May 25, 2012

Twilight of the Gods: Cicero

The other day I described how our Dungeons & Dragons group did the impossible and ascended into true godhood. This week, I will be showing off the new pantheon of our campaign world one deity at a time. 

Today, I give you the lord of nature, rebirth, and vengeance: Cicero. Through the use of our divinity cards, the player of Cicero took an Elf Avenger and made him the patron god of creation and life. The gods act in mysterious ways.

Symbols and Domains
Cicero's symbol is a spread eagle clutching a scroll, upon which is writ the Gospel of Cicero.
His domains are:

  • Vengeance and Conflict
  • Nature and Wilderness
  • Destruction and Death
  • Creation and Life

His teachings often center around the cycle destruction and creation, embodied by the Feywild.  His followers revere life, but do not fear death, as death must come to all in order to make room for new life.  A pine may grow and provide food and shelter, but a fire must cleanse the forest and cause a pine cone to release its seeds for a future generation.
Those that seek to transcend the natural cycle must face retribution.

Weapons or Implements held in high regard
Devout followers of Cicero favor the fullblade, in honor of that which Cicero used to strike down his enemies.

Chosen People
Being the god of Nature and Wilderness, encompassing the Feywild, Cicero favors all fey and wild creatures.  Before ascending to godhood, Cicero was an Elf, and most frequently bestows his divine favors among his ancestral race.  Beings from other civilizations will often pray to Cicero for blessings in battle to overcome their foes, Gladiators chief among them.

Sacred Number

Other Forms
Cicero most often takes the form of birds of prey - hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, etc.  His size is that of a normal member of the species, but his feathers are radiant white in color. 

Other Names
The Hunter, The White Eagle

As a child, Cicero trained to be a cleric in the temple of Melora in the large town of Running Brook.  As the Primordials rose to power and the gods started succumbing to the divine plague, peoples' faith in the gods waivered and worshipping congregations dwindled in numbers.  The high priest of the temple, Adran Silvergrass, turned the temple to another purpose - by sheltering and transporting refugees from the Dragonborn kingdom of Iovanthor.  Using the temple's connection to the Feywild, members of the clergy shepherded refugees and fugitives to safer locations in the natural world.  Returning from one of these excursions, Cicero happened upon a clearing in the Feywild near the temple portal, that was corrupted beyond anything he had ever seen.  He informed the elders, and a group led by the high priest ventured out to investigate.  The group discovered what would later be revealed as a piece of the Ascendent Apparatus, which was twisting and corrupting the wild nature around it.  While working to seal the power of the device, the group was besieged by the Illithid Alberhoon, henchman of the Iron Lich Queen.  Alberhoon laid waste to the priests, with Cicero barely escaping back to the temple to inform the few remaining elders of what had happened.  The elders closed and sealed the portal to the Feywild, in the hopes of keeping the town safe just a little longer.  Cicero made a blood-oath against the Mind Flayer, and set off on a quest for vengeance.  The elders blessed Cicero and his voyage, and bestowed upon him one of the temple's ancient treasures: the Feywild Gauntlets.  With these tools in hand, Cicero began searching for clues which might lead him to Alberhoon.

After much searching, Cicero tracked down an the Illithid's astral vessel, but discovered that it was the new home of Mena, Quidom, Erishti, and Jo'El (who was nearing completion of his masterpiece KV-1S).  Learning that their quest to eradicate the divine plague and stop the Lich Queen coincided with his search for Alberhoon, Cicero joined their ranks.  After eradicating the minions of the Iron Lich and halting the Priomordials in their destruction of the material plane, the group assaulted the Lich's fortress of Sussurus to stop her madness once and for all.

As KV-1S absorbed the essence of Tiamat, Ioun was all that remained of the once mighty and proud divine pantheon.  Drinking the dying god's blood, Cicero strengthened his divine spark, and took his final steps towards godhood.  With the merciful death of Ioun at Quidom's hands, and the destruction of the Iron Lich and her plague, Cicero took his place in the new Pantheon.

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