March 11, 2008

The Crown Revealed!

All hail King Kulimvorith!
... Right?


  1. "BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..............AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!" The laughter of the aged Dhaakani is as sudden as it is long. With tears streaming down his face, Duurkala, raises his head from his bent over position, his breath ragged from laughter.

    Lifting his arms and fake bowing he mockingly intones, "ALL HAIL THE KING OF THE DRAGONKIND!" Another wave of laughter rocks the bard. "Now I've seen funny, but THAT is funny. Well, that makes this much sweeter and much easier." Dipping his longsword into a secondary sheath, he draws it forward gleaming with fluid.

    He turns his gaze on Ghaaldar and says to him, "Do what you must, but know this, only our kind walk out of here today. I would see either your bravery or Druum's cunning bring glory and restoration to our people and nothing else will stop that."

    With that, he steps forward and suddenly brings his sword to bear against Mavarothix.

    free action: laugh my ass off
    minor action: apply fluid to blade
    move action: move to P38. if Mavarothix shifts at this point (cause he really should consider me his enemy by this point, then I will continue move to end adjacent to him)
    standard action: melee basic attack against Mavarothix, +9 vs. AC, 1d8+7 damage (+6 poison damage from fluid and target is dazed (save ends)).

    on a hit Words of Gravity grants Ghaaldar a +2 to all defenses until the end my next turn.

    1. OOC: I can't help but laugh, too! I love the roleplaying you put into Duurkala. IT'S LIKE WE'RE PLAYING SOME SORT OF GAME, WHERE WE ALL GET TO PLAY AT BEING DIFFERENT ROLES. Take a lesson, guys, this shit is golden! Please, give me at least a good one-liner when you mess up someone's day.

      A flurry of blows takes place, blade and arrow back and forth in a flash of anger as strong as the deep-rooted hatreds of the ancient empires. Mavarothix takes the brunt of it, suffering a deep wound that drives sickly poison into his veins, staggering him to the point where he needs to lean on the nearby wall to maintain his balance.


      Disruptive Strike: (19)+10 +1 {prime shot} vs. AC 19; HIT!
      for (4)+6 damage to be at 28 HP!

      Opportunity Attack: (3)+9 vs. AC 19 +2; MISS!

      Poisoned Longsword: (18)+9 -3 {disruptive} vs. AC 19; HIT!
      for (7)+7 +6 = 20 damage! Mavarothix is bloodied and poisoned at 15 HP.

      Go Drum-Haak!!!

  2. mavarothix reacts quickly to the attack, firing a volley at short range and hoping to disorient the Dhaakani.

    Immediate Interrupt: Disruptive Strike ... +10 vs AC, 1d8 +6 damage and the target takes a -3 penalty to the triggering attack.

    I don't remember if he gets an OA for this since it is his turn and in the middle of his attack. If so, I get +2 to AC against the OA (Defensive Mobility).

    1. And I don't know if this qualifies for "Prime Shot" (no allies are closer). If so, that's an additional +1 to hit.

  3. [Drum-Haak]
    Drum-Haak cackles with a sinister glee. The hateful laugh would unnerve even the most stoic of observers.

    “The time has come; the day is mine! Look on the majesty of Emperor Drum-Haak and rightly tremble!”

    The cunning sage retrieves the crown and then looks upon his former allies with a look of sheer malice.

    “Sleep well, my children; all will be well in the morning!”

    With that, he casts a magical charm of slumber upon the pathetic lesser beings.


    Now treating all non-Dhaakani as enemies

    Move Action: Move mage hand to the crown at S42.

    Minor Action: Mage hand picks up crown.

    Standard Action: Move mage hand to me.

    Free Action: mage hand drops crown into my hand.

    Action Point: Sleep (burst 2) centered at R40.
    +7 vs. Will
    Hit: slowed (save ends)
    First failed saving throw: the target is unconscious (save ends)
    Miss: slowed (save ends)

    1. OOC: Epic!

      The ancient power of the crown flows through Drum-Haak's veins, as his own personal magical power is enhanced to terrifying levels! A spell of charming descends upon the Dhakaani's slaves, drifting them off into enforced slumber.

      vs. Mavarothix: (2) or (12)+7 +2 vs. Will 12; HIT!
      vs. Grimlock: (1) or (3)+7 vs. Will 13; MISS! Incredible!
      vs. Kulimvorith: (4) or (13)+7 vs. Will 18 -5; HIT!

      Black Lotus! Now is the time!

  4. OOC: I just got word, via some hearsay, that Ian is sick to the point where he can't make posts on the Blogs. Thus, I'm considering Black Lotus indefinitely delayed and Ian can jump in at basically any time to take a turn.

    Grimlock takes 5 necrotic damage and starts his turn. GO forth ans SMASH!

  5. "Ha! And you thought you stood a chance against the full might of the tromg Dhaakani! Even your giant will fall." Duurkala taunts and waves at the hulking ogre. "We'll just see how you hold up, 'friend.'"

  6. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar seems to be slow to react, perhaps it is the effects of the Far Realm upon him? He readies a javelin, but who will he use it on? He comes closer to Drum-Haak, pointing his javelin in the direction of the ogre.

    Minor: "Minor Resurgence": +5 thp.
    Move: to M40
    Standard: Second Wind. +10 hp, +2 to defenses USNT

  7. OOC: The smashing begins.

    Seeing the party begin to tear into itself, Grimlock gladly obliges. Tired of years of mistreatment at the hand of his Dhaakani masters. Grimlock first wastes Drum-Haak.


    Move: shift up and right one square
    Standard: charge to O39, MBA +8 vs AC aginst Drum-Haak, 2d6+7+2d6(Avalanche Hammer)+2d6(Furious Assualt), Secondary atk from Bestial Hide Armor +10 vs AC, 2d6+7dmg. (Brutal 1 on all them d6's, please :^))

    ACTION POINT: MBA against Mavarothix, 2d6+7dmg


    TL;DR Grimlock flips his shit.

    1. Mavarothix is marked, if he's not dead already.

    2. Grimlock smashes indeed! With a mighty leap, the hulking brute shakes off the magical drowsiness placed upon him by Drum-Haak and charges into the frail wizard with a weapon that could best be described as a boulder on the end of an uprooted tree. Drum-Haak looks up at the last moment, a shine of light glancing off of his eye, as the massive hammer smashes his brains out onto the floor. His weak body crumples down at Grimlock's feet, a wild swing hits overhead of Mavarothix, and the cursed Far Realm Device channels the echoing screams of 1000 horrors into the thick skull of Grimlock.

      Charge: (13)+8 +1 {charge} vs. AC 16; HIT!
      for (4)+(5)+7 +(4)+(6) +(3)+(4) <- I did actually roll a bunch of 1's, brutal FTW
      for a total of 33 damage!
      The first attack drops Drum-Haak unconscious, thus the secondary attack becomes ...

      Bestial Hide Attack: (3)+10 +2 {prone} vs. AC 16 -5 {unconscious}; HIT! COUPE DE FUCKING GRACE!
      for (6)+(6)+7 +(4) = 23 damage!
      Drum-Haak is splatted at -25 HP. Almost negative full HP.

      Action Point: (1) HUMILIATION!

      Far Realm Device: (3)+10 vs. Will 13; HIT!
      for (1)+(2)+(4)+5= 12 psychic damage and (5) ongoing 5 psychic damage (save ends).

      Save vs. Slowed: (19); Success!
      Save vs. Necrotic: (6); Fail

      Map and Status are updated!
      Mavarothix lucks the fuck out! He has 24 hours to post, and then Ghaaldar's posted actions will happen. Have fun being dazed!

    3. Half-orc Resilience grants me 5THP the first time I am bloodied in an encounter.

    4. Right on, I'll bump you up to 18 HP.

  8. Drum-Haak spits out his teeth through the bloody mutilated mess that was once his face. "With my last breath, I curse Ghaaldar..."

    1. OOC: but in all seriousness, I call out to Lamashtu to curse the seed of Ghaaldar.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Mavarothix is still dazed from Duurkala's poisoned blade. Please revise and resubmit.

    2. Oh, I also want you to be aware that, marked by Grimlock, you will provoke a melee basic attack from him just by shifting via Combat Challenge.

      So.... kinda boned.

    3. *Sigh...* Post will have to wait then.

  10. Before the lights dim completely, out of desperation Mavarotrix fires at close range to the two foes before him.

    Standard: Split the Tree (Daily) ... Grimlock and Duurkala
    I will take an OA from both of them if they like.
    +10 vs AC, roll a d20 twice and apply highest roll to both attacks, 2d8 +6 thunder damage each
    Since both are included in attack, and based on wording of power (it's one attack with two targets) mark penalty doesn't apply.
    I will apply Practiced Killer to Duurkala, +1d8 damage
    +1d8 thunder damage on crit (just being thorough)

    If either Duurkala or Grimlock is still standing (I assume Duurkala is):

    Free Action, if I hit Duurkala and he's still up: Screaming Bow's daily ... Duurkala gets vulnerable 5 thunder (save ends), Black Lotus and myself get vulnerable 5 thunder until EONT.
    If I did not hit Duurkala, if I hit Grimlock and he's still up, use it on him: Grimlock gets vulnerable 5 thunder (save ends) and I get vulnerable 5 thunder until EONT.

    ACTION POINT (if possible; it is a free action to use, but rules aren't all that clear), regardless of who's still standing

    Twin Strike ... They can't OA me twice the same turn, so I might as well
    Order of attack: Duurkala, Grimlock, Ghaaldar ... Will fire one or two attacks at whoever's still standing, in that order
    +10 vs AC, 1d8 +6 thunder damage, plus vulnerability 5 thunder depending on who has it.

    Free: Wait for the inevitable

    1. If my OA hits, I'd like to add my Lesser Ringing Blade to my melee basic attack for an extra 5 thunder damage. Target also grants combat advantage and cannot benefit from concealment until end of my next turn.


    2. A flurry of arrows stream out of the bow of Mavarothix as his dances and dodges out of the way of a thicket of blades. Too small to catch, the sly Kobold places an arrow right under the chin of the giant brute, Grimlock, taking the beast down!

      Grimlock OA: (4)+8 vs. AC 19+2; MISS!
      Duurkala OA: (2)+9 vs. AC 19+2; MISS!

      Split the Tree: (3) or (18)
      vs. Grimlock (18)+10 vs. AC 19; HIT!
      for (4)+(1)+5 = 10 damage! Grimlock is at 3 HP!
      vs. Duurkala (18)+10 vs. AC 19; HIT!
      for [10]+(3)= 13 damage and vulnerable 5 thunder! Duurkala is at 15 HP!

      Twin Strike Grimlock: (20) CRITICAL HIT!
      for (8)+6+5+(4) = 23 damage! Grimlock is dropped unconscious at -20 HP! Not dead yet!

      Twin Strike Duurkala: (1) HUMILIATION!
      The good dice giveth, and they taketh away.

      Save vs. Sleep: (10); SUCCESS!
      Save vs. Dazed: (5); FAIL!

    3. Pardon, Grimlock is down on the floor at -15 HP.

    4. OOC: Oh my god, how could I forget!?!?!?!?

      With the loss of consciousness, Grimlock's beefy grip slackens on the chain holding up the adamantium portcullis of impalement. The steel links cling and clang on their way down to the ground, as the sickening sounds of steel ripping through flesh echoes across the chamber, the last remaining impact of Grimlock on this world.

      (2)+12 vs. AC 19 - 5; HIT!
      for (3)+(1)+(2)+(3)+12 = 21 damage!
      Grimlock's heart is ripped out of his rib cage at -36 HP!!!
      ... and restrained.

      This will actually force a bit of "retcon" for Ghaaldar, puttinghim at his original posted actions to brace for the impact of the Far Realm Device ...

    5. OOC: adamantium portcullis of impalement, lol

      Grimlock manages one last furious bellowing Frreeeedoooom! before being sliced in two by the gate

      OOC: Sooo close... :^)

  11. Ghaaldar's turn is now up. He cautiously creeps out of the hellishly trapped chamber, confidently standing overtop the prized crown.

    Meanwhile on the floor nearby, Kulimvorith bleeds to death. His body lies cold and dead on the ground, and will remain forever here as a warning sign to adventurers braving the dangers of the Far Realm. Take heart; some people's destiny in life is merely to serve as a warning to others.

    DM Fiat: With Grimlock down, I will certainly not punish Joe for trying to post his actions quickly and move the game along faster. I am, after all, extremely impatient. I rule that he changes his Standard to a second (slowed) Move out of the room to Square N38. He has 13 HP and 5 temporary HP.

    Save vs. Slowed; (10) SUCCESS!

    Kulimvorith drops to -8 HP from ongoing damage and then is attacked agains by the Far Realm Device:
    (4)+10 vs. Will 18 -5; HIT!
    for (2)+(6)+(8)+5+10 = 31 damage!
    Kulimvorith is obliterated at -39 HP!!!

    1. OOC: Ghaaldar is second winding and minor resurgenceing and in front of the portcullis.

      Ghaaldar braces for the impact, grits his teeth, and howls in fury as his body is painfully warped by this cursed magical Device! His eyes ooze black blood that rolls down his cheeks and stains his fur.

      (15)+10 vs. WIll 13 +2 {words of gravity} +2 {second wind}; HIT!
      for (5)+(4)+(4)+5 = 18 psychic damage and (2) ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends). Ghaaldar is down to 13 HP, zero temps, second wind expended.

      Duurkala to the rescue!

    2. OOC: Whoop, one more time, how about he's down to 10 HP (13 HP to start, +10 second wind, +5 temps, -18 damage).

  12. Mavarothix looks at Duurkala straight in the eye.

    "Kill me and he dies painfully! Spare me and perhaps he can be saved!"

    OOC: Impact in 3... 2...

  13. Duurkala reaches down and scoops out the crumpled mess that was Druum-Haak from the crown's interior before placing the bloodied ring around his own head.

    His faded eyes take on an ethereal quality as he remarks in a true storyteller's voice, "I make no claim to this, I merely seek it's power to bring Ghaaldar home. Ghaaldar, you shall lead our people. I wasn't sure, but now I see it."

    The aged Dhaakani steps forward and turns to the reptile.

    "Mavarothix. I make no apology for trying to kill you," taking a moment to pull the arrow from his shoulder he continues, "as I do not expect one in kind. We are at an empasse and I say we have peace. Help me save Ghaaldar, help me save my people, and I will spare your life."

    The Dhaakani storyteller steps forward and readies himself to respond to Mavarothix's intention.

    minor action: claim Crown

    move action: shift next to portcullis and Mavarothix

    wait to hear Mavarothix's response before doing anything else.

  14. Mavarothix lowers his weapon nods in tentative agreement, still reeling due to the dizzying effects of the poison.

    "Poison drains strength, cannot think well. I will mean you no harm if you do same."

    Move: Shift to Q37.
    Free: Lower weapon.

    I'm still dazed due to the damn poison. Can't do much else yet.

  15. "Then LET'S DO THIS!" Duurkala turns to the portcullis and begins to lift with all his might.

    begin lifting, but wait for Mavarothix to lift with me
    strength: +1

  16. OOC: I need to know if I'm still dazed.

  17. Mavarothix's help is not needed, as the awesome power and might of the crown unlocks the hidden potential, the unsurpassed excellence, of Duurkala. He steps forward and lifts the adamantium portcullis high overhead.

    Mavarothix looks on, bow lowered, and wipes away the last foamy spittle induced by the poison. As he rests, his draconic ancestry manifests itself, as he can smell the scent of Elf on the air. Three creatures approach, walking down the long hallway on the north side of the map.

    (3) or (17)+1 vs. Strength DC 16; Success!
    Save vs. Poison: (12); Success!

    Mavarothix's Passive Percepion detects three Elves approaching, slowly.

    Ghaaldar's turn is up. Weekends count as one only day, so I'm not really expecting his post for awhile.

  18. "Others are coming... We must move quickly!" Mavarothix comments, then readies his bow while looking at the Northern passage.

  19. [Ghaaldar]
    At first, when the portcullis crashed shut, Ghaaldar thought he was doomed. The crown was on the other side, who would care to get him out of this deathtrap chamber? When Duurkaala opens the portcullis once again, Ghaaldar moves through to safety!

    Turning to the one who saved him, he says, "Thank you, my friend. Now, let us get much distance between this place and ourselves."

    He readies a javelin, waiting for elven targets to appear.

    Tech: Ready action, when a foe comes into range, chuck the javelin. +7 vs AC, 1d6+5 damage.

    1. OOC: if you want to spend a healing surge Ghaaldar, you can use a minor to get healed +1d6 from my skald aura. Might be helpful!

  20. Ghaaldar has until Monday morning to spend his Minor Action, but while we're waiting, Duurkala can take his turn!

    1. Ghaaldar does take 5 necrotic damage (to be at 5 HP, hanging by a thread!), and then will eventually end his turn to shake off the horrid magics of the Realms of Madness.

      Save: (15)

  21. Duurkala drops the heavy portcullis of impalement with a grunt. "Well, now that that's done. I'm feeling much better. Mavarothix, you've done well. Perhaps we'll all live to see the sun once more. And you Ghaaldar," Duurkala lifts a hand to Ghaaldar's chest, "You've got a reign to begin."

    Pausing to catch his breath, the wizened Dhaakani stretches his creaking arms and runs his hand down his blade. A frosty mist comes off the chill of his blade as Duurkala turns toward the incoming sound of elves. Reaching into the power of the crown, he readies himself to take the mind of the nearest elf as soon as he can.


    free action: drop portcullis

    minor action: use skald aura on myself. (healing surge +1d6)

    minor action: Chilled Blade on my longsword (next weapon attack with my weapon deals 1d10 extra cold damage and is slowed until the end of my next turn.

    standard action: ready ENSLAVE ability from Crown against first elf I see, (+6 vs Will, hit: target dominated, miss: 10 psychic damage.)

    1. Duurkala reassures himself, remembering the old tales of glory, and seeing the future ahead filled with new tales describing the triumphs of his protege, Ghaaldar.

      Duurkala heals (4)+9 to be at 28 HP.

  22. [Ghaaldar]
    Change of plans...

    Ghaaldar does not ready an attack, as he doesn't want to hit the elf that Duurkala might dominate.

    He waits, and catches his breath. (Minor Action, Skald Aura, +1d6 hp).

    1. Sharing in the moment, Ghaaldar smiles to himself warmly, as visions of honor, conquest, and glory fills his mind.

      Ghaaldar heals (2)+10 to be at 17 HP. (Skald's Aura is all used up.)

  23. OOC: I guess that means no skald aura for me, eh? ;)

  24. Coming from around the corner, as predicted, a trio of pointed-eared ELven lords. Dressed in shimmering chain armor and bearing both blade and spell, the fey-knights shine magical radiance to illuminate the hall. They call out, in Elven (email being sent out shortly).

    Their turns end with them at the far end of the hallway, outside the range of The Crown. It is now Mavarothix's turn.

  25. After hearing a few words in Elven, Duurkala furrows his brow in seeming understanding.

    "Well great, they're here for him." Duurkala gestures down at the crushed ogre, spikes from the portcullis stabbed down through his prone form. "Apparently our hulk had elven backup?!? They want Grimlock to step forward. What do we do? I say we take them and finish the epic of our passing in elven blood! What say you both?"

  26. Mavarothix does not give a verbal response. Instead, he lets his actions speak for themselves... He steps behind the two grunts and fires a volley of arrows down the length of the hall, then ducks behind the corner and out of view.

    If I have line of attack to B36, I'll use my minor to Hunter's Quarry him
    If I don't, I'll use my minor Shifty to to shift to Q37

    Standard: Twin Strike against elf at B36 ... He's just in range (15 squares), so no penalty.
    Two attacks, +10 vs AC, 1d8+1 thunder damage each attack, + DEAF (very important now)
    If I was able to HQ him, add +1d6 damage on the first hit.

    Move; Move to N38 ... +17 Stealth to hide

    OOC: I'm assuming this is part of the same extended encounter and no rest was taken, which means no encounter power recharges or action points... correct?

    1. Arrows take flight down the long hallway, but the Elves were ready for the assault and take cover behind their gleaming silver shields.

      (2)+10 vs. AC 19; MISS!
      (7)+10 vs. AC 19; MISS!
      Stealth Check (3)+17 = 20

      Crappy luck on the dice!

      Since they're been pretty buddy-buddy this whole adventure, Ghaaldar and Duurkala can take their turns together.

    2. OOC: Stupid elves, showing up late for every fight.

    3. Duurkala kicks Grimlocks fallen corpse. "Thought I heard something."

      OOC: ;)

  27. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar looses a javelin far down the hallway toward the elves, before finally taking cover by the nearby corner.

    Standard: +5 vs AC (long range included) against elf in B37. 1d6+5 dmg on a hit.
    Move: to O34, Hide.
    Minor: attempt Stealth at +1

  28. Lowering his shield a bit to get a clear shot, Ghaaldar squints his eyes against the gleaming radiance of the Elven Lords. With a strong arm, he sends the javelin sailing through the air. The Elves react with typical cat-like grace, nonchalantly bringing their own shields to deflect the missile. "Pah ha!" they think. "These slow brutes are no match for our superior..."

    Their thoughts are cutoff as the force of the impact, the raw power behind the blow, shatters the flimsy Elven shield and impales a fey prince. A delicate, slender heart lies ripped out and bloody across the nearby wall.

    (14)+5 vs. AC 19; HIT!
    Stealth Check (11)+1

  29. Duurkala laughs. His laughter is sweet and melodious. He steps to the side taking cover behind the stone wall and leaning against the wall he looks Mavarothix right in the eyes. "Your coming has been foretold for generations. Every good attempt at an act of such valor for the Dhaakani needs it's fool."

    His eyes narrow and his voice lowers to a still quiet. "But I cannot allow vermin like you to befoul the glory of my people. Begone little one."


    move action: move to O38 and make a stealth check to hide from elves (+6)

    standard action: use the ENSLAVE ability of the crown on Mavarothix (2 rolls to hit, +6 vs Will, hit: target dominated, miss: 10 psychic damage.)

    free action: command Mavarothix to run as far as he can towards the elves.

    1. Reveling in the power of The Crown, Duurkala sets his sights on Mavarothix and does what Hobgoblins do best: uses his slaves to do his bidding!

      Stumbling forward, Mavarothix cries out in mental anguish as he finds that he cannot refuse the commands of his hated Dhakaani masters! He runs forward from his place of hiding as the Elven lords step forward, blades flashing, to meet him. A flurry of swordas ring around the sneaky Kobold, catching his flesh, just in time for him to shake off the mind-controlling powers of the ancient artifact.

      (10) or (12)+6 vs. Will 12; HIT!

      Elves see what's happening and Ready Action

      Save vs. Dominate: (16) Success!

      and then...
      Elves Attack: Combat Advantage for running; (7)+8+2 and (1)+8+2 vs. AC 19; DOUBLE MISS!
      but wait! Elven Accuracy to make those (2) and (9); one hit! for 6 damage and marked until end of next turn. Mavarothix is at 9 HP.

      Ghaaldar and Duurkala, wrap this up.

    2. And the Crown Recharge roll (1); nope.

  30. OOC: You might as well roll my save now, save some time.

  31. OOC: Alright, the writing is on the wall and we're not going to be seeing any surprises. No need to drag this out.

    With the power of the Crown behind them, Ghaaldar and Duurkala easily bring down their foes. Enslaved forever, the cowardly kobold hunter, Mavarothix, manages to keep his skin and see another day, but at a price. Unable to resist the Crown's influence, Mavarothix retrieves his old shackles from the cold ashes of the fireplace above, being shackled once more to live out the rest of his miserable life in slavery and torment.

    Please please PLEASE go check out the final page, the Epilogue to our story, and drop some Comments;

    My heart goes out to everyone who participated in this game, as well as the lurkers (lookin' a you, Leeb!) This was a rocking good time, and I'm really happy to be able to share this with you all!!!