October 19, 2010

Magic Item: Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor

The Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor               Magic Item
The signet ring worn by the dragonborn emperors for millennia. It is a symbol of power and a badge of office. The haunting echoes of the Arkhosian ancestors that ruled in times past make their presence felt to any who bears such a magnificent artifact.
The Five-Headed Vice + Property                                                                You must hoard one-quarter of all monetary wealth the party receives in your lair. Your lair can be any permanent, secure structure or hidden location of your choosing. If there is ever less than one-quarter of the party's monetary wealth stored in your lair, you lose the ability to use any encounter or daily attack powers granted by your class.
Additionally, you know the exact monetary value of any gems, jewelry, or art objects within your line of sight.
Draconic Fury + Property                                                                           
You deal an additional 1d12 damage on critical hits while bloodied.
Dragon’s Breath (fire) + At -Will                                                              Standard Action                                                Close blast 3
Target: Each creature in blast
Attack: Level + 3 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d12 + Level fire damage.
Ancestral Wings + At -Will                                                                      
Move Action                                                        Personal
Effect: Fly up to 6 squares and grant combat advantage to all attackers until the end of your next turn.

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