December 31, 2010

Arkham Friday: The Sunken City of Moil

The sunken city of Moil is a dread chain of islands located in the bleak seas of the Shadowfell. The city harbors the tormented souls of all those lost at sea, as well as the inhuman and alien minds of fallen aquatic creatures from ages past. The waters around this group of small islands are clouded black by an unending stream of filth, liquified bodies and decaying matter. For miles around the air is thick with the stench of rot.

Heroes brave enough to face these perils, or fools stupid enough to venture here, face one of the most revolting locations in the multiverse, surrounded by a freezing cold, unending sea of diseased, putrid water.

THE SUNKEN CITY OF MOIL – Random Event Table (d20)
1              A massive wave crashes over you and washes some of your possessions out to sea. Lose a number of gold coins equal to 10 times your level squared.
2              As you stumble across this inhuman isle, you feel a rumbling beneath your feet. It has begun to sink beneath the waves! Make an Athletics check, Moderate DC by Level, to leap to safety. On a failure, you are pulled into the resulting whirlpool of black waters and lose 2 Healing Surges.
3              As you turn a corner, a leering stone idol startles you. Make a Wisdom check, Easy DC by Level, to retain your composure. On a failure, you leap back in fear and fall down a steep slope, taking Normal High damage by Level.
4              You find a small, rusted mirror lying on the shore, and can sense immense power within it. If you want, you may gaze into the mirror. If you do so, gain a +5 power bonus (per tier) to all damage rolls and take a -2 penalty to all defenses until you reach 3 Milestones.
5              Hurricane winds smash you against the sharp, black stones. Make an Endurance check, Moderate DC by Level, or lose 1 Healing Surge.
6              A green, rubbery tentacle reaches out of the shadows towards you and attacks: + Level + 3 vs. Reflex; Limited damage by Level.
7              You have fallen into a stonework trap, your legs crushed beneath the black rocks. Make an Athletics or Acrobatics check, Moderate DC by Level, to escape unharmed. On a failure, you must scrape your body against the jagged rocks to pull free, and take Normal High damage by Level.
8              Make an Acrobatics check, Moderate DC by Level, or you slip and slide down a barnacled surface, slashing your skin to ribbons and taking Normal high damage by Level.
9              The bodies of the drowned clutch at your ankles with cold, dead hands. They attack: + Level + 5 vs. AC; Normal High necrotic and cold damage by Level.
10           The city is filled with unnerving arcane symbols of death and despair. Make an Acrobatics check, Moderate DC by Level, to avoid touching them. On a failure, the horror pierces your mind and you take Normal High psychic damage by Level.
11           This island has begun to sink back beneath the waves, its surface cracking and buckling. If you do not hurry, the ocean will swallow you as well! Make an Initiative check, DC 12 + ½ your Level, or you are swallowed up by the waves, washing ashore in the morning nearly dead and losing 4 Healing Surges.
12           The mottled stone that the city is carved from seems to whisper to you of the vastness of the sea and the horror of the evil things that live therein. Lose 1 Healing Surge as your mind is traumatized from the shocking revelations.
13           The night stars change and the brazen temple doors open, pouring forth a vast, black corpulence. Before you can flee, it attacks your mind: + Level + 3 vs. Will; Limited psychic damage by Level.
14           A shadow tries to force its way between your lips. Make an Endurance check, Moderate DC by Level. On a failure, lose 2 Healing Surges.
15           The sounds of a sleeping leviathan of the sea echoes around you. You rest, but you do not rest easy. You do not regain your Daily powers during your next Extended Rest.
16           The stink of this place is unbearable, and causes the weak of stomach to wretch and heave. The overwhelming smell attacks you: + Level + 3 vs. Fortitude; Normal Moderate poison damage by Level.
17           You become tangled in a thick clump of damp seaweed which drags you into the fetid, freezing waters. Make an Athletics or Acrobatics check, Moderate DC by Level, to pull free. You must make a check until you achieve a success. For each failure you roll, take Normal Moderate cold and necrotic damage by Level.  
18           You find a body floating upon the waves, and it looks like you may be able to revive it. If you try to revive the body, make a Heal check, Hard DC by Level. On a success, you gain the Shipwrecked Sailor Ally. On a failure, the body is in fact an undead corpse, which then proceeds to attack you: + Level + 5 vs. AC; Normal Moderate damage by Level.
19           A terrible storm strikes, sending ice-cold waves of salt water and filth crashing upon you. Lose 1 Healing Surge.
20           You look out onto the endless, black sea and cannot see an end. The vastness of death and decay overwhelms your senses, and you briefly pass out. Lose 1 Healing Surge.
Shipwrecked Sailor                                             NPC Ally (Level __)
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a shipwrecked sailor.
Armor Class 13 + Level; Fortitude 12 + Level, Reflex 11 + Level, Will 11 + Level

Guarded By Heroes + At‐Will                                                           Trigger: The shipwrecked sailor is hit by an attack and you are adjacent to him.
Effect (Immediate Interrupt): You are hit by the attack instead.

Hustle It! + At‐Will                                                                            
Minor Action
You command the shipwrecked sailor to take a move action (Speed 6).

m Rapier + At‐Will                                                                               
Standard Action or Opportunity Action
Attack (Melee 1): One target; + 5 + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1d4 + Level damage.

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