October 26, 2010

NPC Ally: Splug

Splug was a fantastic addition to Keep on the Shadowfell, although I think that far too many adventuring groups wrote off the little guy as just another annoying Goblin, there to kill and/or torture for information. They never realized his amazing roleplaying potential. I've seen Splug rise to be loved and cherished, welcomed as an old friend.

Please, give Splug a chance. Splug no hurt. Splug be good.

Splug NPC Ally (Level 2)
This weak and cowardly Gobin has developed a liking to you, and will follow your orders as long as you treat him well.
HP 1; a missed attack never damages Splug.
Armor Class 15; Fortitude 13, Reflex 13, Will 11
Guarded By Heroes + At-Will
Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: Splug is hit by an attack and you are adjacent to him.
Effect: You are hit by the attack instead.
Hustle It! + At-Will
Minor Action
You command Splug to take a move action (Speed 6).

Shank + At-Will
Standard or Opportunity Action
Splug stabs an adjacent target with a crudely built, make-shift knife.
Attack: +7 vs. AC
Hit: 1d4+1 damage.
Splug Help
All allies adjacent to Splug gain a +1 power bonus to Stealth and Thievery checks.


  1. I miss this guy. I like the updates to him. No more "Do it now"?

  2. All NPC Allies (just like summoned creatures) can perform a minor action at the expense of your minor action; doing it now.

    When I first put out Zug-Zug, he didn't come with anything else (besides total immunity to attacks), so I wanted to explicitly call out his one and only possible function. With the NPCs I did after that, there was already so much room taken up and information to display that putting in the text for the "Do It Now!" power seemed redundant and unneccessary.

    But yes, Splug can do it now. Splug do it now real good for new friends.

    Also, BTW, just TPK'ed the Tuesday night party (Jesse, Rick, Hagerty, etc) last night in Keep on the Shadowfell.