November 26, 2010

Arkham Friday - The Great Library of Vor Kragal

The tiefling empire once spanned thousands of miles and served as a testament to the power of its devil-bound overlords. The tainted masters of countless empires ruled from Vor Kragal, their seat of power. Vor Kragal pulsed with the terrifying might to break the souls of kings, and its markets flowed with the treasures of a hundred worlds. The secrets of life everlasting and the power to touch the face of the gods were all as commonplace to the tieflings of old as irrigating crops or erecting a simple stone wall is to those living in our current age. Precious few peices of their once-great libraries exist, tempting foolish adventurers of the current age. Such knowledge that is contained within; for even a glimpse of it, a person might trade his soul. Now, though, the ruins of Vor Kragal are merely an ashen landscape, riddled with volcanic eruptions and earth-rending sinkholes that unknown terrors call home.

THE GREAT LIBRARY OF VOR KRAGAL – Random Event Table (d20)
1              A book that you thought contained useful information has suddenly turned into a vivid description of methods of torture. You suffer a -2 penalty to damage rolls until you reach your next Milestone as you are haunted and repulsed by the descriptions you have just read.
2              As you read the pages in a moldy tome, you are attacked by a warding glyph spell: + Level +3 vs. Will; Normal High fire and necrotic damage by level.
3              You find yourself lost amidst the winding, labyrinthine streets of the Vein Maze. Make a Streetwise check, Hard DC by level, to navigate your way out. On a failure, you wander the streets for many hours before exiting, and take a -10 penalty to your next Initiative check.
4              You come upon a small, black puzzle box covered in silver runes. Your mind is drawn to it, and you cannot help yourself from attempting to solve the puzzle. Make an Intelligence check, Easy DC by level. On a failure, you are drawn into a demiplane of torture and captivity . Each other PC may then try and solve the puzzle box to rescue you. On a success, the captured occupants of the puzzle box are released.
5              You see your red-eyed reflection in the mirror, and it captures your attention as you can see the spectral image of your soul hovering nearby. You lose 1 Healing Surge as your soul tries to escape its earthly bonds.
6              You see a glowing, arcane symbol above the doorway. Make an Arcana check, Moderate DC by level, to attempt to disarm it. On a success, gain 1 Healing Surge. On a failure, take Normal Moderate fire and necrotic damage by level, and gain vulnerable 10 necrotic per Tier until you reach your next Milestone.
7              A Kahlir Vampire Lord approaches you, demanding tribute in the form of magical knowledge. You may give the vampire a ritual scroll or a ritual from your spellbook, to appease it. Doing so grants you its favor, and you gain a +1 power bonus to all attack rolls until your next Extended Rest. If you do not appease the Turathi lord, the creature casts a curse of anger on you, and you take a -5 penalty Will until you reach your next Milestone.
8              The book you are reading is a vacuous tome of oblivion, and it begins to suck you into its pages! Make an Athletics or Endurance check, Easy DC by level, to hold on for dear life. On a failure, you are sucked into the vacuum of oblivion, destroyed forever.
9              You begin reading a book that is a detailed account of your life. Every place you've been and everything you've thought is recorded within. Make a Death Saving Throw. On a success, you wisely put the book down. On a failure, you read the description of your final end and are deeply shaken by this terrible knowledge.
10           The eye tyrant Lobosaht prowls the streets with its undead horrors, searching for fresh subjects to experiment on. Make a Stealth check, Moderate DC by level. On a failure, you are found, and are weakened until you reach your next Milestone.
11           In the darkness of its catacombs, Matron Barikdral places your soul upon the Balance of Thoth. Make a Saving Throw. On a failure, you lose 2 Healing Surges.
12           The ground beneath you shakes, and a yawning chasm rends the earth beneath your feet. Make an Athletics of Acrobatics check, Moderate DC by level, to quickly scramble to safety. On a failure, you fall and hurt your leg, taking Moderate falling damage by level, and are slowed until you reach our next Milestone.
13           The air here is full of thick and noxious volcanic fumes. You don't think you can make it. Make an Endurance check, Hard DC by level. On a failure, lose 1 Healing Surge.
14           A devil lays a gleaming book in front of you, and gestures for you to open it. If you open the book, roll a Saving Throw. On a success, you gain insight into your foes weaknesses, and the next enemy you hit with an attack gains vulnerable 5 all per Tier. On a failure, the book was a trap, and you are cursed, gaining vulnerable 5 all per Tier until you reach your next Milestone.
15           The ground shifts under you feet, as an earthquake sends you tumbling head over heels. Make an attack: + Level + 3 vs. Fortitude; Normal Moderate damage by level.
16           An almost-overlooked fragment of text reveals your best course of action. Make an Insight check, Moderate DC by level. On a success, you gain an Action Point.
17           You find an endless bookshelf! Gain 2 ritual scrolls of your choice of your level or lower.
18           Make a Perception check, DC Moderate by level. On a success, you find a book small enough to carry. Gain 2 ritual scrolls of your choice of your level or lower.
19           You scour through the unending rubble of the destroyed city. Make a Dungeoneering check, DC Hard by level. On a success, you find some of the lost treasure of Bael Turath, and gain the #10 Treasure Parcel of your level. (Dungeon Master's Guide p. 126). Describe what beautiful treasure you have unearthed.
20           You find a journal so compelling that the author seems to live in your mind; and in fact, it does! A corrupting imp lives on your shoulder until you reach your next 3 Milestones. The imp whispers terrible advice to you, and steers you into the direction of failure and doom. Until the imp leaves, you take a -2 penalty to all skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws. The imp cannot be killed, and magically vanishes when attacked, only to reappear a short while later.

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