst (15)+10 -2 {prone} vs. Fortitude 18; (10)+(5)+5 -5 {resist fire} damage and the target is marked until end of encounter.

    2. [BRAND]
      Lastly, Brand finally comes by some wisdom and education. Until today, he had never known the true meaning of the word "beauty". Staring as Sorrow Nimbus' clandestine features he is transfixed and bewildered. Not only that, but the dark fingers of jealously creep into his heart as he covets those carnal desires which have been so wrongfully denied him.

      [TECH] Sorrow Nimbus' Aura imposes 1 Blight and -2 Will (end of next turn) to enemies ending their turn in the aura. It gets worse for those who are bloodied.

  18. OOC: Holy shit. Get ready for a text wall which will make you cry tears of blood.

    Like a great jungle cat, ready to pounce, Sorrow Nimbus leaps forward with the combined fury of heaven & hell! She leaps onto Brand, smothering him, curling up in his arms, her toxic perfumes filling his nostrils as she writhes beneath his now soft and gentle touch. His mind is betrayed by the lust of the flesh, and he most graciously accepts the commands of his mistress.

    "Go forth and die. Kill thyself with all of thy might, that I might look upon your broken form and give you my love."

    And so, like a goober, he totally does. Brand leaps off of the raised tier, stabbing himself as he falls, his body shattered on the rocky floor below. From the airy sky above, a smiting bolt of holy lightning shocks the unmoving, helpless corpse as punishment for daring to love one of the Divine Servants.

    Reinvigorated, Sorrow Nimbus THEN calls forth to new prey, this time setting her sights on none other than Oros. Unable to resist her divine charms, he too falls prone to her wiles and stumbles forth toward her, heedless of the great 50 ft. cliffside at his feet where fellow dungeoneer Brand lay dying. Oros trips over the fence! and saves himself ... for now.

    Lastly, Sorrow Nimbus makes due on her promise of vengeance. Three Handmaidens of Blasphemy step out of their hidden woodland abode. These wretched creatures are personal servants and maids to the Sorrow Nimbus, having been rent and torn from their idyllic lives as woodland nymphs and twisted into the walking dead as wights intent on draining the life force from all non-she whom would dare defile the sanctity of their rotten grove.

    "Kaddim! I am coming for you!"

    1. [TECH] Recharge (5)
      Standard (17)+12 +2 {dazed} vs. Will 18 -2
      for (30) psychic damage, slide up to speed and make a basic melee attack against creature of Sorrow Nimbus' choice

      Slide to AA-12 and then into the pit, Save vs. Falling (1);

      :: BRAND IS AT 31 HP ::

      Fall for (30) damage. This would knock Brand unconscious, so I'll assume he wants to use Firedeath and I'll bend some rules in his favor to make that actually a thing, reducing damage to (15);

      :: BRAND IS AT 16 HP ::

      Melee Basic Attack vs. YOURSELF (13)+14 -2 {prone} vs. AC 25 -2 {dazed}; for (1)+7 damage

      :: BRAND IS AT 8 HP ::

      Minor Action Ranged 10
      Effect: 10 lightning & radiant damage;

      :: BRAND IS AT -2 HP ::

      Move Action (Come Hither, Oros); (14)+12 -2 {mark} vs. Will 19; pull 5, dazed until end of turn, shift up to 5 squares to fly over to Square V-15.

      Acton Point (Barbed Whip); Melee 5, (12)+12 +2 {dazed} vs. AC 22; for 20 poison damage {-5 resist, nice!} and pull 3 squares, into the pit.

      Save vs. Falling (10); only prone!

      :: Oros is at 35 HP ::

      End of 2nd Round, end dazed on Brand; Summon (3) Handmaidens of Blasphemy

    2. ooc
      just wanted to clarify the daze effect reads like it is just until the end of Sorrow Nimbus' turn, am I so lucky?

    3. OOC: Yes, correct, Oros is dazed until the end of Sorrow Nimbus' next turn.

    Once atop the central tower, Sorrow Nimbus whips out a whip of rose-thorns, wrapping around Oros. The whip yanks him towards the pit, where he catches himself, but the thorns introduce a burning venom in his veins.

    A wind blows upon the dried husks of what once were beautiful nymphs. The three witches blow away in the wind and disintegrate into brown, dying leaves. Aha! They reform themselves, surrounding Kaddim! Sharpened claws lash out at the vulnerable mage, gouging his back. The deep wound seeps not blood, but is staunched by an unnatural growth of rotted cork. Indeed, the Handmaidens feet send tendrils of blackened roots into the ground, drinking the life out of all living creatures.

    [TECH] Sorrow Nimbus: revised fluff.

    Aura 2: enemies in the aura grant combat advantage and cannot regain hp
    Move; teleport to be up in Kaddim's business;
    Standard; energy-draining claw, (5) and (8) and (15) +8 +2 {combat advantage} vs. AC 19; only one hit
    Kaddim permanently loses 5 HP.

    Map updated.
    Vital Stats updated.
    You guys are fucked.


  20. ooc Dont forget my 2 THP from Gauntlets of Arcane Might. I forgot them too. Not that it matters, I'm still at 0hp

  21. ooc: oops, nevermind....that's hitting an already marked target...bleh.

  22. The mortal danger to himself and his allies snaps Nettle into focus. Cheesy one-liners fill his head as if from nowhere. "Shit just got real..." Moving slightly closer, Nettle whips his songblade and unleashes the fury of the feywild.


    Move: Shift to L8

    Standard: Jinx Shot vs Nimbus
    +14 vs AC (12 +2 Helm -2 long range)
    Hit: d4+6 untyped, and the first time she misses with an attack before the end of my next turn she falls prone.

    Action Point: Song of Discord vs Nimbus
    +11 vs Will (9 +2 Helm. On a miss, reroll with an extra +2 with Irrefutable Armor).
    Hit: She is dominated until the end of my next turn.
    Effect: She makes a basic attack against herself.

    1. [NETTLE]
      The magic of his newfound Helm grants Nettle the clarity of vision he needs. Draw back thy arrows and let them fly, may your aim be straight and true.

      A jinxing shaft penetrates the gap in Sorrow Nimbus's armor and Nettle's discordant spellweaving forces her to swing wildly around the battlefield with her great poisonous thorn-whip, entangling herself and wrapping the sharp barbs into her own flesh!

      [TECH] Jinx Shot (18)+12 vs. AC 23, for (3)+6 damage
      Song of Discord (6) rerolled to (18 again)+11 +2 vs. Will 20 DOMINATED!!!
      Self-Attack: (19)+12 +2 {combat advantage} vs. AC 23, for 20 poison damage and knocked PRONE

      Wow, hot rolls!

    2. OOC: -2 to the attacks due to Angelic Presence, but whatev's

    3. OOC: Awesome, but does that mean we're going to meet three witches on this road? 'Cause I'm totally not ready for that...

  23. Mikhail let's out a ferocious roar, a battlecry that goes something like "I WILL RIP THE ROOTS OUT THROUGH YOUR ESOPHAGUS!". He then whips a magical chain from his rapier, at a standstill, which snaps in the air like lightning at the nearest Handmaiden. After this he stampedes to the top of the staircase, brawny hand outstretched, and attempts to batter and choke his chosen victim.

    Minor - daily "Chainreach Rapier" melee basic attack up to 5 squares away, on successful hit, target knocked prone. +11 vs. AC, 1d8+5 damage on hit. Also, this target is marked until the end of my next turn.
    Move - to K11
    Standard - encounter "Batter and Choke" +11 vs AC (+13 if she fell prone from ^above^) on hit, 1d8+5 damage, and slide her to L10. Also on hit, she is grabbed and takes -2 to attacks until grab ends (it ends at the EomNT)

    1. OOC: Is there an image of the handmaidens? (I want to imagine more clearly whose throat I'm squeezing)

    2. OOC: This is pretty close

    3. [MIKHAIL]
      The vampiric stalker moves like a swift shadow across the floor, his blade coming apart at his commands and raking the air and tearing a gash across the face of the nearest Handmaiden of Blasphemy! It's time for some hot whip-on-whip action!

      [TECH]Chainreach: (20) CRITICAL HIT! for (1)+(4)+13 damage and prone
      Batter & Choke: (11)+11 +2 {prone} -2 {Presence} vs. AC 23, Missed! So close! Both are marked if Mikhail so wishes.

    4. OOC: Hot crit sauce! whip-on-whip-on-whipcream.

      But erm, Both? Both attacks targeted the same handmaiden so only the one in K12 is marked. The Batter and Choke went against the handmaidens AC right? So the handmaidens have "presence" too?

    5. OOC: Oooohhh, my bad. In all the excitement I misread your post. The second attack hits the Nymph Wight's AC 19 and deals (1)+5 damage and she is slide to a square adjacent to Mikhail and grabbed.

    6. OOC: Awesome! Note that Mikhail's "pin down" feature means that enemies who are prone and also grabbed by him CANNOT stand up. Not bloodied yet?

  24. Tech:
    Standard Action: Beguiling Strands vs. the hand maidens in J14 and L14.
    +7 vs. will
    Hit: 4 psychic damage and push 3 to G17 and J17 respectfully

    Move Action: move to P8 (provoking OA from handmaiden at L10)

  25. [LORD XANN]
    "Didst thou knowest Lord Xann to be a wizard? Oh yes, that happened."

    Lord Xann weaves a dweomer onto the minds of the Handmaidens, psychic tendrils invading their thoughts. One succumbs to his power and flees!

    [TECH] (10) and (1) +7 vs. Will 16; one miss
    At a net of -4 attack and retribution from Mikhail's CERTAIN DOOM, the OA isn't worth it.

    OOC: Map updated. We've got Kaddim and a prone dazed Oros left for the round!

  26. "Foul maidens, you shall pay for daring to harm me! I am lightning, I am thunder, thou are doomed!

    Move: Shift to J14 (to avoid any more OAs which may drain my hp).
    Minor: Activate Promise of the Storm (+1d8 extra damage when I use a lightning/thunder attack UEoNT).
    Standard: Arc lightning, +10 vs Reflex against the maidens in K12 and L14. 1d8+1d6+10 lightning damage.

    If I hit both targets, use my action point to arc lightning again on the same two maidens. Bitches have it coming.

    1. [KADDIM]
      Crackling lightning and pounding thunder blast thy foes as the Storm Lord heeds thy call! Dark clouds roil overhead and fry the undead nymphs with powerful bolts.

      [TECH] (4) and (17) +10 vs. Reflex 18; one hit
      for (8)+(4)+10 lightning damage and BLOODIED
      (13) and (2) +10 vs. Reflex 18; other one hit
      for (2)+(6)+10 lightning damage

  27. Oros takes one more glance down into the pit and scrambles back from the edge.

    Move: crawl to Q7

  28. Oros crawls away and shakes off his harrowing experience (he will end being dazed) while Brand slowly bleeds out on the dirt floor far below.

    [TECH] Death Save (15); success!

    Sorrow Nimbus (dominated by Nettle) now has her turn.

  29. Sorrow Nimbus stays whips herself like the bad little heretical wench she is.


    Basic Attack
    +12 (+2 CA, -2 prone?) vs AC 23
    Hit: 20 poison damage, and still prone.

      Under compulsion from Nettle's spells, Sorrow Nimbus attempts a sexy new trick involving a thorned whip about her neck. Unfortunately, the spell has dulled her natural senses and she fails.

      [TECH] (2)+12 +2 -2 vs. AC 23
      Roll a 2, drink the hooch.

      The Dryads regroup themselves and scowl at their blackened and wounded bark. "We shall drink thy blood and it will nurture a new spring."
      The wights disintegrate on the wind, coalescing and reappearing around Kaddim, surrounding the cocky mage. Claws lash out, and with each drop of blood drawn the pallor in Kaddim's face whitens and the wounds on the Handmaidens stitch together.

      [TECH] (7) and (9) and (3) +8 +2 {combat advantage in aura} vs. AC 19
      Kaddim's max HP is reduced by 5 and (unfortunate for me) the least wounded Nymph hit and healed her damage

      A skeletal warrior, clad in ragged banded steel armor and carrying a tall, stout shield pushes its bony frame against the heavy doors, both at the north and at the west, to unveil the Unstoppable Legion of Arath-Lemu. Javelins held at the ready, the remaining soldiers march out into the grove to meet their enemies in a clash of steel!

      [TECH] Javelins against prone Oros: (18) and (20) and (3) +12 +2 {prone} vs. AC 22; for (7) and (14) damage

      :: Oros is bloodied at 14 HP ::

      Two melee javelins and a thrown javelin against Kaddim: (4) and (6) and (18) +12 vs. AC 19; for (7) damage

      OOC: Vitals updated, map updated, ALL SIX DUNGEONEERS MAY NOW TAKE THEIR TURN!

    2. OOC: Question, the prone and grabbed handmaiden was able to move despite Mikhail's "pin down" feature?

    3. OOC: Yes, she has a teleport speed, which breaks grab. She should have taken a pretty hefty penalty to attack (-2 marked, -2 prone), but she missed anyway so I didn't bother making another post just for that.

    4. OOC: Gotcha, in that case, I'M COMING FOR HER

  30. Lord Xann looks about at the grim situation developing and his back stiffens as he draws his bow. "It will take more than that to turn the tides against a Son of Stormbringer, harlot!" The warlord gives a quick word of encouragemnt to Brother Oros before loosing two shots at the

    Minor Action: Rousing words on Oros. Oros may spend two healing surges.

    Standard Action: Relentless Wounding at Sorrow Nimbus
    +12 vs. AC
    Hit: 3d12+7 damage. Unitl the end of the encouter, my allies gain a +4 bonus to damage against her.

    Action Point: Staggering Shot against Sorrow Nimbus
    +12 vs. AC
    Hit:2d12+7 damage and push her 4 (to W13 > X13 > Y12 > Z11). The first time she moves on her next turn, she falls prone after the move.

    1. free action: pray to the gods my aim is true!

    2. [LORD XANN]
      A hail of arrows falls around Sorrow Nimbus and Lord Xann rallies his troops for the next assault.

      [TECH] Relentless Wounding: (8)+12 -2 {Presence} vs. AC 23; miss
      Staggering Shot: (10)+12 -2 {Presence} vs. AC 23; miss
      After the healing surges, I've got a net result of Oros at 28 HP, no longer bloodied!

  31. OOC: Whoops! Sorrow Nimbus is immune to charm and thus could not be dominated. For ease of play, let's say that she made the attack against a dungeoneer, missed, stood up, and then summoned a bolt of Celestial Lightning to blast Oros for another 10 radiant & lightning damage.

    GAME ON!

  32. Oros stands up bolstered by Lord Xann's words a sense of relief washes over him as now he finally has a foe within striking distance. Oros grabs his double headed axe in both hands engages the skeletons.
    Move: Stand up
    Standard: Melee Basic attack on the skeleton R7 (+13 d10+7)using heroic effor on a miss (+4)
    if the attack hits and drops the skeleton dual weapon attack on the skeleton in R6 using heroic effort if necessary
    if the attack hits and doesn't drop the skeleton repeat the attack on the same skeleton

    also now that I am standing and not dazed the next time I'm targeted by an attack I'm using my timely dodge and shifting to N7
    Immediate Interrupt Personal
    Trigger: An enemy targets you with an attack.
    Effect: You shift up to half your speed. The triggering enemy can choose a new target for the attack if you are now out of range.

    1. [OROS]
      A whirlwind of blade marks the point at which Oros decides to KICK SOME ASS!!! Sharpened steel meets brittle bone and an ancient warrior of times past crumbles beneath Oros' might.

      [TECH] (17)+13 vs. AC 23; WRECKED!
      (2)+13 vs. AC 23; miss! badly!
      Also, I love the specificity to the post. Get ready to shift your ass off!

  33. After shoring up his allies defenses, Nettle summons every ounce of rage his tiny form possesses and Nettle throws his might at the succubus.


    Move to M10
    Minor: Majestic Word on Kaddim for surge+d6+4, and slide him to K15

    Standard: Staggering Note vs Nimbus
    +11 vs Will (-2 angelic b.s., -2 prone. OOC: sigh)
    Hit: 4 damage and I push her to W12
    On a miss, use Irrefutable Armor to reroll with a +2

    Also, use Virtue of Prescience as an interrupt if Kaddim is hit by a handmaiden, for a +4 to the targeted defense.

    1. [NETTLE]
      Sorrow Nimbus is blasted backward from a magical shockwave! NETTLE KNOWS THE KILLING WORD! He will forever be known as Muad'dib.
      The pounding wave does little on its own, but knocks the recently stood Sorrow Nimbus off her feet and plummeting to the hard ground below!

      [TECH]Kaddim is healed for full HP of 33, lol
      (14)+11 -2 {Presence, but not prone. She stood up during the Dominate Debacle} vs. Will 20; hit for 4 damage and push ....
      (1); FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sorrow Nimbus falls (she had to be standing on her feet to get up, I just checked the Rules Compendium for all this) and takes another 30 damage.
      Sorrow Nimbus is bloodied!
      Not that it matters right now, but Irrefutable Armor was already used last round

    2. OOC: Sorry, I missed that in my excitement.

  34. Mikhail takes a step forward and taunts many foes, drawing their rotting eyes towards his attention. "BEGONE VILE CREATURES!"
    Then he swings his rapier wildly at one handmaiden, attempting to follow through on the other.

    Move to J12
    Minor "Dark Summons" Close burst 3. All creatures in burst are marked by me until EomNT and I gain resist 2 ALL until EomNT
    Standard "Cleave" versus handmaiden in J13 +11 vs AC, on hit, 1d8+5 damage and the handmaiden that's bloodied takes 4 damage.

  35. [MIKHAIL]
    Mikhail uses the darkness pulsing through his veins to connect to these other creatures of evil, drawing their focus with his irresistible power. With a flurry of blows like lightning strikes, his blade slashes out and carves its way into naught but leaves. "Sorcery!" The dryad steps through a dimension door, evading the attack.

    [TECH](20) CRITICAL HIT! .... interrupted
    The Handmaiden teleports as an immediate interrupt to escape out of reach.

    1. OOC: And just so this is clear, the skeletons in I15 and J15 plus all three handmaidens are marked by me until EomNT. ;) come and get it suckaz.

  36. OOC: Holy crap, check this one out:

    Falling while Flying: If a creature falls while it is flying, it descends the full distance of the fall but is likely to take less damage than a creature that can’t fly. Subtract the creature’s fly speed (in feet) from the distance of the fall, then figure out falling damage. If the difference is 0 or less, the creature lands without taking damage from the fall. For example, if a red dragon falls when it is 40 feet in the air, subtract its fly speed of 8 (8 squares = 40 feet) from its altitude. The difference is 0, so the dragon lands safely and is not prone."

    So I'm going to rule that Sorrow Nimbus takes half damage from the fall, although that still bloodies her.

  37. [Kaddim]

    "It appeareth to me that these harlots are attracted to my electric personality. But I do say, thou art the foulest of harlots, and I shall rut with you no more!"

    Kaddim swigs an elixir, takes flight and then releases a crack of lightning hear by all the terrified and tormented souls throughout the fane.

    OOC: This may be the death of me, but I gotta try and get away from these nasty handmaidens.

    Minor: Consume elixir of levitation, grants fly speed 4 UEoE.
    Move action: Fly up 4 sq
    Std action: Shock Sphere centered on J15 (area burst 2)...should hit 3 skeletons and all three handmaidens. +10 vs Reflex, 1d8+2d6+10 lightning damage on a hit. Miss: half damage.

    This is, of course, assuming I don't get clawed apart of OAs.

  38. [KADDIM]
    Panicked, Kaddim take a bold and risky move. A magic elixir burns up his gut and he floats up into the air as the horrid nymphs slice at his soft flesh with sacrificial blades of life-stealing.

    Stab! Stab! Stab! again, the blood pouring out onto the stone floor and seeping into the cracks. The pain and suffering of Kaddim goes directly to fuel the hate and beauty of Sorrow Nimbus and her retinue of undead servants.

    [TECH] (11)+10 -2 {marked} +2 {CA aura} vs. AC 19; for (10) damage and Sorrow Nimbus heals 5 hp
    (19)+10 -2 {marked} +2 {CA aura} vs. AC 19; for (10) damage and Sorrow Nimbus heals 5 hp
    (20)+12 -2 {marked} +2 {CA aura} vs. AC 19; for (14) damage

    1. Yup, I was afraid that was going to happen. With my last breathe, I curse zoidberg!

    2. OOC:
      So, as an immediate interrupt, Kaddim can cast shield after the first OA hits, which would save me from the first 10 damage and keep me up.

      Sorry i didn't post quick enough, I threw up my last post and then the wife came home from a girls night out. Never got back to the PC *wink*. If its too late, its too late. If not, the attack goes off and maybe it changes what the handmaidens do (obviously not the mummy or the Nimbus' turn).

    3. OOC: It's cool, man. I was expecting to run into interrupt/timing issues sooner or later. I think the easiest thing is to completely retcon the Handmaidens and Legionaries turns, obviously letting Kaddim chuck a lightning ball first. This might take me a few minutes to figure out ...

  39. [KADDIM]
    LIGHTNING RAINS DOWN FROM THE SKY! The Handmaidens are trapped below, suffering the onslaught of Kaddim and using their own remaining power to desperately attempt an escape. Shattered bones fly through the air like so much shrapnel.

    [TECH] Shield stops first OA, keeping Kaddim at 9 HP and Sorrow Nimbus bloodied.
    I'm going to go ahead and trigger Nettle's Virtue of Prescience, stopping a second OA. Kaddim at 19 HP.
    Shock Sphere vs. Skeletons: (13) and (9) and (20) +10 vs. Reflex 20; two down!
    Shock Sphere vs. Handmaidens: (7) and (15) and (3) +10 vs. Reflex 18; one hit for (2)+(3)+(1)+10 lightning damage, bloodied;
    the other two interrupt your attack with dimension door to escape the blast entirely

    Coughing up blood, Brand struggles to keep his eyes open and his lungs still breathing air. Gasping, his finger twitch reflexively on the floor.

    [TECH] Death Save (5); fail #1

    Sorrow Nimbus wipes a trail of blood from her perfect lips and smiles. She launches up into the air, demon wings flapping, and gives a villainous retort.

    "Go back and tell that old hag that she's going to have to do her dirty work herself. That is, if any of you leave here alive! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

    [TECH] Recharge (3), forgotten Recharge from last Round (1); Move to stand, Standard to fly 5 squares up;
    End of 4th Round, summon MUMMIFIED DEATH KNIGHT

    Swift as an autumn breeze, the Handmaidens of Blasphemy foretell the coming winter of cold death. They swirl about, setting their sights on draining the blood of a vampire for their mistress. What an exquisite treat!

    [TECH] Teleport to be adjacent to Mikhail, Life-Stealing daggers; (15) and (12) and (4)+10 +2 {CA aura} vs. AC 24; for (10) and (10) damage, Sorrow Nimbus heals (5) and (5) hp, STILL bloodied

    The unstoppable march of the legions moves in with the sound of heavy iron-shod boots pounding against the hard stone floor echoing form the walls. Spears out, they advance in deadly formation. Just as they were in life, in death the skeletal warriors pounce on their prey as a tight-knit squad, surrounding the enemy and moving in for the kill. Against such a host, what hope has Man left?

    [TECH] Shuffle up to Mikhail on the south and Oros on the north, chucking javelins where applicable and stabbing elsewheres, a few double moves in there. Oros's interrupt triggers and he gives the skeletons the run-around, forcing many to stick to double-move, and leaving Lord Xann to take a few hits.
    3 Javelins against Xann: (10) and (7) and (4) +12 vs. AC 22; (7) damage
    Remaining Skeletal Soldiers double move or miss on attacks against Mikhail.

    No shit, the sarcophagus lid slides off and a Mummy Death Knight emerges, wielding staff and rod like the pharoahs of old! It shambles down the stairs.

    [TECH] double move, shamble, down the stairs


    Map updated.
    Vitals updated. Hey, it could be worse.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Just realized Mikhail had Resist 2 ALL at the point that the handmaidens did (10) and (10) damage here. Does that drop to 8 and 8? So 4 more HP total at this point?

  40. Mindful of the increasingly grim odds, Lord Xann falls back, accepting the need to consolidate their forces.

    "Brother Oros, cut that whore in half!"

    Oros looks at the warlord with a bemused expression.

    Xann sighs; he then draws an arrow and shoots at the handmaiden's face.

    "That one! Kill her!"


    Move Action: Shift to O7

    Minor Action: Inspiring word on Oros (healing surge + 2d6)

    Standard Action: Race the Arrow vs. the handmaiden at J11
    +12 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d12+7 damage and as a free action Oros can charge her with a +4 bonus to the attack and damage rolls.

    OOC: Warlords are such micromanagers...

  41. Mikhail's vampiric veins bulge in his biceps as he chugs down a red bubbling liquid from a flask at his hip. He wipes the blood from his lip, laughs maniacally, and thirsts to draw blood from the third dryad of death. With a crazy grin on his face he slashes wildly at the handmaiden and curses her with the mark of a true killer.

    Minor: Drink healing potion
    Minor: Assume "Bloodlust Frenzy" stance, until stance ends, any enemy that starts it's turn adjacent to Mikhail takes 1d8+2 damage
    Standard: Taunting Ploy on non-bloodied Handmaiden in K11. She's marked. +11 vs AC. 3d8+5 damage on hit. Effect: Until the end of the encounter, if the target moves, Mikhail can shift 2 squares as immediate reaction. (I'm assuming that counts if she teleports too?) If this misses, use Heroic Effort (+4 to the roll)

  42. [LORD XANN]
    Lord Xann's eyes narrow down to the coven of vicious wights and he shouts commands to Oros. In the din of battle, orders get lost, commands get misunderstood , and arrows soar high over the heads of their intended targets.

    [TECH] Oros heals 12+(2)+(1) to be at 43 HP; near full
    Race the Arrow: (4)+12 vs. AC 19

    That arrow was a signal flare, a warning from Lord Commander Xann that this was truly a struggle of life or death. Mikhail unleashes his inner beast, the dark power that struggles to be contained within his darkened soul. Claw, fang, and blade erupt in a whirlwind leaving a trail of blood!

    ... or sap or something

    [TECH] Mikhail heals to be at 49 HP
    Taunting Ploy: (10)+11 vs. AC 19; for (6)+(2)+(7)+5
    All three Handmaidens bloodied

  43. Seeing his ally swarmed, Nettle turns his attention to the Handmaidens.


    Move: Fly to K7, 1 square up
    Standard: Staggering Note on the first bloodied Handmaiden
    +11 vs will
    Hit: 4 damage, and push to another square adjacent to Mikhail, and he can make an MBA against it as a free action (at any point during the movement).

  44. Oros sees his companions in graver danger and realizes a little too late what Xann was trying to tell him. A surge of energy rushes through his veins and Oros charges into the fray.

    Minor: Activate Aspect of the Charging Ram
    Move: move to J8
    Standard: charge to J10 and attack the Maiden in J11 (+13+1Charge+2CA d10+10 knock prone on hit) using power attack for an additional d10 if I hit her and using heroic effort if necessary

    If the Maiden in J11 is dropped by this attack
    Action Point: use Xann’s free action shift from Skirmishing presence to shift to N7 charge to L10 attacking the maiden in K11 (+13+1Charge+2CA d10+10 knock prone on hit) and using heroic effort if necessary and available if maiden in K11 is still conscious and I hit her use me free action dual weapon attack on the maiden in K11 (13+2CA d10+12)

    If the attack hits and the Maiden in J11 is not dropped by the attack
    Free action dual weapon attack on the Maiden in J11 (13+2CA d10+12) if this drops her I will use the action point to shift charge the maiden in K11 as above (no dual weapon attack) If I don’t drop her with the dual weapon attack I will use the action point to shift back to J8 and charge her again as above

    If the attack misses the Maiden in J11 use the action point and skirmishing presence to shift to J8 and charge her again using heroic effort if necessary and power attacking on a hit. If she is hit but not unconscious use dual weapon attack on her. If she is unconscious use dual weapon attack on the maiden in K11 (13 d10+7 no extra 5 because she is not prone)

    Holy freaking wall of text multi-attacking action points are quite cumbersome in play by post. If this doesn’t make sense please let me know.

  45. OOC @Dice: Yes correct! Thanks for picking that out, it got lost in the fray. Mikhail is at 53 HP. But!!!! that also reminds me that you cannot heal hp, being in the Handmaiden's life-sapping aura. Back down to 43 HP. So many things to track!

    [TECH] Gain 1 Blight and Wisdom Check (17)+5 vs. DC 15;
    Ended last turn within Sorrow Nimbus' aura, GOTCHA!

    Thine buzzing continues, as a mosquitoes plucking away at an elephant. But too, like that mosquito, thou brings with the sting the virulent ravages of disease, inciting thy allies to action!

    [TECH] Staggering Note: (7)+11 vs. Will 16; 4 damage and Mikhail gets an attack
    Rapier: (3)+11 vs. AC 19

    OROS SMASH!!! Bloodlust has seized thy heart. Thy thirst is temporarily slacked as both axe heads find their mark in a stunningly gruesome DOUBLE DECAPITATION!!! The walking dead crumple to the ground and instantly revert to a pile of mulch and rotten leaves, grave worms tunneling their way through what once was flesh.

    [TECH] Charge: (13)+13 +1 {charge} +2 {flanks-giving} vs. AC 19, for (6)+9+2 damage; DEAD!
    Dual Weapon: (1)+13 vs. AC 19; HUMILIATION!
    Action POint & Charge: (8)+13 +1 {charge} +2 {dark? light? all shall be carved} vs. AC 19; for (6)+9+2 damage; DEAD!

  46. Kaddim hovers above the fray, hoping to see what he thinks is the turning of the tide. As Mikhil and oros seem to have a handle on the maidens for now, Kaddim pulls a sparkling thunder stone from his robe pocket and drops it on thE skeletons below. "GOYAALE!". After all, that's what his grandfather used to say...


    From my hovering position, drop an alchemical spark on the Skeletons at J14. Area burst 1, +6 vs reflex. 1d6 lightning damage and they take -1 to attacks until start of my next turn.
    Kaddim then hovers away to put himself in better position from taking on the nimbus and the mummy....move to M14, still 4sq up.

  47. [KADDIM]
    A flask bottling up liquid lightning drops down from above, only to spark and crackle against the ancient tower shields of the skeletons in thei testudo formation.

    [TECH] (6) and (3) and (7) +6 vs. Reflex 20; other three about to die, so I didn't roll

    Drowns in his own blood.
    [TECH] Death Save: (8)

    A shrill, hate-filled screech comes straight at Kaddim from the darkened pit. Sorrow Nimbus makes her reappearance as holy lightning flashes down and the arrogant mage is knocked out of the sky!

    [TECH] Recharge (1);
    Run-Fly up
    cast Celestial Lightning at Lord Xann for 10 damage
    run and charge Kaddim: (16)+12 -5 (run) vs. AC 19; for 20 poison damage and knocked prone, forcing him safely to the ground

    [TECH] Starts turn, takes (8)+2 damage, dies

    The march continues and Lord Commander Xann finds himself surrounded and outmaneuvered. A fitting end to a warrior of such ill-repute? It may not be the death that he wanted, but it was the death that he needed.
    "Shadows and dust."

    [TECH] Three attacks against Mikhail; (19) and (9) and (2) +12 vs. AC 24; (7) damage
    Five attacks against Xann: (16) and (14) and (12) and (15) and (12) +12 vs. AC 22; (7x5 damage)
    Two flanking attacks against Xann: (20) and (3) +12 +2 vs. AC 22; (7x2 damage)

    The walking corpse of one of antiquity's greatest conquerors, and betrayer, shambles forward with the burning hatred of all life.

    [TECH] double run

    Map updated, Vitals updated.

  48. Oros caught up on the bloodlust of the battle finally sees Sorrow Nimbus within range. With a guttural howl he charges at her.

    Standard: Charge to N13 (aspect of charging ram prevents OAs while I'm charging) attack Sorrow Nimbus (+13+1 d10+12 knock prone on hit) using heroic effort if necessary and power attack (it doesn't like I used it yet?)
    On hit Free: Dual weapon attack (13+2CA d10+12)

  49. OOC: Ross, if you don't mind us retconning this...

    Nettle is running out of tricks to pull out of his tiny sleeves...


    Minor: Revitalizing Incantation on Xann. He may spend a healing surge and also gain temporary hit points equal to his healing surge value.

    Move: Pixie Dust on Oros. He may fly 6 squares as a free action.

    Standard: Jinx Shot vs Nimbus.
    +12 vs AC (14 -2 long range)
    Hit: d4+6 damage, and the first time she misses with an attack before EoNT she falls prone.

  50. OOC: in car so this post will not be as descriptive as normal.

    Standard: Cleave skeletons K13 to J13
    Minor: drink HP potion (now that it's possible)
    Move to N9
    Action point cleave again to take out center skeleton and one other...from Xann's shift aura, shift into center of skeletons so that bloodlust frenzy hits them all at start of their turn.

  51. [OROS]
    A flying leap off the top rope, err... balcony, sailing through the air! Oros' axe buries itself in Sorrow Nimbus' shoulder, cracking open the gap in her armor like a tin can and sending her down to the ground. "So I threw it on the ground!"
    He gracefully lands aside of her, already the blood in his veins turning black from the evil that she inspires in the hearts of Men. Sorrow Nimbus looks up with him with a pained expression. Blood trickling down her chin, she coughs a bit of gore out and, with tears in her eyes, asks if he really wants to hurt her?
    "Can't you let yourself love me?

    [TECH]Sorrow Nimbus is flying; Athletics check (8)+7 to flying jump off the tier and hit her mid-flight; exactly what was needed to clear those 3 squares!
    Charge: (11)+13 +1 {charge} vs. AC 23; hit for (8)+9 +2 {stance} +(10) {power strike}
    Falling damage would be 5 damage and prone, but Oros is trained in Acrobatics and makes a check of (17)+12, negating the damage and landing on his feet. Sorrow Nimbus, however, not so much. She takes 5 falling damage and is prone.
    Off-hand Attack: (3)+13 +2 {prone} vs. AC 23; miss!
    Lastly, Oros ends his turn in Sorrow Nimbus' aura, taking 1 Blight, a -2 to Will until next turn, and ... Wisdom Check (19)+6 .... being otherwise ok.

    Tiny fey darts impale Sorrow Nimbus' forearm as she shields her delicate, precious face from the ravages of Nettle's arrows.

    [TECH] Jinx Shot: (13)+14 -2 {range} -2 {prone} vs. AC 23; (3)+6 damage and jinxed

    OOC: Lord Xann is back in action, waiting on him to post.
    Oros, please let me know where you want to fly to. Otherwise, yous guys can hold onto the pixie dust for later.

    [TECH] Cleave: (10)+11 vs. AC 23; Miss!

    OOC: Since Dice is in the car posting, perhaps he does not realize the gravity of the situation. Do you realize that your stated move will make your character eat 3 opportunity attacks? You're ok with that? I'll post some fluff as well when we're good to go.

  52. OOC: First of all, badass hit Oros! Also, I was expecting to hit that first attack dropping two and only taking one OA, so that was all pending the first hit successful. I'll be home soon and update the turn now that I see I've missed the first attack. Thanks Ross

  53. OOC: I'll save the pixie dust, then.

    1. OOC: Alright, Ross, I'm going to go ahead and risk it. The opportunity of taking out all of the other skeletons is too tempting to pass up. Don't forget the healing potion too.

  54. OOC: Can I fly to J9, 1 square up, instead of pixie dust?

  55. OOC: The Comments are getting pretty long, so I'm moving the discussion over to Part 2!