May 17, 2012

Magic Item: Goblin Hooch

Goblins are funny, and in my opinion the 4E ruleset has neither enough low-level consumable items nor enough devices that can be used as a comic relief. Goblins make the best jesters, so I created this cheap little potion to be found within their lairs.

Goblin Hooch
Magic Potion Level 1 
Cost 10 gp

This foul liquid is a favored drink of the unwashed, green-skinned Goblins.

Drink the Hooch + Consumable
Minor Action
Effect: Lose a Healing Surge, but gain 5 temporary hit points, a +2 power bonus to Fortitude, and a -2 penalty to Reflex until the end of the encounter.

1 comment:

  1. this is absolutely wonderful. It in fact reminds me of a DM prop given to me by one of my players called "hobgoblin Ale"... which was an actual beer brewed by I don't know who, but played a very memorable part in our annual Halloween dnd session.