November 2, 2012


god of storms and tyranny
This post discusses one of the ten new gods that have ascended to divinity and formed a new pantheon, following the destruction of the Heresiarch at the end of SND-02: Fane of the Heresiarch. Click here to learn more about this process.

What is sacred?

To hold power over those around you is the highest of virtues.
To act with boldness and audacity is sacred.
To best your lessers with cunning is sacred.
To consume the flesh of the fallen is sacred.

What is Profane?

Cowardliness is the worst of sins and will be met with swift death.

What weapon is held in high regard?

The bow and the javelin are held in the highest regard. To rain death upon your enemies before they have a chance to react is righteous.

Who are your chosen people?

Although attended by storm giants and elementals in his cloud fortress, Xann's chosen people are the windsoul genasi of the southern lands.

What number is sacred?

Ten; the number of elder brothers Xann murdered to seize his rule.

What non-human forms does he take when descending upon mortals?

Xann has been known to take the amorphous shape of a roiling stormfront, a great winged serpent with a tongue of forked lightning, and a towering blue giant with a voice like thunder.

What other names is he known by?

The Storm Lord, The Sky Tyrant, Stormbringer.

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