May 22, 2012

Twilight of the Gods: Quidom

The other day I described how our Dungeons & Dragons group did the impossible and ascended into true godhood. This week, I will be showing off the new pantheon of our campaign world one deity at a time.

Today, I give you the lord of perfection, madness, and knowledge: Quidom. Through the use of our divinity cards, the player of Quidom took a Deva Wizard and made him the patron god of monks, rakshasa, and the insane. The gods act in mysterious ways ...

Since forging his divine domain, Quidom has been an utter enigma. The first world that he forged upon achieving divinity was an idyllic utopia, an ordered world inhabited by perfect creatures and stewarded by a race of perfect people utterly devoted to the task of improving themselves and their surroundings. For untold ages, the world was a beacon of reason and it's inhabitants the wisest and most learned in the universe. And then, with out any warning, he destroyed his own creation, leaving nothing behind but a mass of silvery powder where the world once stood. The next world created by Quidom was the polar opposite of the first. A world of utter confusion, inhabited by beings whose very anatomies doomed them to a short lives of exquisite pain. The sentience that arose their was as cruel and warped as the planet they were forced to evolve upon, and those monstrosities still live on in the most primal nightmares of all things. Eventually, that world met the same fate as the first creation, and once more Quidom created a new world, which would ultimately be doomed to destruction at his hand as well. Such cataclysms occur with out warning, there are no portents or omens that serve as a pre-amble to the unmaking. In the blink of an eye, all that exists is unmade. Rumor has it, that some of Quidom's creations always survive his unmaking, and wander the realms eternally seeking the answer to their world's destruction and their continued survival.

What is Sacred? What is Profane?
While the teachings of Quidom tend to vary from preacher to preacher, all elements of change are considered sacred, and anything that invites stagnation is profane.

What weapons or implements are held in high regard?
Quidom's favored implement is the orb: perfect in appearance, but fundamentally flawed. As he favors no weapon, his followers tend to develop disciplines of unarmed martial arts with the intent of turning themselves into the perfect weapon.

Who are your chosen people?
No race would dare to consider itself Quidom's chosen people, as to do so is to invite destruction at his hand. The continued existence of the Deva/Rakshasa race is credited to Quidom though, and it is theorized that you can tell if Quidom is in a creative or destructive mood by their cycle of reincarnation. Quidom is both revered and despised the Deva/Rakshasa.

What number is a sacred number?
If there is a number associated with Quidom, it is probably an irrational number. If there were any philosophical mathematicians that divined such a number, they would surely have been driven insane.

What other forms, aside from humanoid, do you take when descending upon mortals?
Quidom's favored appearance is an idealized representation of whomever it is that is viewing the manifestation. However the form is in many ways better, and more perfect than it's subject's ideal, and it always leaves the impression that such a form could have been easily obtained if other choices were made in one's life. Those that view Quidom's humanoid manifestation tend to fall into deep depression afterwards. Non-humanoid manifestations are much safer to view, and tend to take the appearance of a resplendent orb of light.

What other names are you known by?
Quidom is most often referred to as 'The Unobtainable,' but is also known as 'The Perfectly Flawed', and 'The World Breaker'. There are many who believe that it is best to avoid Quidom's attention altogether, and refuse to speak any variation of his name aloud.

The lions represent the two faces of Quidom. One face is pensive, thoughtful, and composed. The other face is twisted and distorted in a smile brought on by utter madness.

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