November 19, 2010

Arkham Friday: Gloomwrought

One of the brightest lights in the gloom of the Shadowfell, Gloomwrought is a large walled port city on the shores of the Stormy Seas. Surrounded by a perilous bog called the Skins, most travelers enter the city by way of dark one ferrymen who navigate the Skins, by magical portal, or by ship.

Prince Roland the Deathless is lord of the city, but real power is in the bony, decrepit hands of the mysterious custodians of the city known as the Keepers, a cabal of powerful necromancers whom have discarded their bodies to pursue of an unnatural afterlife of willful undeath.

1              In this alien place, mundane objects serve to remind you that home still exists, somewhere. Describe a mundane object that reminds your character of better times at home, and gain 1 Healing Surge from a boost in morale.
2              Make an Arcana check, DC Hard by level. On a success, an ancient Lich sees potential in you, and imparts a great secret, casting the Consult Oracle ritual for you at no cost.
3              An ancient lich takes pity on you, and tries to teach you some magic. Make an Arcana check, DC Hard by level. On a success, you can cast a Level 1 At-Will Wizard Spell of your choice once per day as a minor action until you take your next Extended Rest.
4              You examine strange glyphs and begin to understand their purpose. Make an Arcana check, DC Moderate by level. On a success, gain a ritual scroll of your choice of your level or lower.
5              In your wanderings through this city, you come across a strangely marked stone of onyx. Make an Arcana check, DC Moderate by Level. On a success, gain a ritual scroll of your choice of your level or lower. On a failure, you spend hours trying to read the frustrating inscription and take a -10 penalty to your next Initiative check.
6              Alone and far from home you've struggled. The oppressive gloom of the Shadowfell overtakes you, and you lose 1d4 Healing Surges. 
7              Coming to consciousness, you find yourself strapped down to a hard stone slab. A shadowy being holds up a sharp metal instrument and brings it towards your eye. Forever more, you refuse to discuss the details of what happened to you that day. Lose 1d4 Healing Surges and take a -2 penalty to Perception checks and a -5 penalty to Saving Throws vs. Fear.
8              Curiosity overcomes you, and you decide to take a chance and activate a strange, eldritch device. Roll a Saving Throw and take Limited lightning damage per level. On a success, gain a +2 item bonus to a skill of your choice, as the device opens your mind to new ways of thought. On a failure, the ancient device transports you to a lost realm of madness, and you are removed from play forever.
9              In a flash of insight, you realize the purpose of the bladed artifact. Shivering, you put it back where you found it. You are shaken to the core, and grant combat advantage to all attackers until you reach your next three Milestones.
10           In a vault, you find a horrible collection of wretched, mutilated creatures. Make three Heal checks, DC Moderate per level. For each success, gain a cumulative +1 item bonus to monster knowledge checks until you take your next Extended Rest. For each failure, take Normal High psychic damage.
11           The bells ring ten, eleven, then midnight, ringing throughout the shadowy city. But what does time mean, here? At the start of your next Combat Encounter, you take ongoing 10 psychic damage per Tier (save ends) as the fabric of reality that keeps you together begins unwinding.
12           The garbled language of the city begins to make sense to you. Learn 1 new language of your choice. Make A Perception check, Moderate DC by Level. On a success, you hear the cruel beings’ plans for dismembering you and your party. Lose 1d4 Healing Surges as you are filled with dread and terror.
13           The hideous, painful droning fills your ears from the walking dead. Make an Endurance check, DC Moderate by level. On a failure, take Normal Moderate damage by level.
14           A shambling zombie bursts forth from the ground, grasping at your feet with rotted, clawed hands. You are attacked: + Level + 3 vs. Reflex; Normal High damage by Level, and you are slowed (save ends) at the start of your next combat encounter.
15           You stumble into a dark dungeon filled with beaten and bruised people, tied to the walls with chains. One of the captives is alive, and tells you of the liches’ sick experiments on them. Make a Thievery check, Hard DC by level. On a success, you free the captives and gain the help of a Rescued Prisoner NPC Ally of your level. On a failure, the jailers catch you in the act and attack you with a spell of death: + 3 + Level vs. Fortitude; Limited necrotic damage by Level and ongoing 20 damage per Tier (save ends).
Rescued Prisoner                                                                      NPC Ally (Level __)
HP 1; a missed attack never damages the rescued prisoner.
Armor Class 13 + Level; Fortitude 10 + Level, Reflex 12 + Level, Will 10 + Level
Guarded By Heroes + At-Will                                                                                 
Trigger: The rescued prisoner is hit by an attack and you are adjacent to the rescued prisoner.
Effect (Immediate IN=nterrupt): You are hit by the attack instead.
Hustle It! + At-Will                                                                                                   
Minor Action
Effect: You command the rescued prisoner to take a move action (Speed 5).
M Dagger + At-Will                                                                                                 
Standard Action or Opportunity Action
Attack (one creature): Melee 1; + 2 + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1 + Level damage.
16           You find yourself in an ancient and abandoned temple to the forgotten god of death, Nerull. Make a Perception check, Moderate DC by level. On a success, you find a golden statue with a monetary value equal to Treasure Parcel #10 of your level. However, if you take it, you are cursed and take the Death Penalty.
17           You read a detailed description of the torture, mutilation, and killing of an innocent man. The imagery haunts you at night, and makes an attack: + Level + 3 vs. Will; Limited psychic damage by level.
18           You've seen the liches use this device to enhance their spellcasting, but you're not sure what effect it'll have on you. If you decide to use it, make an Intelligence check, Moderate DC by level. On a success, you gain a +5 power bonus to all rituals and a +2 power bonus to the damage rolls of non-martial attack powers until your next Extended Rest. On a failure, the device drives you made, and you lose 1d4 Healing Surges and take Limited psychic damage by level.
19           A pack of hungry ghouls chases after you in the streets! Describe how you avoid them, and make an appropriate skill check, Easy DC by level to avoid them. On a failure, the mob of undead drags you to their lair and devours your internal organs in a sickening ritual. You are killed and your body devoured.
20           The guardians of Gloomwrought do not wish for you to leave their presence just yet. Make a Stealth check, Moderate DC by Level, to sneak away. On a failure, you are taken away to a dark place where none can hear you scream, and are removed from play until your party reaches 3 Milestones.

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