November 16, 2012


god of darkness, destiny, doom, and strength

This post discusses one of the ten new gods that have ascended to divinity and formed a new pantheon, following the destruction of the Heresiarch at the end of SND-02: Fane of the Heresiarch. Click here to learn more about this process.
Oros is the god of destiny, doom, darkness and strength.  Oros was responsible for the slaughter of his village and family the shame from these actions led him to the path of darkness hiding from prying and accusing eyes and the anger and rage at himself for these deeds fueled his indomitable strength.  As the Heresiarch fell and the earth was saved Oros realized that without the events of his past he would not have been transformed into a being capable accomplishing the deeds that helped him and his allies achieve this great victory.  Oros had overcome his past and found the strength to face his destiny helping to save the world.

Oros does not lay down in front of his destiny he sneaks up on it in a dark alley and puts it in a head lock!  Whacha going to do?!?!

What is Sacred? What is Profane?
Always moving forward finding strength in the events of one’s life and using them as fuel to achieve greater heights.  The path to one’s destiny can have many levels and sometimes one must embrace the darkness around them and grow from every experience.  The Lion is a sacred symbol of Oros representing both a beast that can stalk from the darkness or use its prodigious strength to bring down its prey in open combat.  Followers of the path of Oros often wear the lion mask warning others not to get in the way of their destiny.

What weapons or implement is held in high regard?
The axe is held in highest regard by the followers of Oros.  The axe represents a humble tool that anyone might own, yet in the right hands can become the mightiest of weapons. 

Who are your chosen people?
Oros’ chosen people are the downtrodden and the broken.  The redemption of Oros and the slaying of the Heresiarch represents a path of hope that the wretched and poor cling to.  Often peasant uprisings consist of followers of Oros wearing the lion mask hoping to overthrow their oppressors as Oros helped overthrow the Heresiarch.

What number is a sacred number? 
The number one is sacred, for all must find the strength to face destiny from within oneself alone.

What other forms, aside from humanoid, does your god take when descending upon mortals?
Oros sometimes takes the form of a lion when descending upon mortals.

What other names is your god known by?

The woodsman, the redeemer.

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