May 24, 2012

Twilight of the Gods: KV-1S

The other day I described how our Dungeons & Dragons group did the impossible and ascended into true godhood. This week, I will be showing off the new pantheon of our campaign world one deity at a time. 

Today, I give you the lord of perfection, madness, and knowledge: KV-1S. Through the use of our divinity cards, the player of KV-1S took a Warforged Fighter and made him the patron god of dragons, hatred, and storms. The gods act in mysterious ways.

KV was originally conceived as a protector for Jo'El, the master clockwork maker, and his companions. KV proved to be the finest of all his warforged constructs. He considers himself the son of Jo'El. KV-1S was bonded with the dying essence of Tiamat, preserved by Arkhosian Heretics in Sussurrus, and so she is his mother in spirit.

KV-1S bears the Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor.

Symbols and Domains
The symbols of KV-1S are the spear, the shield, and the dragon. He is the vangard, the head of the phalanx leading the charge, and the dragon soaring on wings. The spear and ballista are weapons favored by his priests.

KV's domains are physical strength, cruelty & hatred, and weather, storms & elements. KV is the patron of dragonborn, genasi, and the mighty goliath. Though any who worship strength or the elements may call to him. He is the paragon of strength and grants no mercy to his foes. Dragons also owe him obeisance as KV bear's the essence of Tiamat.

What is Sacred? What is Profane?
Acts of bravery are sacred, acts of cowardice profane. Storms are considered a blessing, but controlling the weather is profane.  Ordered battle, especially the phalanx formation receive the blessings of KV.

What weapons or implement is held in high regard?
Spear, Shield, and Ballista.

Who are your chosen people?
Dragons (including dragonborn), Genasi and Goliaths.

What number is a sacred number?
Five, for the heads of Tiamat.

What other forms, aside from humanoid, does your god take when descending upon mortals?
A five-headed chromatic dragon.  A warforged or other clockwork creature bearing a shield and a spear or hammer.

What other names is your god known by?
The Vanguard, Jo'El's First Born, Tiamat.

In terms of play KV was a standard Str/Con, incredibly tough hammer and shield fighter type. KV generally ran around providing cover to his allies but granting combat advantage. Due to a feat he did not give up the +2 for granting CA. His standard attack was tide of iron to push 2 and daze at-will and his signature move was the Anvil of Doom to stun his foes. Late in the game we encountered a most dread foe, a dragon with three heads who took three turns per turn, this was one foe that was far greater than KV-1S . While trying to cover the retreat of some of his dragonborn minions he had to No Surrender to escape with his life.

The symbols of KV-1S: He is the vanguard, the head of the phalanx leading the charge, and the dragon soaring on wings. The spear and ballista are weapons favored by his priests.
Once imbued with Tiamat's soul KV began to lose healing surges. He started with 16 and was down to 8 per day when he ascended to godhood. Tiamat's blessing imbued him with immunity to the five elements. His death steel plate conferred him with resistance against the soul-stealing powers of the Iron Lich.

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