March 8, 2008

The Dwarven Dead


A hideous monster appears from the darkness, summoning the spirits of The Dwarven Dead to do its bidding and manipulating the Dhakaani's minds like a marionette.

A thick, black slime carts a mysterious book back to it's master, Kulimvorith, holding the Prison of Salzacas.


  1. Grimlock jumps to action, always eager to SMASH!

    He has by Sunday morning to post actions; else the Hideous Monster will take a turn and Grimlock will be delayed to be with the rest of the group.

    Init Rolls

    Grimlock : (19)+7= 26

    Hideous Creature: (17)+5= 22

    Mavarothix : (15)+6= 21
    Ghaaldar : (14)+5= 19
    Black Lotus : (10)+5= 15
    Kulimvorith : (09)+0= 09
    Drum-Haak : (03)+3= 06
    Roll to break tie: (16)
    Duurkala : (03)+3= 06
    Roll to break tie: (15)

    Zombies : (07)-1= 06
    Roll to break tie: (13)

  2. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar eyes up the new monstrosity. It was a surprise to him that Dwarves would align with such a thing, a beast of the dark, of evil. Perhaps the Dwarves were less noble than the image they projected.

    'Image... Could this thing be an illusion?' Ghaaldar thinks to himself, attempting to remember the lessons of piercing illusions that his Khali had once taught him as a child. Unfortunately, Ghaaldar was piss-poor at those lessons.

    Taking a deep breath, he commits to his next action.

    OOC: I'll wait until the THING goes, and then give actual actions. But, I wanted to post just for fun while waiting.

  3. OOC: Talking (and thinking) is a Free Action, and I for one quite enjoy seeing some insights as to what you guys are thinking and feeling. Thanks for the non-action post!

  4. Drum-Haak

    Drum-Haak quickly dodges Black Lotus, taken aback by the sudden attack. "You feeble-minded dullard, the enemy is in front of you!"

    The sage's admonishment soon turns to anticipation as he sees the dead rise. His lips curl up into a wicked smile "Gentlemen, it's time to double-kill some dwarven refuse!"

  5. OOC: Man, that first pic of the post is one nasty STD. What happens in Dwarven strongholds comes back to haunt you FOREVER.

  6. Grimlock rushes forward to disable the prone zombies before they have a chance to stand!


    TECH: Move to C6
    Standard action: Vicious Offensive +8 (+2 against prone) vs AC, 2d6+5 dmg to zombie at D5, mark zombie at D5 and E6

    OOC: I'll hold this front and give cover while Kulimvorith's summon or whatever that thing is brings the book back.

    1. The black oil crawls underneath Grimlock feet, carrying the prized literary possession, as the hulking brute raises his weapon and smashes down into the rotted Dwarven corpse. Grimlock's giant hammer pulverizes the sickly, decaying meat, smearing it like a paste on the floor.

      (15)+8 +2 vs. AC 13; HIT!!!

  7. The Hideous Creature then shambles forward, the tattered and filthy hem of its robes scraping against the dust-covered ground. It walks up, face-to-disgusting sucker thing with the creature it had already established contact with; Ghaaldar. Roiling back its face-folds, the creature let's out a psychic shout! The twisted thoughts of this alien being invade your minds, driving you toward the brink of insanity. In fact, Duurkala is so overwhelmed by the attack that he completely loses his shit and is stark raving mad! Sensing Ghaaldar's nearness, the hideous creature extends its delicate face-folds to completely engulf the brave warriors head, swallowing his face.
    "Ghaaldar, I want to feel you inside of me."

    All the while the hideous creature raises a pronged claw at the remains of what once was an ogre, not unlike Grimlock. The corpse of the huge beast raises up on its two feet and grabs a hold of the nearby wooden desk.

    Move: to B9.
    Minor: stand up Zombie Hulk.
    Standard: Mind Blast
    vs. Ghaaldar: (11)+9 vs. Will 13; HIT!!!
    vs. Duurkala: (20) CRITICAL HIT!!!
    vs. Kulimvorith: (7)+9 vs. Will 18; MISS!!!
    vs. Drum-Haak: (8)+9 vs. Will 17; HIT!!!
    vs. Grimlock: (13)+9 vs. Will 13; HIT!!!
    Damage: (1)+(2)+10

    Those hit take 13 psychic damage and are dazed (save ends).
    Duurkala takes 22 psychic damage and is dominated (save ends).
    Those missed take 6 psychic damage.

    Action Point: Engulf Ghaaldar's face
    Automatically hits a dazed target for (3)+(2)+6 = 11 damage and grabbed until escape.

    Ghaaldar and Duurkala are bloodied ... so that's bad.

  8. Mavarothix through Drum-Haak can now take their turns, leaving the hope of someone rescuing Duurkala from the dominated condition before I take his turn for him. Not that I think that's going to actually happen, but hey, fair is fair.

    You guy have three game days to do so, meaning deadline on Tuesday morning.

  9. Can all us Dhakaani use our Hobgoblin Resilience power?

    1. Oh, good call. I will assume everyone who can do so will do so. These are pretty pain in the ass conditions.

      Drum-Haak: (10); SUCCESS!!! No longer dazed!
      Duurkala: (7); Fail!!! Still dominated!
      Ghaaldar: (14); SUCCESS!!! No longer dazed! Which is a bit of a pain, since I need to retcon a bit. The hideous beast wil still attempt the grab, but he has to roll to hit now: (19)+9 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!

      Net change: Drum-Haak and Ghaaldar are both no longer dazed.

  10. [Drum-Haak]

    Drum-Haak raises his staff in the air and attempts to give the horrid monstrosity a taste of its own medicine, (coincidentally saving Ghaaldar if successful). He then heroically gets the f*** out of there.


    Standard Action: Charm of Misplaced Wrath against the hideous monster
    +7 vs. Will
    Hit: Slide to E10 and dazed until the end of my next turn.
    Effect: it makes a basic attack against the zombie at E9 (with a +2 bonus to damage).

    Move Action: move to D2.

  11. OOC: It's called Enchantment, baby. Accept no substitute!

    1. The hideous beast is not fooled by your earthly magics. No hit, no slide, no one to make a melee basic attack against besides Ghaaldar.

      (9)+7 vs. Will 18; MISS!!!

  12. NOTE: I would prefer if this happened before Drum-Haak...

    Mavarothix briefly moves in to get a look at the creature, then quickly backs away. He moves as far back as he can before firing a well-aimed shot through the crowd.

    [TECH]Move: Move to A6

    Minor: Hunter's Quarry on Mind Fl-... I mean... "Hideous Creature".

    Standard: Skirmish Shot
    ... Prior to attack, move my speed: Move back to B1
    Attack: +10 vs AC, 2d8 +6 +1d6(HQ) thunder damage ... and deaf, of course.

    If the hideous creature attempts to attack me or anyone else in the group, use Disruptive Strike: +10 vs AC, 1d8 +6 damage and triggering attack takes a -3 penalty. Note that, if it's a burst attack, the attack against me is the priority. If I'm not targeted at all, I will disrupt whoever has the fewer hit points and isn't dominated.

    Note that, unless he decides to attack me, I will make no effort to disrupt any attacks made by or against Duurkala while dominated.

    1. The arrows are loosed! Mavarothix's keen eyes spot the weaknesses in his prey and the arrow scores a solid hit, penetrating the alien being's leathery flesh!

      (19)+10 vs. AC 20; HIT!!!
      for (2)+(8)+6+(1)= 17 damage! ... and deaf

  13. It was pointed out to me in context of Drum-Haak's spell that, yes, the hideous beast may not be able to make a melee basic, how about a ranged basic attack, son?

    The hideous beast is tricked by Drum-Haak into attacking and destroying the zombie at E9. Mental waves overwhelm the frail, empty mind of the zombie. Drum-Haak, you trickster, you!

    Not only that, but Ghaaldar is able to see the distraction in his foe and take the opportunity to make him eat a flail to the lamprey-face! Pa-pow!

    Mind Rape: (10)+9 vs. Will 10; HIT!!!
    Opportunity Attack: (3)+9 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!

  14. Let's also not forget that Duurkala resists 1 all, so he's up a HP.
    Also, Ghaaldar is a Battle Guardian, meaning his opportunity attack still did 3 damage on a miss.

  15. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar kicks in the FIGHT or FIGHT response (yeah, you heard me!) and swings his flail at the THING with the fury of the Dhaakani. In the back of his mind, he tries to see past the strangeness of it all.

    Minor: Minor Resurgence. Gain 5 THP.
    Move: Attempt to disbelieve it as an illusion (what the hell, why not)
    Standard: Second Wind. Healing surge (7 remain), regain 10 hp (brings up to 29 hp). +2 to all Defenses USNT.
    Action Point!: Swing that flail, baby! +9 vs AC, 1d10+6 damage. No action points left.

    1. OOC: Disbelieving isn't an active action in 4E. Rather than penalize you by wasting your actions on something that hearkens back to my nostalgic days of 2E disbelieving mechanics, I will give Ghaaldar an escape attempt in the stead of his Move Action disbelieve.

      Ghaaldar simply refuses to die in the blackened caves of the filthy Dwarves, and he yanks his head clean outta there! Shaking off the slime coating his face, he swings a mighty flail around only to have it slip in his grasp! Stumbling about, he manages to recover his weapon and brace himself for a counterattack.

      Escape: (4)+11 vs. Fortitude 15; SUCCESS!!!
      Melee Basic Attack: (1) HUMILIATION!!!

    2. OOC: Thanks for the action swap. Yes, "disbelieving mechanics" will always pull into any edition I play. :)

  16. At the sight of this hideous creature, the proud drake rises up with a steel spine, ignoring the psychic resonance that his fellows have succumb to. For a moment, he takes on the visage of a great blue dragon, cowing the creatures around him in fear. He roars, magical thunder flooding forward towards the hideous creature, knocking him back and away from the group.

    Minor action: Dragonfear. Close Burst 5, all enemies in burst. +7 vs Will. Targets take a -2 to attack rolls and grant CA until EoNT. That would effect the front line of dead bodies and the hideous creature (HC).

    Standard action: Thunder Slam vs the Hideous Creature. +7 vs Fort (+9 if dragonfear works), 2d10+8 thunder damage and the HC is pushed 3 sq. I assume that forces the grabbed Ghaaldar with him? The compendium was vague about this when I checked.

    1. OOC: Badass!

      The hideous beast reels back from the presence of the fearsome drake, as the powerful, terrible visage of the elder dragons is unknown and unknowable to the lamprey-like creature from beyond space and time.

      Undead are immune to fear.
      Dragonfear: (14)+7 vs. Will 18; HIT!!!
      Thunderslam: (3)+7+2 vs. Fortitude 15; MISS!!!

      We're now onto the dazed Black Lotus' turn, before Dominated Duurkala and the Zombies get to wreck house!

  17. [Black Lotus]

    Black Lotus, who a moment before had begun screaming incoherently something that sounded like "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu ftaghn!", manages to wrest a degree of control back over himself and stabs down at the zombie at his feet, shouting in humiliated rage.

    MBA woo: +13 vs AC, on hit 1d8+8 +2d6

    1. Barely able to keeps his thoughts straight, Black Lotus exerts his midn entirely to controlling his blade and slicing the Dwarf-corpse's head clean off! His success reassures his psyche, and he shakes off the dizzying effects of the horrid, hideous monster.

      (2)+13 vs. AC 13; HIT!!!
      OOC: Roll a 2, drink the hooch.
      Save vs. Dazed (14); SUCCESS!!!

  18. OOC: Where did I take 6 damage? I'm not listed in the targets of the original Mind Blast attack.

    1. OOC: Whhops! All you kobolds look alike ;) Fixed the HP, to be shown on next map update.

  19. Under the command of a ind not his own, Duurkala strikes at the scaly creature that has caused his new master such trouble. Duurkala gives in to his racial hatred of the lesser races, slicing open a vicious gash across Kulimvorith's red-scaled face!

    (18)+9 vs. AC 15; HIT!!!
    for (7)+7= 14 damage!
    Save vs. Dominate (9); FAIL!!!

    1. Guess I am bloodied now. My scales harden and I get really pissed. You goblinoids better keep it together!

      I have +2 AC while bloodied for future reference.

  20. The undead now rise up at their unholy master's behest, clawing their way from the grave dirt to steal the light of life from those whom would intrude upon their eternal rest.

    The zombies are not uniformly sized, oh no. One is particularly gigantic, and can be seen to have similar bulbous, muscled, and overgrown features as none other than Grimlock. This long-dead giant, having born and died in an age many decades ago, still bears the rusted remains of chains about his wrists. Yes, since time immemorial Grimlock's people have been slaves in one form or another.

    Is this Grimlock's ultimate fate, to be a servant as his forefathers? Is there no way to break the chains of oppression? To be truly free and roam the wilderness?

    Who knows, because the zombie hulk throws a chair at Grimlock, smashing the old furniture upon the side of his head!

    Grimlock then starts his turn picking splintered shards of timber out of his bruised and blood-covered face, his mind reeling for the mental assault of the far realm abomination.

    Zombie #1: Stand up, climb down cliffside.
    Zombie #2: Stand up, charge down cliffside into Black Lotus; (3)+6+1 vs. AC 18; MISS!!!
    Zombie #3: Stand up, charge Ghaaldar; (11)+6 vs. AC 20+2; MISS!!!
    Zombie Hulk: Walk down the cliffside, throw a table at Grimlock; (17)+7+2 vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
    for (4)+(5)+8= 17 damage!

  21. Reminder: When hideous creature attacks, if I still have line of sight on it when it does use Disruptive Strike as stated above (+10 vs AC, 1d8 +6 damage and triggering attack takes a -3 penalty). If it is a burst attack, I will interrupt either myself or the attack against the target with the fewest hit points (in that order).

    1. OOC: I'm ontop of THAT one, but I do appreciate the reminders!

      The Dungeon Master totally forgot to put the icon down for the second zombie hulk! Zombie Hulk #2 get up then shambles toward Black Lotus.

  22. OOC: Should Grimlock keep valiantly smashing zombies or will you guys be needing help with Mr mind fl- 'Hideous Creature'?

    1. I'd say go after the zombies. Good to keep those zombie hulks from reaching us in melee.

  23. Grimlock hesitates for a moment as the other hulk stands up from seemly nowhere, but then takes one of the hulks head on!

    TECH: Standard - Charge to F4, MBA against zombie at H5, +8 vs AC and 4d6+8dmg (brutal 1)
    Free (if my charge hits) - Furious Assault to add another 2d6dmg (brutal 1) to my target
    Minor - Minor Resurgence to gain 5 THP

    OOC: any additional healing would be fantastic :^)

  24. Grimlock stumbles about, his dizzy eyes peering on the reincarnated husks of his ancestors. He charges in, intent on destroying the ancient ogres! He batters away at the dead flesh, heaving his muscular frame to and fro as bits are rotted flesh are torn asunder. The blood POUNDS in Grimlocks veins as a froth of fury forms on his lips! The blood pumping action distracts the simble brute, and he forgets all about those nasty Far Realm nightmares.

    OOC: Grimlock is dazed, so no minor action for you!

    (14)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (6)+(5)+(3)+(6)+8 +(3)+(2)= 33 damage!

    Save vs. Dazed (16); SUCCESS!!!

  25. The hideous beast, momentarily frightened by Kulimvorith, moves away from the proud drake to lovingly embrace Ghaaldar. Through the gap, one of Mavarothix's arrows flies out again to clang against the heavy stone walls. In the chaos of battle, the lamprey-mouthed horror from beyond our reality latches onto Ghaaldar and

    At the foul creature's command, Duurkala raises he blade again and strikes at the sneaky Dragonling, dropping him to the ground in a spray of blood and carnage!!!

    > Disrupting Shot: (5)+10 -2 (cover) vs. AC 20; MISS!!!

    Standard [Lamprey-Sucker Grab]: (12)+9 vs. Reflex 14+2; HIT!!!
    for (2)+(6)+6 = 14 damage!

    Minor [Thrall Strike]: (20) CRITICAL HIT!!! for 15+(2)= 17 damage!!!

    Move: Drag prey

    1. Kulimvorith's fear imposed a -2 penalty to attacks, but it wouldn't matter in this case.

  26. Mavarothix through Drum-Haak may now post; having three days to do so (time limit ending at Sunday morning).

    1. OOC:I guess I will just attempt a death saving throw, until Durrkala gets his head straight! But lets wait to take that saving throw in case someone else can help me here.

  27. OOC: I'm going to wait until some of the others go, specifically Duurkala and to see if anyone else can get Kulim up or away from danger.

  28. [Drum-Haak]

    Drum-Haak moves forward and attempts to save the lives of his compatriots.


    Move action: move to A3.

    Standard Action: Hypnotism vs. Duurkala. +7 vs. Will
    Hit: slide to F11.

    Action Point: Freezing Burst centered at B13 (area burst 1)
    +6 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 1d6+6 cold damage and slide to B13.

  29. With a wave of his gnarled staff, Drum-Haak tricks Duurkala into wandering off into a corner, near the festering undead. Seeing Ghaaldar in a bind, the clever wizard decides to save the valiant knight ... for now ... as a blast of magical frost explodes between Ghaaldar and the lamprey-faced hideous beast, separating the two!

    OOC: I think I'll rule in you guys' favor and apply a house rule of sorts that came up in FTDM Match 08; allies may choose to become helpless to other allies' attacks. I'll assume Duurkala wants to get hypnotized over.

    (17)+7 +2 (combat advantage) vs. Will 16 -5 (helpless); HIT!!!
    (14)+6 vs. Reflex 19; HIT!!!
    for (3)+6 cold damage

  30. Mavarothix follows Duurkala with his bow until he is out of view, then re-focuses on the creature father down the hall. After firing two arrows, he quickly ducks behind the wall and presses his back against it.

    Standard: Twin Strike vs Hideous Creature
    +10 vs AC, two attacks, 1d8 +2 thunder damage each attack (1d8 +1 base, +1 damage for Bow Expertise)
    +1d6 damage from Hunter's Quarry on first attack that hits
    +1d8 damage from Practiced Killer feat on first attack that hits
    And deaf, of course (I'll definitely have him taking -10 to Perception now!)

    Move: Shifty
    Shift to C2
    Stealth check to hide from everyone out of view, +17 Stealth
    So long as the hideous creature is alive, I'll also hide from allies that do not have line of sight. Your call on that. :)

    1. Mavarothix appears from the shadows to rain a hail of arrows on the ice-blasted creature, impaling the hideous beast straight in the chest!

      (8)+10 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!
      (20) CRITICAL HIT!!! Rolling a lot of twenties recently.
      for (8)+2+(6)+(8)= 24 damage and deafened!

      (2)+17 vs. Perception 16 -10; SUCCESS!!! on a two, deafened for the win! We'll handle any dungeoneer vs. dungeoneer stealthing when it comes up.

      Map updates tomorrow.

  31. OOC: Magic short bow also does +1d6 damage on a crit. And for now I only care about hiding from any of you yokels that are dominated. :)

    1. I actually rememberd the bonus damage right after I shut down the computer last night.

      An additional (4) damage.

  32. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar asks for no quarter, and Ghaaldar takes no quarter! He dismisses any thought of retreat, steps into the gap of the THING and attacks!

    Move: Shift to B12.
    Standard: Melee basic with flail. +9 vs AC. 1d10+6 for a hit.
    Minor: None.

    1. OOC: If he hits, he will also apply Power Strike for another 1d10 damage.

    2. Ghaaldar gives no quarter, turning the tide of battle of his would-be assassin!

      (19)+9 vs. AC 20; HIT!!!
      for (1)+(5)+6= 12 damage!

      Waiting on Black Lotus before Kulimvorith (dying) and Duurkala (dominated) get to have their respective saving throws.

  33. [Black Lotus]

    Black Lotus nods in approval of the hulking brute's bravery and attacks the nearest zombie, trying to thin their numbers.

    MBA vs Zombie next to me: +11 vs AC, on hit 1d8+7. If it drops I will move to C4, otherwise I will remain.

    1. OOC: Blogger keeps eating my replies!

      Black Lotus slices through the rotted torso of the Zombie of Short Stature, kicking away the fleshy, dead remains before leaping to safety.

      (5)+11 vs. AC 13; HIT!!!

  34. Kulimvorith lay dying on the ground! His eyes flit open for a moment to see the carnage of battle around him, before passing out again in a pool of his own blood.

    Save vs. Death (17); SUCCESS!!!

  35. Duurkala's mind is still warped and confused by its exposure to the Realms of Chaos, and he charges, stumbling forward, intent on his blade crashing into the ninja-like Black Lotus. With an unthinking reaction like a pack animal, the giant zombie swats at Duurkala, dropping the wise Dhakaani elder to the ground. The shock of the impact jolts Duurkala's senses back, and he shakes off the corrupting mental influence just before passing out.

    Opportunity Attack: (12)+9 +2 [Combat Advantage] vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
    for (2)+(5)+14= 21 damage!
    Save vs. Death: (19); SUCCESS!!!
    Save vs. Dominate: (11); SUCCESS!!!

    OOC: Are death saves at the start or end of the turn? Not that it matter here, but it'll be good to know for when half your group bleeds out on the ground and you're all greedily holding onto your Daily powers.

  36. Locked in a mortal struggle with the remains of what could have been his own grandfather, Grimlock easily dodges the clumsy swings of the Ogre of the Dead, only to shout out in horrible pain as a Dwarven zombie creeps up on Grimlock's side to bite down on an exposed calf, grabbing a hold of the dumb brute!

    Having felled Duurkala, the zombie Ogre charges off to catch the fleeing Black Lotus, only to trip himself up and clumsily slip over the nearby loose rubble.

    The final zombie creeps in at his master's command to sneak up behind Ghaaldar. Ghaaldar's ears twitching, the cunning warrior turns his shield at the right moment to protect himself.

    (7)+9 vs. AC 19; MISS!!!
    (13)+6 vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
    for 7 damage and grabbed!

    (1) HUMILIATION!!!

    (5)+6 +2 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!

    GRIMLOCK! you have the weekend to post your actions. Map and conditions summary have now been updated.

  37. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaadlar can now hear the voice of his old Urak-Dar (his battle trainer) in his head. 'Never let yourself get flanked. Always defend your back! You call yourself a warrior, even the beasts of the wild know better than that. Pathetic.'

    Normally, this would follow with a severe beating. Ghaaldar can still feel the pain of the lashes against the back of his legs from those times, so long ago. Deep do those memories run...

  38. Grimlock howls in pain and awkwardly swings at the zombie now latched onto his calf in order to free himself.

    TECH: Reaping Strike against G6, +8 vs AC, 2d6+5 dmg on a hit. 4 dmg on a miss.
    If this kills the target, I'll action point and keep wailing on the hulk.
    Crushing Blow against H5, +8 vs AC, 4d6+7 dmg. Marked again.

    OOC: Should have mentioned, I gain 5 THP when first bloodied due to Half-Orc Resilience. Gambling with HP here.

    1. Grimlock grabs the Dwarven Dead by its rotting skull, picks it bodily off the ground, and pulverizes the disgusting carcass against the nearby cave wall! GRIMLOCK SMASH!!!

      He then turns his attention back to the giant beast in front of him and attempts to smash open its head like a watermelon. The blood covering Grimlock's face drips down into the fierce warrior's eyes, causing him to swing wildly in the air.

      (6)+8 vs. AC 13; HIT!!!
      (1) HUMILIATION!!!

      The hideous beast continues his assault on the wounded warrior, Ghaaldar,trying to swallow the noble Hobgoblin's entire head within the hideous beast's undulating, toothy maw. Thinking itself clever, the hidoues beast mentally commands one of its thralls to assault Ghaaldar from behind. The zombie, however, proves to be more of a nuisance than a boon, getting in the way of the Far Realm Feast!

      (9)+6 +2 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!
      (1) HUMILIATION!!!
      OOC: Lucky break!

      Mavarothix, Ghaaldar, Drum-Haak, and Back Lotus all have their turns now. As a group action, they have three days to post (deadline is Wednesday morning), after which time I will roll death saves for Kulimvorith and Duurkala.

    2. OOC: I remember someone on Twitter saying that I could use my minor action to use our healer's aura on ourselves. Who that is and if I'm close enough and how much it's worth, I have no clue.

  39. Mavaarothix steps out from behind the stone wall and tries to provide some covering fire for Ghaaldar.

    "Get them up!" he barks at anyone who's listening, then disappears behind the wall once again.

    [Tech]I should be at C2, so...

    If I can fire from where I am (I'm always sketchy about the cover rules) then I'd gain +2 for CA due to being "hidden". If I can't fire from there, I'll use my minor action to use "Shifty" and shift to B2, and I'm no longer hidden after doing that.

    Standard: Twin Strike
    Primary target is zombie at B11; if I miss, fire at him again. If I hit, second shot goes to hideous creature at B13.
    Each attack +10 vs AC, 1d8 +1 damage.
    If I do hit B11 the first time, the second attack vs hideous creature also gets +1d6 damage for HQ.
    Targets deaf on hit.

    Move: Move back to C2, Stealth check to hide from everyone out of view, +17 Stealth.
    Hideous creature would be deaf again if I hit him, so the usual -10 to Perception.

    1. With a flurry of arrows, Mavarothix drops the zombie attacking Ghaaldar.

      (13)+10 vs. AC 13; HIT!!!
      (3)+10 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!

    2. Oh, and Stealth check of (13)+17= 30

  40. [Drum-Haak]

    Drum-Haak curses under his breath. If they are to survive this day, they need Duurkala back on his feet. Summoning the resolve to throw caution to the wind and put himself in harms way, the sage boldly strides into the fray.

    "Hold on, old friend; I'm coming!"


    Move Action: Run to E11 (moving through Kulimvorith's square to avoid the zombie hulk)

    Standard Action: Administer first aid to Duurkala to allow him to use his second wind. +1 Heal vs. DC 10.

    Minor Action: Pray that this works and that my death is swift and painless.

    1. From Cassey: (17)!!!

      If you're able, could you post this result? I'm away from a computer all day and don't want to hold people up.

      Success! Duurkala may use his second wind.

    2. "What, what? What was that? Why do I taste like swamp water?!" Duurkala smacks his lips back and forth while blinking his eyes at Drum-Haak. "Why am I out? I don't remember walking into this room. Did Grimlock knock me out?"

      OOC: With Duurkala up, members of the party that are within 5 squares of me can use a minor action to spend a healing surge and also regain an additional 1d6 hit points. It can only be used 2x per encounter though, so use carefully.

      Also, am I still dominated?

    3. The Domination effect ended at the end of your last turn. Have at thee!

    4. Duurkala stands, reaches both arms high the sound of creaking bones echoing loudly, roars loudly, then pauses to put his hand on Drum-Haak's shoulder with a wink. "Why does it always have to be zombies? And such hideous ones. Ugh, I thought dwarf smelled bad naturally! Well, shall we?"

      Cracking his neck audibly, he surveys the battle field. "So two hulking brutes and an ominous creature of shadow and fear. Right. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO DIE, YOU ABERRANT MONSTROSITIES!" Duurkala's words ring with a heavy magic as his voice amplifies beyond his normal range.

      A dark tone rumbles in his throat as the words of his spell reach out to grab the minds of his enemies and force them to accept their grim demise. "FRIENDS, WE DANCE WITH DEATH TONIGHT! BRING FIRE AND BLOOD TO THESE HOLLOW SHELLS! SEND THEM ALL BACK TO HELL!" With those words, Duurkala goes charging in towards the large brute assailing his Dhaakani brother, Black Lotus.

      move action: stand up
      minor action: DIRGE OF THE DAMNED, all allies within 5 squares of me (in my Skald's Aura) gain a +2 power bonus to damage rolls, or a +4 bonus to damage rolls against bloodied enemies.
      standard action: Charge to square C7 and melee basic attack the Zombie Hulk next to Black Lotus, +10 vs AC, 1d8+7 damage on a hit.
      if I hit
      no action: Thundering Blade, target (Zombie Hulk) takes 5 thunder damage and grants combat advantage and cannot benefit from partial concealment until the end of my next turn.

    5. OOC: Baller!

      Duurkala charges the hulking zombie, smashing into the beast's hide with reckless abandon! Flayed flesh and rotted skin fly into the air like confetti! It's raining death, hallelujah, it's raining death!

      (9)+9 +1 charge +2 combat advantage vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      It gets hit for the first time this encounter, for (1)+7+5= 13 damage.

  41. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar senses the tide of the battle turning in his favor. The time to bring it is NOW! He continues his onslaught against the THING, with Duurkala's Dirge of the Damned providing the montage battle music he needs!

    Tech: Flail +9 vs AC, 1d10+8 damage on a hit.

    Day by day,
    kickin' all the way
    I'm not cavin' in.
    Let another round begin
    Live to WIN!

  42. With a song in his heart and fire pumping through his veins, Ghaaldar forces the vile creature back. His flail smashes across its toothy maw, spilling blood and teeth across the cavern floor!

    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

    (18)+9 vs. AC 20; HIT!!!
    for (2)+8= 10 damage

  43. Time's up! Due to his lack of commitment, Black Lotus delays so as to act with Grimlock.

    All the while, Kulimvorith lies dying on the floor.

    Mindless, the zombie hulks pummel their foes, delivering a powerful forearm shiver into Black Lotus' frail body, SMASHING him into the wall to the point of near-death.

    Save vs. Death (8); FIRST FAILURE!!!

    Zombie vs. Black Lotus: (15)+9 vs. AC 18; HIT!!!
    for (3)+(5)+14= 19 damage!

    Zombie vs. Grimlock: (2)+9 vs. AC 19; MISS!!!

    OOC: To clean up the long list of Comments, I've created a new Post at

    With two dungeoneers now on the plate for initiative, Black Lotus and Grimlock have 48 hours to post their actions before they are delayed.