January 25, 2011

4E Naval Combat (Heroic Tier Vessels)

Stingray                                                Level 6 Attack Vessel
Size 2                                                                              500 XP
This submersible craft doesn't have much space for cargo, but it's swift and agile. While underwater, the stingray cannot fire its weapons and cannot be targeted by the shipboard weapons of enemy surface vessels. This class of vessel is often used for espionage and deep sea exploration.
HP 100
Speed 8
Offense 15            Defense 23
Feint 15                 Damage 2d8+12

Pinnace                                            Level 1 Non-Com Vessel
Size 1                                                                                 25 XP
The pinnace is a light boat, propelled by sails that has come to mean a boat associated with some kind of larger vessel, that doesn't fit under the launch or lifeboat definitions. In general, the pinnace would be used to ferry messages between ships of the line, visit harbors ahead of the fleet with messages of state, pick up mail, etc.
HP 10
Speed 5
Offense 12            Defense --
Feint 12                 Damage
Ornithopter                                    Level 2 Non-Com Vessel
Size 1                                                                                 30 XP
An ingenious design of Gnomish Tinkerers, this one‐man flying machine sees heavy use in high‐profile scouting and observation missions.
HP 10
Speed 5
Offense 9              Defense --
Feint 20                 Damage
Longship                                          Level 3 Non-Com Vessel
Size 2                                                                                 75 XP
The longship is characterized as a narrow, light wooden boat with a shallow draft hull. The ship's shallow draft allows navigation in waters only a few feet deep and permitted beach landings. Longships are fitted with oars along almost the entire length of the boat. They are often used by pirates and barbarians who raid and plunder the farflung, coastal imperial villages.
HP 25
Speed 5
Offense 13            Defense --
Feint 13                 Damage
Greatship                                        Level 3 Non-Com Vessel
Size 3                                                                             110 XP
A greatship is a three‐ or four‐masted sailing ship. Greatships are ocean‐going ships: large enough to be stable in heavy seas and roomy enough to carry provisions for long voyages.
HP 35
Speed 5
Offense 13            Defense --
Feint 9                   Damage
Eel Ship                                                 Level 4 Attack Vessel
Size 2                                                                              350 XP
This sleek craft is designed for patrolling shallow waters, defending harbors, and short excursions, not long‐range voyages.
HP 100
Speed 6
Offense 21            Defense 10
Feint 21                 Damage 2d8+8
Lamprey Ship                                      Level 5 Attack Vessel
Size 2                                                                              400 XP
The bow of this small, sturdy attack vessel is equipped with a grapple. The lamprey is used to deploy strike teams onto enemy ships and has also achieved popularity among pirates.
HP 100
Speed 5
Offense 15            Defense 15
Feint 22                 Damage 2d8+10
Deathglory                                           Level 8 Attack Vessel
Size 3                                                                           1,050 XP
This compact, crowded vessel is a mobile weapons platform, ideal for harbor defense. It's also popular as an escort ship for larger trading vessels. A water cannon mounted to the front of the ship is used for clearing enemy decks and putting out fires.
HP 150
Speed 4
Offense 16            Defense 16
Feint 12                 Damage 6d8+33
Squidship                                              Level 7 Attack Vessel
Size 3                                                                              900 XP
Designed for small crews, this sturdy ship resembles a squid in design and has limited cargo capacity. It's a favorite among pirates.
HP 150
Speed 12
Offense 16            Defense 16
Feint 23                 Damage 3d10+18
Tradesman                                      Level 4 Non-Com Vessel
Size 1                                                                                 40 XP
Second only to the galleon in popularity, this ship resembles a fish in its design. It boasts impressive cargo space and comfortable living quarters but has limited weapons.
HP 10
Speed 5
Offense 14            Defense --
Feint 14                 Damage
Turtle Ship                                           Level 6 Attack Vessel
Size 4                                                                           1,000 XP
This resilient craft is submersible and can hold an impressive amount of cargo. While underwater, the turtle ship cannot fire its weapons and cannot be targeted by the shipboard weapons of enemy surface vessels.
HP 200
Speed 2
Offense 15            Defense 15
Feint 15                 Damage 4d10+32
Dragonship                                           Level 9 Attack Vessel
Size 4                                                                           1,600 XP
The dragonship sees frequent use as a fleet flagship or a noble's floating palace. Although lightly armed, it usually comes with a complement of imperial archers as well as various magical protections.
HP 200
Speed 8
Offense 25            Defense 12
Feint 25                 Damage 4d10+28
Galleon                                            Level 4 Non-Com Vessel
Size 4                                                                              175 XP
The galleon is a ubiquitous sight on the seas, appreciated for its speed, versatility, and cargo capacity.
HP 50
Speed 6
Offense 21            Defense --
Feint 10                 Damage
Airship                                          Level 10 Non-Com Vessel
Size 3                                                                              375 XP
This vessel floats above the ground, held aloft by a balloon filled with magic gas. Although most airships are powered a magic propeller, some resemble sailing ships and are driven by the winds.
HP 35
Speed 12
Offense 18            Defense --
Feint 18                 Damage
Starbarge                                             Level 6 Attack Vessel
Size 3                                                                              750 XP
This heavily armed warship gets its name from the fact that its bridge doubles as an observatory.
HP 150
Speed 5
Offense 11            Defense 23
Feint 15                 Damage 3d10+24
Watership                                          Level 10 Attack Vessel
Size 2                                                                           1,000 XP
After exploring the Elemental Chaos, imperial wizards returned to the world with rituals to bind water elementals to these vessels. The ships are faster and more maneuverable than their counterparts.
HP 100
Speed 20
Offense 18            Defense 18
Feint 26                 Damage 2d10+16
Bombard                                            Level 10 Attack Vessel
Size 4                                                                           2,000 XP
This relatively new class of Arkhosian warship is built around a massive magical cannon that fires devastating stone or iron spheres.
HP 200
Speed 5
Offense 13            Defense 26
Feint 13                 Damage 8d8+52
Hammership                                        Level 8 Attack Vessel
Size 3                                                                           1,050 XP
Resembling a hammerhead shark, this large vessel trades maneuverability and speed for resilience and has plenty of space for cargo.
HP 150
Speed 3
Offense 16            Defense 24
Feint 16                 Damage 3d10+21
Octopus Ship                                       Level 9 Attack Vessel
Size 2                                                                              800 XP

Designed for people who like to travel in style, this vessel provides luxurious accommodations and plenty of space for guests. The octopus ship is commonly used by dignitaries and diplomatic envoys.
HP 100
Speed 5
Offense 25            Defense 17
Feint 17                 Damage 2d10+14
Speed     Per Hour                Per Day 

2              1 mile                     24 miles
3              1‐1/2 miles            36 miles
4              2 miles                   48 miles
5              2‐1/2 miles            60 miles
6              3 miles                   72 miles
7              3‐1/2 miles            84 miles
8              4 miles                   96 miles
9              4‐1/2 miles            108 miles
10           5 miles                   120 miles
20           10 miles                 240 miles

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