March 10, 2008

I hope you're ready, shit is about to get real


As a motley pack of adventurers, you make your way through the long, winding halls and up some stairs, trying to forget the horrors of your recent Far Realm run-in. As the corridor turns, however, you see a discotastic flashing light coming from the wide opening on the left. Creeping up to examine this closer, you see that it comes from a nearby cylindrical room.

The room itself is made of polished granite blocks and the ceiling soars high overhead to a dizzying height. In the center of the room atop a raised portion of the floor is a great brass gate with two floating brass rings madly spinning about its center. The metal is embossed with an etching that makes the surface seem like the scales of an ancient dragon.

As the rings spins about at high velocity, they create a brilliant blue wormhole that pulses with light and sends rippling waves of distortion through the air in the room. The entirety of the room reverberates and vibrates in tandem with the chaotic patterns of the spinning arms.

The decomposing body of an unidentifiable woman lies twisted, distorted, and mutilated at the base of the eldritch machine. A shining silver crown rests on the bottom of the floor just at the edge of her outstretched hand. The spinning metal arms of the deadly machine miss touching it by mere fractions of an inch.

Before jumping right in to get a closer look, you glance up to see the tips of a razor sharp mithril portcullis of impalement protruding down from the archway just a few inches into the room. The portcullis is clearly visible from inside the room. The steel grate is held in place up high by a chains wrapped around a series of gears. The chain leads down to the floor and is loosely hooked onto a solid handle on the floor (square S41).

You feel the psychic pull from The Crown, and know immediately that it is an artifact of great power. Your heart skips a beat as your eyes gaze at the long-sought object of your quest.

Let's do this.


  1. Initiative order is about to get very critical, so I've gone ahead and rolled it out.

    (15) + 5 = 20
    Roll to break tie (18)

    (13) + 7 = 20
    Roll to break tie (14)

    (13) + 6 = 19
    Roll to break tie (13)

    (16) + 3 = 19
    Roll to break tie (1)

    (10) + 0 = 15

    (11) + 3 = 14

    Black Lotus
    (02) + 5 = 07

    Ghaaldar takes the lead and has 24 hours to post his character's actions or else be delayed until after Grimlock, aka strongest dinobot of them all.

    As of right now everyone is considered to be allies of one another who do not provoke or take opportunity attacks from one another. Please email me directly if you would like to change your character's outlook on that.


  2. OOC: Question, did we earn any action points for that last encounter?

    1. A Milestone was reached after you guys curbstomped the rats and crocodile. So, most characters went after the hideous beast with 2 Action Points.

  3. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar visually examines the room for traps, especially on the floor in front of him. Seeing none (assuming), he steps into the chamber...

    ... well, more like a spring into the chamber, with a strict avoiding of the razor portcullis.

    Minor: Perception for Traps
    Standard: Total Defense (gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the start of next turn)
    Move: to O40.

    1. Ghaaldar peers around, sniffing the air, the hairs on the back of his neck raised up as his pulse pounds with a rush of adrenaline. His eyes peer back and forth, looking for signs of danger, but finds none.

      (9)+1 = 10 Perception check

    2. As Ghaaldar springs into the room, shield held high, ready for the hammer to drop, a distortion wave of ripples out from the Far Realm Device. The wave hits him hard, eyes rolling up in the back of Ghaaldar's head as his mind becomes a fog of intense pain. The pain is excruciating and is now stemming from Ghaaldar's legs, as he looks down to see that his body has been physically distorted by this warping effect.

      (11)+10 vs. Will 13; HIT!
      for (1)+(4)+(6)+5 = 16 psychic damage and your are ... (4) ... slowed (save ends).

      Hobgoblins: Let me know when you want to trigger Hobgoblin Resilience, even if we have to do a little take-sy back-sy.

    3. Ha, sorry, Will 15 due to total defense. Not that it matters because I PLOWED your Will!

  4. ooc: so is that a human female?

    1. Hehe. Everyone know females aren't people in D&D.

    2. OOC: hahahaha that's the new inside joke at my home games now.

  5. Grimlock is momentarily memorized by the rippling waves, SO PRETTY...
    After a moment, he shakes his head and steps into the room to stand by the chain and to make room for the others to enter. He eyes the body on the floor.

    Move: Q40
    Standard: Total Defense
    Minor: Perception on the crumpled figure to see if recognizable.

    OOC: In 4e, ties in initiative rolls are won by the PC with the higher modifier.

    1. OOC: Really? I did not know that. I've adjusted the initiative order to reflect that and you'll see that on the next time I update the image. Thanks for the heads up!

      Grimlock peers at the figure on the floor, but from this distance and with the body facing away, little can be done.

    2. When stepping into the room and looking, Grimlock sees that the woman on the floor is most likely an Elf, due to the obvious pointed ears and slender figure.

  6. OOC: Sorry for the delay guys! Just got a new phone and haven't been getting the emails telling me you posted!

  7. Mavarothix turns to look at Duurkala a few times, waiting to see what he's going to do before reacting.

    He sees Ghaaldar glazing over as he tries to look around and yells "Eyes open and pay attention!!!" to whoever will listen.

    I don't know if it's too late to give it to Ghaaldar, so for anyone else who attempts a Perception check and comes up short I'll use Crucual Advice (encounter power, Immediate Reaction) and give them a re-roll.

    And I'll delay until after Duurkala.

    1. It's not too late, but Ghaaldar fares little better on the reroll; (10)+1.

      Stroupy Joe is up!

  8. Duurkala steels himself and takes a deep breath. "here's where it all comes down to it. So who is going to rule. Who will rise above. Who will stand before our people and unite the clans?!?"

    His voice building to a crescendo he turns to those standing with him. "Are there any who can grab the crown with mystic means? I lack the magical means to pull this trick, but I shall try my best."
    Drawing his second section of rope the wizened Dhaakani fastens his grappling hook to the tattered coils to create a tool to reach for the crown.

    minor: get out rope
    minor: get our hook
    standard: fiddle with both

  9. Duurkala fashions himself quite the fishing line.

    Mavarothix, having delayed, is back to action!

  10. Mavarothix takes a few steps back and lets an arrow fly, hoping to see what sort of reaction the device may have. The instant the arrow flies clear of his bow, he once again ducks behind the nearest wall and waits to see what happens.

    Move: M36 if I get line of sight to the device, N36 if I can't.

    Standard: Careful Attack the device itself... +12 vs AC, 1d8+6 damage on hit. Oh, and the device is DEAF! ;)

    Minor: Shifty, Shift to M37, +17 Stealth check to hide if possible. If possible, I'll hide from everyone who can't see me at this point (Grimlock and Ghaaldar).

    1. As the arrow lets loose from the tight confines of the bow, it sails gracefully through the air. The delicate wooden shaft passes through a bubbling ripple in the air, twisting and distorting the arrow such that the bolt flops to the ground harmlessly.

      Mavarothix shifts and dances around impatiently, but due to all the activity and very clear line of sight everyone has on him, the Kobold's attempts at hiding result in little more than him crouched down with his hands over his head. You silly Kobolds!

      Kulimvorith, you are up.

  11. Kulimvorith, seeing the devices reaction to Ghaaldar, cautiosly examines the arcane energies coming from the room and this device. Seeing the female corpse, Kulimvorith jokes...
    "Obviously, we aren't the only ones whom have coming looking for this crown...silly female, I would bet gold she was human..."
    He then summons Salzacas from his prison once more, near the hook and handle seemingly holding this machine together.

    Minor action: Arcana check +6
    Minor action: Summon Salzacas in S41.
    Minor action: Direct Salzacas to unhook the chain in S41.

  12. The oily black amorphous jelly bound by the Prison of Salzacas envelops the chains and unhooks them from the floor handle. All the chains then go slack as the adamantium portcullis slams down into the floor!

    Ghaaldar: Talking is a Free Action. Feel free to share any choice words of wisdom you have for us.

    As this is happening, Kulimvorith tastes the air and rolls the nearby magical powers on his serpentine tongue. The blood of 1,000 generations of dragon-sorcerers tells him that this is a magic portal leading to the Far Realm. The reality altering energies are leaking out, distorting anything within the circular room.

    OOC: Any creature that ends their turn in the room is attacked as Ghaaldar was, 3d8+5 psychic damage on a hit and a random (save ends) effect.
    Projectiles and the like originating from outside the room are automatically veered off course by the distortions in the air.
    The Device can be damaged (all defenses 14). Destroying the Device causes the portal to becomes instantaneously infinitely unstable, resulting in a powerful explosion (close burst 10).

    Arcana check (10)+6

    Drum-Haak, you're up! You have 24 hours to post or be delayed, but weekends don't count, so you have until Monday around 12pm noon.

  13. From Rob (playing Drum-Haak)

    OOC: I'm heading out to Toronto now, and won't have access to a computer until Sunday. I don't want to hold up the game, though.

    Drum-Haak will attempt to glean what he can of the magic at work here (Arcana +12), and if possible will move to within 5 of the crown and attempt to use mage hand to retrieve it.


  14. Drum-Haak steps through the throng of onlookers to where Ghaaldar had been (Move Action; walk to square O38. He can't get any further due to the closed portcullis), casts a simple cantrip to summon a mystical claw as close as he can to the Crown (Standard Action; summon mage hand at square P43), and discerns the exact flavor of horror in store for Ghaaldar.

    Arcana Check (9)+12

    The random effects of the Device's attack are as follows:
    (1): hallucinations and disorienting pain (dazed)
    (2): body oozes blood from all pores and orifices (ongoing 5 necrotic damage)
    (3): eyes disappear into your head to leave only smooth skin (blinded)
    (4): legs wither and distort (slowed)
    (5): a constant, horrible screaming that only you can hear (ongoing 5 psychic damage)
    (6): an overwhelming fear of the unknown, specifically the unknown of a Far Realm portal (fear effect; can't move closer to the portal)

    Black Lotus, show us what you got!

  15. From Black Lotus:

    Blogger's being a pain this morning, so:
    Black Lotus hisses in frustration at the gate standing between him and
    the crown.

    "Fool creature!"

    He examines the gate and begins trying to see if he can do anything
    from the outside to allow him passage, while observing Druum-Haak's
    attempt. Perception to see if I can find anything: +7

    Perception (1)+7; Not much.

    Grimlock can see his master, Ghaaldar, trapped behind the heavy adamantium portcullis, legs twisted and warped, his face winching in extreme pain.

    What do you do? You have 24 hours to decide.

  16. OOC: Grimlock should be at Q40 (post on 4/12).

  17. Oh, sharp eyes there! Grimlock did say he was moving to Q40, which I'll interpret to mean Q40 is the bottom left of his space. Map update momentarily.

    1. And to have a minimum amount of rewind, I will decree that the attack (which would have triggered from him ending his turn in the circular room) auto-missed.

      My apologies for missing such a crucial piece of information!

  18. Are the chains that held the gate open visible? If so, Grimlock will grab and yank it back open.

    1. They are! Grimlock's beefy paws manhandle the steel and drag the adamantium portcullis back into position.

      Strength Check (10)+5 vs. DC 11; SUCCESS!

      While he has a hand free, Grimlock can hold open the portcullis as long as he wants, and can drop it again as a Free Action.

      OOC: Since that seems like the entirety of your post ...

      Grabbing a hold of the chain, Grimlock opens the way for his salvation, eyeing up those standing on the other side and seeing the cause of this most recent trouble.

      Just then the body-horror inducing powers of the Far Realm hit him. Grimlock loses controls over his body momentarily, and black pustules form on his chest and arms. The sores look like open mouths, which vomit out thick, dark blood. Gross.

      (4)+10 vs. Will 13; HIT!
      for (3)+(7)+(1)+5 = 16 psychic damage and ...(2)... ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends). Grimlock is at 30 HP.

      Ghaaldar is up!

  19. Ghaaldar is paralyzed with indecision!

    Duurkala, you are up!

    1. OOC: Crap, I can't believe I missed my turn. I'm so ashamed. I have no excuse.

  20. "What's holding you up in there Ghaaldar?!? And why would you unlock that, Kulim? This is become indeed interesting."

    With a beguiling grin, the aged Dhaakani crosses his arms and leans back.

    OOC: Delay until right before Druum-Haak.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Mavarothix, unsure of what to do exactly, takes a short step in to the room. Struck with a very unsettling sense of dread and foreboding, he fires another arrow at the device and steps back out of the room.

    Move: Move to Q39

    Standard: Careful Attack the device ... +12 vs AC, 1d8+6 damage. At least I'm technically in the room this time. Just want to see what happens. :)

    Minor: Shifty ... Shift out of the room to Q38

    1. haha! Mavarothix jumps out to stab at the eldricth machine. Stabbing with arrows, that is! The little scamp is able to lodge an arrow into the whirling arms and jump back out of the room before any harm befalls him. The wooden arrow shaft does little to stop the speed of momentum of the device, but does cause the slightest warble in its gyrating orbits.

      (16)+12 vs. AC 14; HIT!
      for (3)+6 damage!

      Map and Initiative Order updated. Ghaaldar is back up at the plate!

  23. [Ghaaldar]
    Ghaaldar, quite disoriented, pulls out a javelin and fires it directly at the crown in hopes to knock it away from the strange wormhole and eldritch device.

    Tech: +7 vs AC. Move to M42.

    1. Ghaaldar moves further into the room, struggling against his failing body; raw discipline, determination, and purity of purpose keeping him moving. He raises a javelin and unleashes the shaft, impacting the iron Crown with a solid thud and sending it rolling away out of harm's reach!

      Standing close to the aperture, Ghaaldar's body is wracked with more reality-altering distortion waves! His bones creak and pop as the joints and various connective tissues are rent apart from their proper places.

      Javelin: (8)+7 vs. AC 15; HIT!
      It's A Trap!: (13)+10 vs. Will 13; Hit!
      for (1)+(1)+(7)+5 = 14 psychic damage and ...(4)... slowed again. Ghaaldar is holding on with 13 HP!

      Kulimvorith, your time has come! Seize your victory!

    2. Kulimvorith enters the room, steel spined and full of vigor, directing Salzacas to retrieve and bring the crown to him. As the Amorphous spirit places the crown unto Kulimvoriths head, he turns to his companions and speaks...

      "Sirs, great and small, hear me! Today is a new day for all dhakaani and dragonkind! We now have the power to combine what is best and drive the droll humans, frail elves, and annoying gnomes from our former lands and begin a new era, a 1000 year reign of power and purpose to transform this world and reap its rewards for ourselves!

      I have a dream, that one day on the red hills of Karvox, our warriors will bathe in the blood our their enemies, and will be blessed for their efforts by our great and terrible lord! I have a dream, that we here shall lay each mountain low, powerful enough to ascend and challenge the cowardly gods who smote our great kings, stole our treasures, and have perpetrated grave injustices against the trbes of the Dhakaani for untold centuries!

      I have a dream, that we may now command great armies and wipe this world clean, so when done, spread our might and power through dark portals in order to claim other worlds and create an empire the universe will remember FOR ALL TIME. What better way to show the prowess and virility of Ghaaldar?! The arcane might of Drum-Haak? To elevate and the immortalize the wisdom of Duurkala?"

      "WHO'S WITH ME?!"

      Move action: move to T42.
      Move action: Direct Salzacas towards the crown, using a minor action after 5 squares (of its total 10 movement) to pick up the crown and bring it back to me.
      Free action: Salzacas crowns me
      Free action: Examine my grand scheme for the group.

      OOOC: Besides being awesome, what power does this great artifact hold?

    3. I think your economy of actions are a little off there, but by burning your Standard Action as well you can do all the things you're looking to do.

  24. OOC: You put me in the wrong place again... I'm at Q38. :)

    1. OOC: Man, it's almost comical now! I at least got the Column right.

  25. OOC: Anthony, I'm so sorry! It's not me, it's the dice.

    The slimy creature bound by Salzacas retrieves the coveted prize: a battered, silver crown of immense power. Stooping down for a moment, Kulimvorith is crowned Emperor of The World in front of all to see. Bellowing out his speech, all watch in wonder, and horror, as a distortion wave brings a quantum essence of the Far Realm into the already weakened and vulnerable mind of Emperor Kulivorith. The red-scaled sorcerer reels from the impact, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, froth spilling out of his mouth, and he drops to the ground, twitching and spasming on the codl hard floor. Kulimvorith's head lolls over to the side to see his likely future, as he gazes on the body of the long-dead woman lying flat beneath the whirling bronze device.

    (20) CRITICAL HIT!
    for (8)+(8)+(8)+5 +10 {vulnerable} = 39 damage!

    The adventure continues and the Crown is revealed at:

    1. Kulimvorith is also taking ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends) as his body liquefies into a puddle of slime.

      TECH: (2)

    2. [Ghaaldar]
      Free Action (Talk): Ghaaldar cringes at Kulimvorith's demise, "Dude...." (I'm sure there's a Hobgoblin equivalent.)