November 12, 2010

Arkham Friday: Time Travel

The first post of the series can be found here.

The next installemnt in my Arkham Friday series is Time Travel. Use this chart when your PCs are haplessly manipulating the strands of fate, or when they're thrown into a temporal vortex! Epic adventurers can be made worthy of their title by the kinds of craziness found in these random encounter tables. The table itself has a mix of good and bad, although like any other Arkham Horror inspired item, it's going to be more bad than good.

This is definitely a table I am excited about and am actively looking for ways of using in my home games. And certainly, it fits the theme of this blog. Is not time travel truly an action the rules do not cover?

TIME TRAVEL – Random Event Table (d20)
1              Although the future is a frightening and confusing place, you come across a small statue of yourself, proving that, if nothing else, you made a difference to someone. What does the statue symbolize to the people of the future? You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws until you take your next Extended Rest.
2              Awakening, you find yourself in a Victorian masked ball. Describe the kind of mask your character would choose to wear. The night passes in a blur of wine and song and you overindulge yourself. You grant combat advantage to all attackers until your next Milestone.
3              Finding yourself in a primordial jungle, you are attacked by primitive humans. You are attacked by poison-tipped darts: + 5 + Level vs. AC; Normal Moderate poison damage by Level, and you are slowed (save ends) at the start of your next combat encounter.
4              Hurtled forward in time, you witness mankind's final moments and the end to the world as we know it. How does civilization end? Lose 1 Healing Surge as you are overcome with sadness and despair.
5              You are thrown back through the ages to a time when primordial ooze is the only life. You are attacked by powerful, grasping tentacles: + 3 + Level vs. Reflex; Normal High damage by Level.
6              In the far-flung future, you are witness to an world that lies in ruin, populated only by small beetles. Your mind is unhinged by the experience and you lose 1 Healing Surge.
7              You  wake up in an unfamiliar place. You find that you have become another person in a distant time. Years pass as you are married, raise a family, grow old, and finally die. Describe at least one feature of your new lifetime. However, it seems that you no sooner close your eyes for the final time than you open them again right back where you started, but with the memories of an extra lifetime. Gain a permanent +2 item bonus to a skill of your choice. 
8              Thrown back millions of years, you find that you have swapped bodies with an alien being. Make an Endurance check, Easy DC by level, to force your mind back into its rightful body. On a failure, you are lost forever.
9              You are able to rescue a beautiful piece of art from the distant past. Describe what your character finds. It is worth the same value as the #10 Treasure Parcel of your level (DMG p.126).
10           You encounter a stranger who looks like a much older version of yourself. You are told, "Press on, you will succeed." What changes has happened to your future self? Your morale uplifted, you regain 1 Healing Surge. 
11           You find yourself surrounded by ancient clay tablets and scrolls. Gain a ritual scroll of your choice, with a level equal to or lower than yours.
12           You recognize this place from your childhood as where you used to play. Briefly describe what it is. Your morale uplifted, you regain 1 Healing Surge.
13           A crazed, half-dead temporal explorer attacks you. You are attacked by swirling temporal energies: + 3 + Level vs. Will; Normal Moderate force damage by Level; Effect: At the start of your next combat encounter, you are slowed, but gain the movement mode teleport 3 (save ends both).
14           A strange serpent-face person in a hooded robe speaks at you in an ancient tongue. Make a History check, Moderate DC by level, to decipher his peaceful words. On a failure, you are attacked as the hooded man bites you with his sharp fangs: + 5 + Level vs. AC; Normal Low damage by Level. 
15           A strange song conjures up images of a life you could have lived. Briefly describe the life-path you did not take.
16           In some alternate history, you see the natural world plunged into darkness as a vile presence rules over all of humanity. This could be the shape of things to come. Disheartened, lose 1 Healing Surge.
17           In the dark, you stumble into a deep, freshly-dug  hole. Looking up, you see a gravestone bearing your name. How does your possible future self die? Make an Athletics check, Moderate DC by level, to quickly climb out. On a failure, you take a -10 penalty to your next Initiative check.
18           Make a Perception check, Hard DC by level, to find something of use among a post-apocalyptic field of devastation. Briefly describe the useful or valuable items you find. The items have a total value of one-half the #10 Treasure Parcel of your level (DMG p.126).
19           The tides of time and space collide. You meet your future self, and learn what is in store. The Dungeon Master must answer one question about the campaign world or its inhabitants that your future self will know.
20           Time and space bend around you, and you must move quickly to continue your journey. Make an Acrobatics check, Moderate DC by level. On a failure, you disappear from the universe and reappear at an inopportune time. You are removed from play until the start of a combat encounter, at which time you reappear in play at a random location and take Normal Low falling damage per level and are knocked prone.

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