November 4, 2010

Terrain Power: Spinning Log

This is a fun terrain power I came up with. Originally, I designed it for a bridge crossing a cavernous lair of a beholder. The beholder's minions would then jump out and attempt to spin the PCs to their doom. Hijinks ensue. After playing with it, the terrain power seemed perfect for representing some logrolling, like a hillbilly.

m Log in the River At-Will Terrain (Level 5)
This water-bound log slips and spins around in the river. You can speed it up or slow it down to spin your enemies off, or stabilize yourself from doing the same.
Minor Action Personal
Endurance or Athletics DC 22
Effect: The log moves up or down one speed category. The log cannot move faster than fast, nor slower than stopped. All creatures starting their turn on the log must make an Acrobatics check (based on the speed category) or else fall prone. A creature that is already prone and that fails the check is knocked off of the log.
+ Stopped: Acrobatics DC 0
+ Slow: Acrobatics DC 10
+ Fast: Acrobatics DC 15

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